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Psychological Context of Education Process in Laboratory Schools
Brodská, Kateřina ; Morávková Krejčová, Lenka (advisor) ; Tichotová, Sylvie (referee)
This work tries to introduce an alternative pedagogical approach, laboratory schools, in psychological contexts. It briefly describes the history, principles and methods from psychological perspective on which the approach was based. It presents examples of current practice by analyzing the form of these principles and methods in today's laboratory schools. The research proposal compares the development of executive functions and possible connections with the type of educational approach.
The level of influence of motor proficiency on the performance in the nonverbal aspect of intelligence in younger school-age children (6 - 11 years): A longitudinal study.
Jirovec, Jan ; Musálek, Martin (advisor) ; Kotlík, Kamil (referee) ; Morávková Krejčová, Lenka (referee)
Bibliographic Identification Name and surname of the author: Mgr. Jan Jirovec Name of dissertation: The level of influence of motor proficiency on the performance in the nonverbal aspect of intelligence in younger school-age children (6 - 11 years): A longitudinal study. Workplace: Department of Kinanthropology and Humanities Supervisor of the work: doc. PhDr. Martin Musálek, Ph.D Year of presentation: 2021 Abstract Motor development in children is often linked to the development of cognitive or executive functions. Nevertheless, it still remains unclear how much the level of children's motor proficiency can impact the level of nonverbal intelligence, which is an important part of academic achievement of children. Objectives: The aim of the dissertation thesis is to determine the level of influence and its stability in time between the level of motor proficiency and the performance in the nonverbal aspect of intelligence in younger school-age children with age (categories: 6 - 7 years, 8 - 9 years and 10 -11 years) and sex being considered. Methods: The research sample consisted of 396 children (n=214 girls, n=182 boys) aged 6 - 11 years (age 8,9±1.3) from two elementary schools (Karlovy Vary Region, Prague). The children were divided into 3 groups by age: 6 - 7 years, 8 - 9 years, 10 - 11 years. The...
Possible Use of Dynamic and Static Assessment in Children witch Attachmet Disorder
Slabá, Andrea ; Morávková Krejčová, Lenka (advisor) ; Šporclová, Veronika (referee)
This diploma thesis aims to compare the results in the field of cognitive functions obtained by static and dynamic assessment of children with attachment disorder at preschool age. The ACFS-cz assessment battery was used for the dynamic assessment, specifically four subtests: Categorisation, Short-term auditory memory (Story Retelling), Short-term visual memory, Sequential Pattern Completion. The method of static assessment was Woodcock- Johnson IV COG, specifically four subtests: Visualization, Verbal Attention, Picture Recognition, Analysis-Synthesis. The research sample consisted of 16 preschool children (3 to 6 respectively 8 years) placed in institutional care. The results showed that there were no differences between the of the ACFS-cz pretest scores and the Woodcock-Johnson IV COG scores. While the comparison of the results of the ACFS-cz posttest with Woodcock- Johnson IV COG showed significant differences in the three examined areas (Categorisation, Short-term auditory memory, Short-term visual memory). The outcomes of the dynamic assessment lead to suitable interventions for the cognitive development of children in institutional care. Keywords ACFS, Woodcock-Johnson IV COG, cognitive functions, attachment disorder, preschool age.
Cognitive profile of children with autism spectrum disorder in early school age
Krejčová, Adéla ; Šporclová, Veronika (advisor) ; Morávková Krejčová, Lenka (referee)
Autism spectrum disorders has been a serious and widely discussed social topic in terms of severity and increasing frequency during the last few years. Psychodiagnostics process itself is often very demanding, and the measurement of the child's cognitive abilities is also a part of the comprehensive examination. Therefore, the results may make an enormous contribution to psychological diagnosis, clinical practice and education. The aim of the master thesis and the further research is to obtain information about the cognitive profile of children with autism spectrum disorder in comparison with neurotypical children, namely in the age range of six to twelve years. Firstly, the testing was carried out in the research group of 80 respondents, respectively with 40 respondents in the research group and 40 respondents in the control group. Secondly, each participant underwent testing using the Wechsler Intelligence Battery (WISC- III). Thirdly, the group of children with PAS underwent the neuropsychological battery, the A Developmental Neuropsychological Assessment (NEPSY-II) subtest. A statistically significant difference in overall IQ, verbal IQ, and performance IQ was found between the PAS group and the control group. In addition, a significant difference between the groups was also found in all...
Psychosocial Aspects of Dyslexia Among Prison Inmates in the Czech Republic
Kejřová, Kateřina ; Morávková Krejčová, Lenka (advisor) ; Boukalová, Hedvika (referee) ; Špačková, Klára (referee)
The study focuses on psychosocial aspects of prisoners with dyslexia in the Czech Republic. The target group is compared with respondents from noncriminal population with dyslexia, and respondents from prison and also noncriminal population without dyslexic difficulties. Research sample comprised of 200 respondents (50 respondents per each group) in the age range from 20 to 64 years. Data were collected via Raven's standard progressive matrices, assessment battery on specific learning disabilities, personal history questionnaire, self-efficacy scale and personality questionnaire (SPARO). The results show the following protective aspects in the development of children with dyslexia - higher educational level, better grades in school in subjects such as Foreign language, Mathemathics, Physics and Behavior, lower number of siblings, higher number of close persons and help from them, family cultural capital (level of education of mother and father), higher self-efficacy, a feeling of importance to others, greater level od satisfaction with their life, early diagnosis of hyperactivity and results of personality questionnaire SPARO (mean adjusting variability; and moderate frustration and target directionality). Some aspects were interpreted as neutral, and some factors show no inter-group difference....
The PASS Theory: The assessment screening tool for parents and teachers
Háse, Lenka ; Morávková Krejčová, Lenka (advisor) ; Šírová, Eva (referee)
The PASS theory createsa new perspective not only on intelligence but also the way of thinking and learning in general. The c oncept of intelligence is expanded by Lurij a's Keywords: PASS Theory , PASS Rating Scale , Cognitive p rocesses, I nformation P rocessing T heory, Intervention
The Importance of Executive Function in the Educational Process
Holubová, Kateřina ; Morávková Krejčová, Lenka (advisor) ; Novák, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor's thesis elaborates the role of executive functions in the educational process in children and young adults. In the first part of this thesis, a literature review provides a description of executive functions and their development in children. In addition, there are reviewed diagnostic methods that are used abroad and in our country. Based on research from abroad, educational aspects of executive functions are discussed and the reader is familiarized with possible interventions supporting the development of executive functions. The empirical part proposes a qualitative method mapping the awareness of executive functions among teachers as well as the intervention process in Czech schools.
Psychological aspects of education highly gifted children educated in special and common classes
Kojanová, Barbora ; Morávková Krejčová, Lenka (advisor) ; Mertin, Václav (referee)
The diploma thesis aims to map creativity and motivation for learning in highly gifted children educated in common and special classes of primary schools. The theoretical part deals with giftedness, characteristics of gifted children, their identification, ways of education, and it also deals with creativity and motivation. In the empirical part, creativity and motivation of children were compared quantitatively, using data of highly gifted children educated in special classes, and the highly gifted children who attend common classes. The results showed that two factors of creativity, i.e. fluency and flexibility, are comparable in both groups. Factors of originality and elaboration appeared slightly higher in the group of children educated in regular classes. The external motivation was slightly higher among gifted the children educated in special classes. The need for success is higher in the group of children in common classes. In contrast, the fear of failure is higher in the group of children educated in special classes.
Dynamic assessement of childern with ADHD
Bulínová, Soňa ; Morávková Krejčová, Lenka (advisor) ; Mertin, Václav (referee)
The thesis deals with topics of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dynamic assessment. The first section briefly characterizes ADHD and it provides an overview of studies on interventions for ADHD pupils in school settings. Specifically, the effect of incentive therapy and daily report cards, adjustments in the school environment and during the lessons, and finally the intervention supporting the development of homework, planning and organizational skills are discussed. The next part of the theory focuses on dynamic assessment and its use in identifying the learning potential of pupils with special educational needs, learning and social disadvantage, or gifted pupils. The empirical part verifies the use of dynamic assessment in pupils with ADHD. The aim was to evaluate the effect of the mediation phase on performance in the posttest of The Seria- Think Instrument among pupils with ADHD. As a result, pupils with ADHD improved their posttest performance. The benefit of the mediation phase in this research was observed in reducing the number of insertions of wooden sticks into the wholes, in changing the problém solving strategy, and in shortening the time of tasks performance. Keywords: ADHD, dynamic assessment, intervention, The Seria-Think Instrument, Tzuriel, mediation phase,...
Self-directed education in connection with selected psychological concepts
Režná, Lucie ; Morávková Krejčová, Lenka (advisor) ; Mertin, Václav (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the concepts of creativity and self-efficacy mainly in connection with self-directed education. In the theoretical part of the thesis, the phenomenon of free schools is introduced, their main principles and comparison with traditional schools are presented in more details. Attention is also paid to the definition of the concept of creativity, main perspectives and theoretical approaches and interdependence with the educational process. Furthermore, the concept of self-efficacy is described with an emphasis on its resources and its connection with the school environment. The main goal of the thesis is to compare selected psychological concepts (creativity and self-efficacy) in children undergoing self- directed education in democratic schools in the Czech Republic and those attending traditional primary school. The empirical part introduces the research, which was made with a sample of 198 sixth through ninth graders (60 from democratic schools and 138 from traditional school). The Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking was used to measure creativity, for the measurement of academic self-efficacy was used ASE questionnaire consisting of three self-assessment scales - Myself as a learner scale (MALS), Child's self-efficacy scale (ChSE) and a homework questionnaire (HW)....

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