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The forms of parents appraisal and their influence on self-efficacy of preschool child
Müllerová, Lucie ; Horáková Hoskovcová, Simona (advisor) ; Mertin, Václav (referee)
The theoretical part of the thesis deals at first with the theoretical principles of self-efficacy. The subsequent part treats of the developmental characteristics of preschool stage with a view to connection with the parents appraisal. The final part aims at appraisal, in term of general approach to the child, in term of rewards and punishments and in term of the appraisal as a formalizing agent in the formation of the basics of self-efficacy. The empirical part presents a research on forms of mothers appraisal on children accomplishments and failures while performing a specific task. The quantitative analysis traces appearance of forms of appraisal and their influence on child selfefficacy. The qualitative part is focusing especially on mothers non-appraising reactions on children while performing a specific task.
Jira, František ; Mertin, Václav (referee) ; Stehlík, Luděk (referee)
Rigorous thesis: POSSIBILITIES OF DYSLEXIA ASSESSMENT IN THE ADULT POPULATION Author: Mgr. František Jira Supervisor: PhDr. Lenka Morávková Krejčová, Ph.D. ABSTRACT This work focuses on problems of dyslexia in the adult population, especially among university students and graduates, and explores the possibilities of its assessment. The starting point of the thesis lies in its theoretical part, which first introduces the topic of dyslexia on a more general level (concept, definition, incidence, causes, symptoms, theoretical approaches to the study), second considers dyslexia in adults (psychosocial context, unoiversity study, work, family, common life) and finally talks about possibilities of dyslexia assessment in the adult population (detection of dyslexia in the process of psychological evaluation, selected methods for the diagnosis of dyslexia in adults in the Czech Republic and abroad). The empirical part of this thesis bases the basic idea of the research project on the theoretical background of the first part. Participants in the study were university applicants, students, and graduates. Research sample consisted primarily of students of Charles University in Prague and the Czech Technical University in Prague. The data collection was carried via a self- evaluation questionnaire and tests of special...
Dynamic assesment - with the emphasis on the approach of Reuven Feuerstein - and its utilization in the area of preschool adjustment
Chuchutová, Kristýna ; Šírová, Eva (advisor) ; Mertin, Václav (referee)
Dynamic assessment constitutes an alternative diagnostic approach, focused on revelation of the tested person's real potential, which is reached and observed via the emphasis on the process of the achievement. It aims at meaningful connection with the intervention that immediately makes use of diagnostic findings to support the development of an individual. This work summarizes essential information about the mentioned diagnostic trend - its characteristic, a definition compared to conventional ways of testing and historical development. It further adverts to possibilities of its utilization, especially in the area of preschool diagnostic and education as an instrument of the prevention of educational and behavioural difficulties during the first years of the school attendance. The main goal of this work is to contribute to an expansion of the dynamic approach, which I consider to be a valuable alternative and/or a meaningful completion of conventional methods of testing.
Raising a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Holeyšovská, Kateřina ; Niederlová, Markéta (advisor) ; Mertin, Václav (referee)
This Bachelor thesis deals with raising a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Its primary focus is an impact of ASD diagnosis on raising a child and secondary it also introduces the basic principles of intervention, which are broadly used in raising a child with ASD. Literature review part of this thesis defines current approach of ASD. It also describes the impact of impairments in communication, social interaction and imagination on raising a child with ASD. Important principles of intervention in raising a child with this diagnosis, which are individualization, structuralization, visualization and motivation, are presented there as well. The second part of this thesis presents a proposal for qualitative research that aims to point out differences between how mothers and fathers accept the diagnosis, perceive the impact on family relationships and use the principles of raising a child with ASD. Proposed research should provide hypotheses which would serve as a foundation for future research.
Analysis of the educational needs of pupils with behavioral problems
Papoušková, Kateřina ; Mertin, Václav (advisor) ; Čáp, David (referee)
My bachelor's thesis is entitled "Analysis of the educational needs of pupils with behavioral problems". It iconsists of a literary survey of the field and a research proposal following the conclusions of the theoretical part of the work. Last mentioned is divided into three parts. The first one is dealing with educational needs of students (meaning needs of all pupils). The second one defines a group of students, which we refer to as "students with behavioral problems." And the third part analyzes their educational needs. Results of mentioned parts imply the need to focus on creating an school environment, which will prevent behavioral problems of pupils. Presented research proposal deals with mapping ways of doing that. Keywords: Problem behavior, Behavioral disorders, Educational needs, Inclusion
Interests, leisure activities and personality development of adolescents
Charwotová, Markéta ; Gillernová, Ilona (advisor) ; Mertin, Václav (referee)
The bachelor thesis project aims to cover the individual aspects of the topic of adolescents' personality development by means of their leisure activities. Therefore, it concerns leisure activities and their developmental consequences, as well as formative factors and the relevant adolescence-related topics (especially social aspects of maturing). The thesis consists of two main parts. The first part is devoted to the theoretical description of the topic. The second part involves a proposal for an empirical research. The adolescent period is very dynamic and full of changes as the personality of an individual is being formed and it is therefore appropriate to observe the influence of various developmental aspects of leisure activities on the personality of adolescent boys and girls. For this reason, the proposal for empirical research is conceived as longitudinal. Keywords: Development of personality, interest, leisure activity, adolescents, formative factors
Chosen psychological aspects of current educational reform from teachers perspective
Čechová, Barbara ; Gillernová, Ilona (advisor) ; Mertin, Václav (referee)
The thesis "Chosen psychological aspects of Czech school reform from teachers perspective" is concerned about current Czech educational reform and is looking for psychological background to new trends and goals. In the first part the author identifies the changes, which will occur - the changes in the goals, changes in the content of curriculum and procedural changes. In further chapter the focus is moved on theories, which are supporting the direction of changes. It is child-centered approach, constructivism, multiple intelligence theory, and Bloom taxonomy. In the third part she is analyzing the impact of the reform on the teacher's profession. The last part of theoretical part is focused on the crucial part of the reform - key competencies. She is describing the term and ending with critical analysis of the concept in current Czech law. The empirical part of the thesis is devoted to evaluation of key competencies. Author suggests a didactic test and methodic for pupils portfolio.
Social support in senior age
Němcová, Tereza ; Štětovská, Iva (advisor) ; Mertin, Václav (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is dealing with problematic of social support and it's specifics in older age. I will write about terminology, sources of social support and their positive and negative effects. Also I will explain different types of social support and ways how can we determine it. Special attention will be focused on the seniors in institutional care in Czech republic. In the end of the thesis there will be designed a research for monitoring a social support and quality of life at this senior group.
The Pikler Early Childhood Education
Noack, Dana ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Mertin, Václav (referee)
Title: The Pikler Early Childhood Education Author: Dana Noack Department: Katedra psychologie, FF UK Supervisor: Prof. PhDr. Lenka Šulová, CSc. Abstract: The intention of this study was to explore how the parents who are familiar with the Piklerian principles use these in upbringing their children in the family in the period of early childhood. The theoretical part describes the process of socialization (with the emphasis on the preconditions for the early interaction both on the child's and the parent's side) as well as the topic of upbringing in the family (basic models and the relation of upbringing to the socio-cultural and the historical context) and the most important aspects of the child development in the first three years. The last chapter of the theoretical part introduces the Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler, the basic pediatrist Emmi Pikler, the basic premises of her approach and it's principles related to the issue of the motor development, care and play. The empirical part presents the results of the qualitative content analysis of data gathered by a questionnaire. These data provide us with a basic picture of how the concrete parents use the Piklerian principles in upbringing their children.
Child anxiety and its manifestations in drawing a tree
Stříteská, Kateřina ; Šturma, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Mertin, Václav (referee)
This diploma work is intent on the mapping of child anxiety probléme and its possibly manifestations in drawing a tree. Introductory chapters deal with basic definition of anxiety, symptoms and biological basis of anxiety. The description of an..xicty cvolution during scparate age periods follow, including brief charak'terizations of separate anxiety disorders, considering speciťic child anxiety disordcrs. In conncction thcrc is signification of child drawing and its contribution to diagnostics mentioned. At the end of theoretical part there is a high consideration on description of chosen method, i.e. the test of drawing a tree. Practical part of this diploma work is devoted this sfere. I intent on exploitation drawing a tree as possible screening method for detection of specific marks, which could enable us find the presence of anxiety out.

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