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Resilience and perceived life purpose
Švarcová, Tereza ; Kebza, Vladimír (advisor) ; Štětovská, Iva (referee)
Resilience and perceived life purpose are phenomena which have been getting more and more attention in foreign literature recently. The results of resilience and life purpose research has its own place in psychotherapy, psychological consultancy and preventive care. The purpose of the theoretical part of diploma thesis was first to present the concepts of resilience and perceived life purpose as separate areas, and then to connect them into an interacting unit. The theoretical part of the thesis refers to the age - related specifics of resilience in connection to developmental tasks of each stage. The aim of the empirical part of diploma thesis was to prove the relationship between resilience and perceived life purpose using a research sample (N = 231), which was being measured by three questionnaire methods - Connor - Davidson Resilience Scale (CD - RISC), Life Engagement Test (LET) a LOGO - test. Another step in the empirical part was to find out if there are differences in grades of resilience and perceived life purpose between two groups (age 18 - 30 and 31 - 65). The results of the empirical part have proven a significant relationship between both variables. The LOGO - test shows considerable differences between the groups in the grades of perceived existential frustration. The results of the...
Self-acceptance and its role in romantic relationships
Rolederová, Iva ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Štětovská, Iva (referee)
This thesis examines the role of self-acceptance in romantic relationships and the relationship between self-acceptance and individuals' adulthood attachment style. The theoretical part describes self-acceptance mainly in context of Person Centered Approach (PCA) and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), investigates methods of measuring self-acceptance, and puts it in relation to self-esteem, self- compassion, mindfulness, well-being and psychological health. Romantic relationships, adult attachment and their link to self-acceptance are also described. The empirical quantitative research was conducted on a sample of 155 respondents using Czech translation of the Unconditional Positive Self-Regard Scale (UPSRS), the Unconditional Self-Acceptance Questionnaire (USAQ) and Experience in Close Relationships - Relationship Structures (ECR-RS). The results show negative correlation of attachment Anxiety and partial negative correlation of attachment Avoidance and self-acceptance. Significantly higher scores of self-acceptance were found in individuals with a secure adult attachment style than in those with fearful and preoccupied adult attachment style. Based on empirical findings the similarity of self-acceptance and model of the self in adult attachment was proposed and self-acceptance was...
Adaptation of seniors as a assumption for successful aging
Doskočilová, Aneta ; Štětovská, Iva (advisor) ; Kebza, Vladimír (referee)
Successful aging is increasingly topical issue given the rapidly aging population and it is therefore crucial to deal with the way the old people adapt to the coming age, and whether there is some way we can be prepared for it. Model coping with life's problems - selection, optimization and compensation is a lifelong adaptation strategy, which currently in old age leads to successful aging. Besides adaptation are important attitudes towards aging and old age, that have an impact on senior's self-esteem. The main goal of this thesis was to analyze attitudes towards age and the use of model coping with life problems in a sample of younger and older Czech seniors using questionnaires SOC and AAQ. The research had a qualitative aspect, which focused on mapping the topic of retirement planning and strategies for successful aging. It turned out that the younger and older seniors differ from each other only in the use of the strategy chosen selection, in other strategies there was no difference between age groups. In the area of attitudes to each other, age groups also did not differ. The results also show that between using SOC strategies and their own attitude to old age, there is no relationship. Seniors recommend to young people and to their peers to think of their health, maintain good relationships...
Anxiety in adolescents related to the use of social networks
Varmužová, Klára ; Loneková, Katarína (advisor) ; Štětovská, Iva (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the topic of anxiety in adolescents in relation to their use of social networks sites. The topic of anxiety, its origin, functioning and bridging into anxiety disorder is discussed. Furthermore, the devoted part of adolescence is emphasized with the developmental tasks of this period, as developmental tasks can provide an explanation of why adolescents and young adults are the most frequent users of social networks sites. Much of the work is also devoted to the Internet and social networks sites, especially the findings of research that focused on mental health issues in connection with the use of the Internet and social networks sites. As such, the four most common areas examined were sleep disturbance, depression, Internet addiction and its subtypes, and anxiety. The empirical part presents a questionnaire survey, which was conducted on high school students. The questionnaire battery included an Internet Addiction Test (IAT), a Social Media Disorder Scale (SMDS), and an Revised Child's Manifest Anxiety Scale (RCMAS-2). Keywords Anxiety, adolescence, social networks sites, internet addiction
Mental hygiene as a burnout prevention of counseling staff
Šípová, Zuzana ; Štětovská, Iva (advisor) ; Mertin, Václav (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of mental hygiene as a burnout prevention of counselling staff working in counselling for family, marriage and human relations. It is focused on psychologists and social workers. The first part deals with the issues related to the counselling and requirements for counselling staff, as well as the specifics and risks associated with the profession, and the clientele that comes to counselling. Furthermore, the thesis deals with the issues of burnout syndrome and mental hygiene related to the profession of counselling staff. The second part of the diploma thesis is processed in the form of empirical explorative research which aim was to map the issue of mental hygiene as a prevention of burnout syndrome among counselling staff, specifically psychologists and social workers working in the counselling for the family, marriage and human relations. It was found out that the counseling staff perceive as the most burdensome administrative and organizational components of their work and unmotivated or difficult clients. On the contrary they are most enriched with the diversity and variety of client stories, meeting with clients and feeling of their meaningfulness. Regarding mental hygiene strategies and techniques that counseling staff use the most, in the foreground figure...
Sensitivity to rejection and its influence on the romantic relationship.
Křišťanová, Lenka ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Štětovská, Iva (referee)
Sensitivity to rejection is a tendency to anxiously or angrily expect, readily perceive, and then overreact to rejection in interpersonal relationships (Downey & Feldman, 1996). This thesis examined the potential associations between rejection sensitivity and romantic relationships in an adult population. I hypothesized that rejection sensitivity will negatively influence perceived quality of romantic relationship, including these relational factors: viability, intimacy, passion, care, satisfaction, conflict, maintenance and commitment. In the research participated 296 respondents (i.e. 148 couples), which individually completed Sensitivity to rejection scale and Relationship rating form (both measures used in Czech translation). On the basis of individual analysis of all respondents (i.e. the whole sample) were found most significant negative correlations with the viability factor and care factor. Furthermore, also the low negative correlation between sensitivity to rejection and satisfaction and commitment factors. At the level of couples were not confirmed either one statistically significant result. Although hypothesis about the influence of sensitivity to rejection on the romantic relationship were confirmed only at the individuals, and not at the individual couples, this study suggest the...
Improvisation and personality: exploring the effects of practicing improvisational theater on the development of select personality characteristics
Vondráčková, Veronika ; Šípek, Jiří (advisor) ; Štětovská, Iva (referee)
This paper's first portion overviews the extant academic literature in an attempt to provide insight into the development of personality through the practice of improvisational theater. First, the author defines improvisation in relation to the broader concept of theater, identifies commonalities between it and play, and demonstrates its educational and therapeutic uses. She goes on to address the demands improvisation places on the actor's personality, with a focus on collaboration, creativity and spontaneity. Concluding the overview, the author explains the purpose of improvisation classes and, using the example of working with creativity, spontaneity and their inhibitors, describes how such classes facilitate the development of improvisation skills. In the paper's second portion, the author proposes a study designed to empirically assess the theory laid out previously. She suggests the use of an experiment to track the changes in selected personality traits over the course of a year of improvisation training.
By what is humor as a psychological phenomen interesting?
Povalová, Martina ; Šípek, Jiří (advisor) ; Štětovská, Iva (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the topic of humor as a psychological phenomen with emphasis on interesting relationships and phenomens. Its theoretical part brings a review of general information about humor and its connections. First of all it focuses on definiton, process and forms of humor. It mentions the basic theories of humor, brief history and research of humor in psychology. The work also refers to humor from the view of psychopatology and as a possible psychodiagnostic instrument. It brings the occasions for using humor in psyhotherapy, mental health and humor skills program. The thesis focuses on effects of humor on mental health. The practical part offer the proposal about the effects of humor skills program on well-being and sense of humor.
Aspects of community psychotherapy of adolescents in a day care center
Matoušová, Kristýna ; Štětovská, Iva (advisor) ; Šírová, Eva (referee)
The presented work examines adolescents who come to day care centre at hospital in the context of community psychotherapy. The aim of the work is to understand the individual psychological aspects involved in the change of behavior, experience and thinking from the perspective of adolescents who is using the services of a day hospital based on the principles of community psychotherapy and describe them. The research question we will try to answer is: How do adolescent clients of the Denní stacionář pro adolescenty at Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice in Prague experience and understand the process of change? And what aspects of treatment do they consider to be involved in change or, conversely, hindering the process of change? In the theoretical part we try to gather psychological knowledge in the field of psychotherapy of adolescents in a community setting. Closer attention is paid to the possibilities of psychotherapeutic work with adolescents, as well as aspects supporting change in the process of psychotherapy. In conclusion, attention is paid to the period of adolescence, which is itself associated with a number of changes at the biopsychosocial level. Eight adolescents with diverse psychiatric diagnoses shared their experiences with psychotherapy, art therapy, occupational therapy, and with...
Humor as a protective factor of the occupational stress of teachers
Vertelmanová, Hedvika ; Štětovská, Iva (advisor) ; Morávková Krejčová, Lenka (referee)
This bachelor's thesis offers a brief overview of theories and surveys made in the areas of occupational stress, defence mechanisms and humor. The author is trying to find and indicate the connections between these areas. This paper goes from the general issue of stress to the posibilities of defending against it. Furthermore, it focuses specifically on humor. It offers an overview of the general theories of humor, and it concentrates on the possible uses of humor as a way of dealing with mental overload. The goal of the practical part of this thesis is to examine the ways in which university teachers use humor. The purpose of this examination is to find ways for improving the mechanisms through which teachers deal with stress.

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