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Social skills and teacher self-efficacy
Šichtová, Kateřina ; Gillernová, Ilona (advisor) ; Štětovská, Iva (referee)
The thesis deals with the concepts of teacher self efficacy and social skills the teacher. Theoretical part of this thesis describes the key aspects of the social cognitive theory. The greatest attention is paid to the teacher self efficacy, which is based on the social cognitive theory. This concept is described in the context of changing methodology and variables on the part of teachers and students. The conclusion of the literary review part is a chapter on social skills with an emphasis on the work of the teacher. The theoretical components are linked in a research design that aims to explore the relationships between the sub-components of the defined concepts using the SSI and USE questionnaires. In conclusion, possible limits and pitfalls are presented. Keywords Self efficacy, social skills, teachers
Psychological intervention in the Deaf people
Šimralová, Kristýna ; Veselá, Michaela (advisor) ; Štětovská, Iva (referee)
The bachelor thesis topic is the current possibilities of psychological intervention for the Deaf people. The first part describes their rules and habits; followed by the topic of psychological intervention with the Deaf - its general specifics, either without the use of a communication mediator (i.e., psychological intervention taking place directly in sign language) or with the use of a communication mediator (i.e., with the use of a sign language interpreter). At the end of this theoretical part, psychological intervention with Deaf people in selected foreign countries - the US, Germany, and the United Kingdom - is discussed. The thesis contains a research proposal that aims to find out where and how psychological intervention with Deaf people is carried out in the Czech Republic; whether the cultural specifics of Deaf people are taken into account, whether professionals are sufficiently familiar with the background of Deaf people, or if Deaf people are satisfied with psychological intervention in the Czech Republic at all. The research covers both Deaf service users and providers of these services. Keywords The Deaf; deaf; psychological intervention; sign language
The phenomenon of social networking sites use in the context of adolescents' identity development
Škrobáková, Barbora ; Štětovská, Iva (advisor) ; Mudrák, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor thesis addresses the phenomenon of social networking sites use in the context of identity development of adolescents. The literary review part begins with the characteristics of adolescence and indicates some specifics of adolescence in the present society. Next, it deals with the main developmental task of adolescence, identity development. It presents several fundamental conceptions of identity. The literary review part also introduces to the issue of social networking sites use. It describes its main features and functions, primarily online communication and self-presentation. Further, it presents users of social networking sites and outlines the motivation for social networking sites use. Eventually, it presents an overview and interpretation of research conducted on the relationship between identity development and adolescent' social networking sites use. In this respect, it distinguishes between several forms of usage. This part is followed by the research project proposal, which focuses on the relationship between adolescent identity and the use of selected social networking sites. It applies both quantitative and qualitative methods, specifically several surveys and data analysis. The central part of the research proposal is a correlation study. Keywords Adolescence; Identity;...
Self-compassion in crisis intervention: Relationship between self-compassion, burnout and compassion fatigue among crisis intervention workers
Malíková, Gabriela ; Loneková, Katarína (advisor) ; Štětovská, Iva (referee)
The topic of this thesis is the relationship between self-compassion, burnout and compassion fatigue in crisis intervention workers. In the theoretical part, the crisis intervention service and the requirements for crisis interventions are presented. The concepts of self-compassion, burnout, and compassion fatigue are also introduced. Subsequently, findings to date on the connections between these concepts and their impact on the mental health of workers and the quality of the service provided are summarized. In the empirical part of this work, a realized research project is described. The aim of which was to verify whether self-compassion correlates negatively with compassion fatigue and burnout syndrome; whether burnout is positively correlated with compassion fatigue; whether self-compassion appears as a moderator of the relationship between workload and job burnout or compassion fatigue. Data collection took place online electronically using CFI, SOCS-CZ and CFI. The research group consisted of 101 respondents working in telephone, chat and face-to-face crisis intervention services. Statistical processing was carried out through correlation analysis using one-sided hypotheses. A significant low negative correlation was found between burnout and self-compassion, a moderate negative correlation...
Experimental study of fairness and reciprocity in cooperation
Jasanská, Ladislava ; Šípová, Ivana (advisor) ; Štětovská, Iva (referee)
The literary overview section of the bachelor thesis maps the evolution of the concept of justice from Aristotle's time to the present. Among the issues covered are reciprocity and fairness, and why the notion of justice has been of such interest to philosophers and scientists. The paper also explores how humans have evolved towards greater collaboration and how specific acts of collaboration have been behind humankind's ascent to supremacy in comparison with other species. Had such evolution not occurred, science would probably not have developed such an interest, from the 1950s onwards, in concepts connected with human collaboration and cooperation. Scientific research in this regard is multidisciplinary. In mathematics, it is represented by game theory; in psychology, experimental research uses various games, such as the "prisoner's dilemma", the "ultimatum game" and the "dictator game". The empirical part of the thesis proposes the parameters of an experiment, which, utilising the ultimatum game, seeks to verify the hypothesis that subjects will give statistically different offers during this game when using real money of their own currency versus when using a monetary substitute or a foreign currency. At the same time, it also seeks to verify the hypothesis that subjects will accept significantly...
Empathy in the doctor-patient relationship
Blaštíková, Lucie ; Štětovská, Iva (advisor) ; Červinková, Monika (referee)
This paper focuses on empathy in the doctor-patient relationship. It deals with definitions and different perspectives on empathy and the methods by which it can be measured. Further it describes the key elements in the doctor-patient relationship, and then focuses on the role of empathy in it. The thesis traces the development of empathy during the medical study. It describes possible interventions leading to empathy increase. The research part deals with the design of a project that aims to map changes in empathy, specifically in what year the changes occur.
Risky communication between children and adults on the Internet: An observational analysis and recommendations for the development of algorithms predicting risky communication
Plášilová, Leona ; Androvičová, Renáta (advisor) ; Štětovská, Iva (referee)
Child sexual abuse is a burning social issue and has significant psychosocial impact on future life of the child. Domestic as well as global statistics show that this phenomenon has been partly shifting to the Internet, which often provides offenders with greater anonymity and wider reach. One of the preventive measures might be development of technologies using artificial intelligence and machine learning, which can automatically detect risky communication on the Internet, warn the victim and inform the offender about illegality of his behaviour. The presented work focuses on both analysis of offenders' behaviour and a fake victim (actress representing a twelve-year-old girl) in their joint online communication.The objective is to thoroughly investigate the course of such communication and analyse predictors (occurrence of specific types of messages), according to which it could be possible to detect offenders with higher risk of harm to the victim at the beginning of the communication. The analysis is based on communications with real offenders that were obtained in collaboration with creators of the documentary "V síti" (n = 34). They were selected based on the following criteria: communication on Facebook, at least 100 messages in the communication, it is assumed that the offender is an adult...
Psychological aspects of media use and their effects on emotions
Sedláček, Mojmír ; Gillernová, Ilona (advisor) ; Jirák, Jan (referee) ; Štětovská, Iva (referee)
Psychological aspects of media use and their effects on emotions Mgr. et Mgr. Mojmír Sedláček Abstract The dimensions of new media, including news websites and social networks, are still not sufficiently explored. The aim of this dissertation was to map the effect of media content on the emotional experience of an individual, using both quantitative and qualitative methods. Overview of literature was based on the findings on the impact of media content and focused on the changes in the media environment in the 21st century and cognitivist approaches to emotions with an emphasis on emotion regulation strategies. These, together with changes in emotional experience, were monitored in a quantitative study, during which 166 respondents were shown a stream of six television news reports. In the qualitative part, 14 respondents participated in semi-structured interviews focused on various approaches to the consumption of media content. The results of both studies led to several conclusions: The news content had a negative effect on the experiences of individuals who dealt with subsequent emotions in accordance with their preferred emotion regulation strategies. More frequent use of adaptive regulatory strategies has proven to be effective in mitigating the negative impacts of media coverage. Despite the declared...
Resilience in times of crisis
Zábranská, Denisa ; Štětovská, Iva (advisor) ; Mudrák, Jiří (referee)
The thesis focuses on the construct of resilience, which is conceptualised as a process of adaptation to adversity, and examines it in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic in people over 60 years of age. The aim of this thesis is to understand resilience over time during a crisis in the statistically most at-risk age group. In order to gain a comprehensive understanding of this construct, the literature review section includes historical and theoretical insights along with recent research findings. The thesis describes the mechanisms, specifically cognitive appraisal, emotion regulation, and the ironing effect, that are thought to be key in the resilience process, and the findings from investigations of the specifics of resilience in older age, crisis, and a combination of the two. The empirical part presents the conducted mix-method research, in which the quantitative part was conducted first, from which a part of respondents was selected for the qualitative research. In the first part quantitative data were collected through the CD-RISC-25 scale, and in the second part a total of 15 semi-structured interviews were conducted, selected according to the scores on the CD-RISC-25 scale. The results of the exploratory analysis of the quantitative data and the thematic analysis of the qualitative data showed...
Transfer of Reciprocal Liking From Individual To Group
Rýdlo, Ondřej ; Vranka, Marek (advisor) ; Štětovská, Iva (referee)
This work deals with the phenomenon of transferred reciprocity. It represents transferred reciprocity as a situation in which an individual generalizes the reciprocal process from his original partner to his entire group. Furthermore, this thesis places transferred reciprocity in the context of other types of reciprocity and offers the perception of group cohesion as a process mediating transferred reciprocity. Specifically, the work deals with the transmission of reciprocal sympathy and examines whether the effect of the transferred reciprocity is manifested on the basis of the valence of the reciprocal act and on the basis of the strength of group cohesion. The practical part of this work leads to two main conclusions: it confirms the existence of the effect of transferred reciprocity and shows the perceived group cohesion as a mediating factor of transferred reciprocity. In the condition of strong group cohesion, the effect of transferred reciprocity was significant, while in the condition of minimal group cohesion, no. In addition, research suggests that there is a difference between behavioral reciprocal response and attitude-level reciprocal response. Participants responded more strongly to the level of attitudes depending on the valency of the ratings they received.

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