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Evolution of FC Manchester United logotype
Lisnychyi, Stanislav ; Slanec, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Novotný, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the development of the FC Manchester United logo and its relation to club identity and marketing. The work describes the process of logo development and its symbolism from the beginning of the club's history to the present day. It also focuses on the methodologies of logo development and the significance of club identity for football clubs. Furthermore, the thesis conducts an analysis and comparison with other significant football clubs and evaluates how FC Manchester United maintains its position in the global sports industry. Emphasis is placed on the fan culture and community of FC Manchester United and the relationship of club identity to this culture. The work also includes an analysis of marketing strategies that the club utilizes to communicate with fans and maintain its global standing. Finally, the thesis summarizes the key insights regarding logo development, club identity, and marketing activities of FC Manchester United. The bachelor thesis provides a comprehensive view of one of the most significant football clubs in the world and its relationship to graphic representation. Furthermore, this bachelor's thesis will propose a new, more modern and contemporary logo for Manchester United FC.
The Graphic Style of Tabloids - The Visual Presentation of Tabloid Information in the Printed Media
Kašpárková, Lucie ; Slanec, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Osvaldová, Barbora (referee)
The diploma thesis The Graphic Style of Tabloids - The Visual Presentation of Tabloid Information in the Printed Media focuses on analyzing the graphic design of tabloid newspapers in eight European countries: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. The aim of the study is to identify the most commonly used forms of visual presentation of tabloid information in these countries and to determine the key characteristics that differentiate the graphic design of tabloid newspapers among the individual states. The research employs a qualitative comparative research method, with the sample consisting of tabloid newspapers from each analyzed country. The theoretical part summarizes the fundamentals of typography and color theory, alongside the results of an eye-tracking study and information about newspaper dimensions. These pieces of information are then utilized in the second part of the study, where newspapers from the research sample are analyzed and compared among different typological groups. Special attention is given to the graphic design of articles, front pages, and logos of the respective newspapers. The findings of this thesis provide valuable insights into the visual presentation of tabloid information in print media and can be used as a...
Comparison of poster processing in Czechoslovakia, Poland and Japan - 60s and the present
Dvořáková, Barbora ; Slanec, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Maňák, Vratislav (referee)
The thesis deals with the topic of film posters, both contemporary and those from the 1960's. The theoretical part is divided according to individual countries into chapters about Czech posters, Polish posters and Japanese posters of the 1960's and the present day, and discusses the historical development and representatives of poster creation of the given period and country. The analytical part observes the number of occurrences of articles about posters in both selected time periods in all three countries in chosen media as well as monitors the content of these articles.
New corporate design of Švandovo divadlo
Španělová, Klára ; Slanec, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Malý, Radek (referee)
The work focuses on a Corporate design that shapes the brand identity. The goal is to design and create a new Corporate design for the Švandovo Theatre. In the theoretical part, I describe the functions of graphic design in a general sense. Then, I focus on the Corporate design and explain why it is crucial for all brands in the context of communication. I also examine, how local theater institutions use graphic design. I delve deeper into theaters that have decided to completely change their visual identity and have undergone a redesign. Lastly, I analyze the current visual style of the Švandovo Theatre, searching for specific challenges and opportunities for change. Using the acquired knowledge, I present my original proposal for a new graphic solution. It includes the logo, its variations, a specific color palette, and typefaces. I further present the visual style on a series of four different posters that advertise Švandovo Theatre's performances. I complement it with the graphic design of the tickets, the program, and the theater's promotional items. The main output of the work is a graphic manual that also describes the inspiration and meaning of each decision made in creating the graphic solution.
Graphic Design of 55th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF)
Vernerová, Tereza ; Slanec, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Ježková, Tereza (referee)
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival is one of the most important cultural events in our country and in Europe. Every year, it attracts the attention of filmmakers, celebrities, fans and journalists. Each year dozens of texts are written about the event. The 55th KVIFF was unusual. The date of the event was twice postponed due to coronavirus pandemic. The preparations were complicated for the organizers and the festival took place more than a year later. Because of this, the festival was given even more attention. This bachelor thesis deals with the 55th KVIFF. The theoretical part focuses on the media image of the festival. I map its preparations, the course of nine festival days and the subsequent responses and reverberations after the end of the festival. In the practical part I focus on the visual appearance of the festival. The aim of this part of the work was to create graphic design of the 55th KVIFF. I focus on creating posters, which are the main visuals of the festival. Subsequently, I complete the portfolio with festival passes and merchandising.
The Litvinenko case and its reflection in The Daily Telegraph
Prošková, Alexandra ; Němcová Tejkalová, Alice (advisor) ; Slanec, Jaroslav (referee)
This bachelor thesis studies the manner in which the case of the former Russian spy Alexander Litviněnko's poisoning was handled in 2006 by the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph. Both quantitative and qualitative analyses have been used for that purpose. The theoretical part of the thesis explains the factors influencing the process of encoding of the meanings into mediated contents, and the process of their subsequent decoding by the public. The analytical part presents a detailed description of how the concrete news texts on the Litvinenko case published by The Daily Telegraph could have been perceived by their recipient. Hypotheses have been set for the analysis; the confirmation or denial of their validity outlines The Daily Telegraph's methods of news reporting production and the terms in which the news texts are conceived in this newspaper.
The development of Livia Klausová media representation in the daily newspaper Mladá Fronta DNES during the years 2003-2008
Měšťanová, Kateřina ; Němcová Tejkalová, Alice (advisor) ; Slanec, Jaroslav (referee)
Today's role of wife of the president continues the tradition of Czechoslovak first ladies of the First Republic era. The president's wife achieves a certain level of status and is known through the media. However, it is important to note that this title is still not codified in this country, it is an unpaid function and in consequence, there are no official requirements for specific roles which the first lady of the Czech Republic should fulfil. Despite this, it is evident that she becomes involved in the public life and therefore she will probably have various roles applied to her. The object of this thesis is to assess - through the example of Livia Klausová - in what way is the first lady presented to the readers of Mladá fronta DNES, which can be classified as a serious Czech newspaper. The aim of this thesis is to describe, based on selected newspaper articles, the specific roles in which Livia Klausová appeared in the daily paper during the first presidential mandate of Václav Klaus in the years 2003-2008. Accurate results are achieved by content qualitative analysis of selected newspaper texts of the daily paper Mladá fronta DNES. A fundamental element of the thesis is the usage of specialized foreign literature concerning first ladies, which will be used also for the final comparison of the...
Typography of the Literary Magazine Plamen (1959 - 1969)
Prentis, Adam ; Slanec, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Láb, Filip (referee)
The thesis "Typography of the literary magazine Plamen (1959-1969)" concerns itself with the overall graphical appearance of the important Czech literary magazine Plamen, published in the years 1959 to 1969. It notes the various elements of the types and the typesetting - the fonts used for texts and for titles, the typesetting of prose, poetry and entertainment pages. The paper describes, analyses and categorises myriad typographical solutions of titles and of the magazine's covers. An important part of the research is the list of artists whose work was published during the magazine's existance and the conclusions drawn from this list that show Plamen's attitude towards the visual arts. The paper further notes the physical characteristics of the magazine and the limitations caused most of all by the technological possibilities of the period, including the quality of paper, the page format and the use of coloured printing. It gives a perspective of the magazine's appearance by comparing it with other contemporary literary magazines. The paper offers an overview of the graphical appearance of Plamen from all the assessed components, it builds an understanding of the magazine's development and it shows the conceptional unity of the main typographer Oldřich Hlavsa's design and compares the difference of...

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