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Creation of a program code for evaluation and display of inner resultants in beams
Kupka, Jiří ; Horníková, Jana (referee) ; Burša, Jiří (advisor)
The work is aimed at solution of problem with evaluating the values and courses of resulting inner effects. The goal is to algorithmize the calculation and its graphic interpretation. The main mphasis was on the correctness of numerical results and their correct depiction. Integral approach of olution and its logorithmization was chosen as suitable calculating model for given task. The algorithmus of the program itself was written in programming language C++. Thereinafter the basis of the sphere of tress and strain analysis in beams, the knowledge of which is neccessary for the given solution of the roblem or it is presumed.
Sound transmission in the inner ear via round window
Kupka, Jiří ; Mišun, Vojtěch (referee) ; Pellant, Karel (advisor)
Verification of basilar mebrane function as frequency analyser in the case of pressure wave excitation. Calculate the transfer function of sound signals to the inner ear in case of interruption of the chain of ear bone. Computational modeling of the system ANSYS.
Reconstruction of the fishpond system of Dymokury region
Kupka, Jiří
The article presents the results of the research on the historical cultural landscape in the administrative district of the Poděbrady Region carried out within the NAKI II project Practical Approaches to the Territorial Protection of Historical Cultural Landscapes. The research included the definition of units and units of historical cultural landscape and then a detailed analysis of the partially relict landscape of the former fishpond system of Dymokury Region. A partial output of the project was a map reconstruction of the fishponds and dykes to the state of 1713, from which the description of the ponds on the estate survived, presented in the form of an interactive map. The text presents the sources used, among which the archival maps stand out, especially the first military mapping, confronted with cadastral maps, aerial photographs and a digital relief model. On the basis of the analysis, 91 fishpond sites were identified in the study area, which were entered into the map and described and documented in detail. Thirty of them have been preserved to date, the rest of the water bodies have disappeared. Several larger ponds have survived on the Štítarský Brook, on the Smíchovský Brook and on the Záhornický Brook. Some of the fishponds have remained wet meadows, others have disappeared completely, but they are visible in the terrain, including the dykes that are still prominent today. The results of the analyses show that even a seemingly ordinary and uninteresting agricultural field landscape has a number of historical landscape structures, moreover with historically proven potential for water retention in the landscape.
Methodology for identification and classification of areas with landscape values: Methodology certified by the Ministry of Culture
Kuča, Karel ; Kupka, Jiří ; Vorel, Ivan ; Vondráčková, Simona
The methodology, which is closely related to the previous results of interdisciplinary cooperation of the team of authors in the field of historical cultural landscape, in particular to the methodology of the Typology of Historical Cultural Landscape of the Czech Republic, is intended to serve, among others, for the definition of the newly introduced in 2018 spatial analytical documents of municipalities No. 11: Urban and Landscape Values. An important part of the methodology is the description of the method that ensures unambiguous and correct classification of any territory into one of the value categories (including territories that do not show landscape values). The procedure is described in three basic steps (stages), including the procedure for the designation itself. The novelty and uniqueness of the methodology lies in the creation of a professional basis for the delineation of areas with landscape values, which has been lacking in spatial planning practice so far. The methodology is based on more than 30 years of experience of the authors in field surveys and evaluation of historic cultural landscapes (and urbanism) in the Czech Republic and monitoring of relevant literature and expert discussions at national and international level.
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A Common European Energy Policy: Perspectives and Limits of Cooperation
Kupka, Jiří ; Jireš, Jan (advisor) ; Polášek, Martin (referee)
A Common European Energy Policy: Perspectives and Limits of Cooperation ABSTRACT (Jiří Kupka) The aim of the work is to assess the prospects and limits of cooperation in the area of European Union Energy Policy and it primarily from the perspective of the Member States. To this purpose, there is a research of an evolution of integration in the energy field (pointed contemporary development - i.e. mainly the last twelve years), approach of the European Commission and in particular there are attitudes and the energy policies of the two EU Member States - France and Germany. The whole work is divided into two main parts - a theoretical section and an empirical analysis. In the first part, the author seeks to define the terms "Energy security" and "Energy Policy" from the perspective of several authors. Subsequently, it is carried out the examination of the development of Energy policy of EU - the European Commission initiatives are researched in particular. Besides, it is examined and evaluated the current status of the implementation of the Union's actions (policy) - especially in area of the individual systems of energy markets of the aforementioned states.
Typology of the historical cultural landscape of the Czech Republic: methodology with a certificate from the Ministry of Culture
Ehrlich, Marek ; Kuča, Karel ; Kučová, Věra ; Pacáková, Božena ; Pavlátová, Marie ; Salašová, Alena ; Šantrůčková, Markéta ; Vorel, Ivan ; Weber, Martin ; Ehrlichová, Olga ; Fiřtová, Barbora ; Halamíčková, Alena ; Jonešová, Eva ; Králová, Vladimíra ; Kupka, Jiří ; Luhan, Čestmír ; Malina, Ondřej ; Matějka, Daniel ; Medková, Lucie ; Sedláček, Jozef ; Trpáková, Lenka ; Veith, Tomáš ; Veselovská, Věra ; Vondráčková, Simona ; Žallmannová, Eva
The new national typology of the historical cultural landscapes is created by 34 types of the historical cultural landscapes that exist in the Czech Republic. The typology is based on three categories of the cultural landscapes that were defined by the World Heritage Committee (UNESCO), i.e. designed, organically evolved and associative landscapes. The typology of the historical cultural landscapes could be used for identification, classification and evaluation of the historical cultural landscapes on the national level. The typology is applicable for the spatial identification of landscape with important cultural values that serve to the public interests in landscape protection. The typology could be also used for identification of the cultural landscapes in analysis for the spatial planning.
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Comparison of expected and observed impacts of wind turbines on landscape character
Kočárková, Tereza ; Treml, Václav (advisor) ; Kupka, Jiří (referee)
The dissertation compares expected and observed impacts of wind turbines on landscape character. Wind turbines are large-scale constructions with a significant interference on landscape which can cause visual pollution. It is a new and unique element of landscape. Its number has increased significantly over the last fifteen years. The aim of this thesis is to compare whether the landscape assessments of selected wind turbines were done correctly or whether expected impacts on landscape character were underestimated or overestimated. Three areas of interest including wind turbines were selected for the comparison of observed and expected impacts of wind turbines on the landscape character: Dětřichov u Frýdlantu, Petrovice and Zlatá Olešnice. The partial objective of the thesis was to compare the photographic documentation of wind turbines with their computer visualizations. This research is complemented with interviews with local government representatives, which describe their attitude towards wind turbines in the municipality and its surroundings. Results of the comparison of expected and observed impacts of wind turbines on landscape character have shown that in Dětřichov u Frýdlantu and in Petrovice expected impacts of wind turbines were overestimated. In Zlatá Olešnice, expected impacts of wind...
Czechoslovak-Argentinian Economic Relations in the years 1945-1989 in the material of Czech archives
Kupka, Jiří ; Opatrný, Josef (advisor) ; Křížová, Markéta (referee)
This thesis aims to present and analyse economic relations between Czechoslovakia and Argentina in the years 1945-1989 (i.e. a period that almost precisely coincides with the duration of the Cold War. The work focuses on a historical analysis of primary sources and archival documents of the Czechoslovak Federal Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade. This material was selected in light of the rarity of secondary literature devoted to this area. To a certain extent, this is a pioneering work, especially given the fact that the archives of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Trade have not yet been declassified and still enjoy only limited usage (processing) in a single publication. One primary function of foreign trade with the Latin American countries (with the obvious exception of Cuba) was to foster good relations between South America and Czechoslovakia during the Cold War. The study of this use of trade as a foreign policy instrument can provide useful lessons about pragmatic considerations to be borne in mind when designing foreign policy as a whole. The thesis presents new findings on the topic and attempts what may constitute the most comprehensive attempt to address economic relations between the aforementioned countries within a defined period.
Comparison of aproaches to cultral landscape protection in the Czech Republic and Norway
Prudík, Michal ; Fanta, Václav (advisor) ; Kupka, Jiří (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is a comparison of approaches to cultural landscape protection in the Czech republic and Norway. Legislation and state administration in landscape protection in both countries are described. Finally, both systems are compared and a recommendation for Czech landscape protection based on the Norwegian experience is made.

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