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The significance of the Holy Spirit Cathedral in Hradec Králové and the proposal of the educational program
Šorm, Ladislav ; Zimmermannová, Marie (advisor) ; Opatrný, Aleš (referee)
The diploma thesis contains a brief overview of the historical development of the Holy Spirit Cathedral in Hradec Králové. In a rough outline discusses the historical, religious and cultural wealth created by several generations of our ancestors over the course of seven centuries. The diploma thesis contains a proposal of an educational program in the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit. The program is designed primarily for secondary school students. Considering the uniqueness of the place and its rich potential is there mentioned not only the uniqueness the history and architecture, but also the work of some important personalities of local social and religious life. An integral part of the educational program is the brief history of the church, its development and hierarchy. The contribution of Christianity to the education of the nation is not forgotten either. In this context the program leads to a closer knowledge of the cathedral and the life around it, and helps students overcome prejudices against Christianity ant the Church. It reveals the cathedral as a cultural and social connection. The main aim of this thesis is to enhance the importance of the Holy Spirit Cathedral in Hradec Králové as a historical, religious and cultural heritage of the nation. The educational program is designed to...
The evangelization potential of the School of Life and evangelization Jeuness-Lumière in the light of proclamations and teaching of the pope Francis
Bednaříková, Hana ; Dřímal, Ludvík (advisor) ; Opatrný, Aleš (referee)
The evangelization potential of the School of Life and evangelization Jeuness-Lumière in the light of proclamations and teaching of the pope Francis By this bachelor thesis, I would like to bring the French School of Life and Evangelization Jeunesse-Lumière closer to the Czech catholic public and to introduce it as a very beneficial evangelistic-formative initiative helping to deepen young people's personal faith and as a novel way to spread the gospel of Christ in the present society. I would like to approach the work and activity of the School JL in the light of teaching and proclamations of the present pope Francis. In the last part of the thesis I will mention the performance the Wounded Shepherd as a concrete example of an activity of the school graduates and their friends in our country. Keywords Pope Francis, evangelization, young people, School of Life and Evangelization JL, Ange
"Spiritual care for seniors as part of a holistic approach
Kudelásková, Magdaléna ; Opatrný, Aleš (advisor) ; Dřímal, Ludvík (referee)
The diploma thesis "Spiritual Care for the Elderly as a Part of a Holistic Approach" addresses the question of how the support of spirituality can help seniors to cope with the difficulties of their lives such as the transformation of social and work roles, the loss of a partner or other close people, illness and dealing with the topic of mortality and the end of life, which usually come at this age, if not even before,. We are thinking about whether spirituality only affects people of faith or religion, or is given in some form to everyone. Thesis is looking for possibilities and approaches to spiritual care also for people who have not been interested in spirituality during their lifetime, have not expressed devotion, or turned away from for some reason. The interes tis given how spiritual care is provided in various senior homes in Prague as part of a holistic view on elderly. This work demonstrates various forms of giving this care, its use and evaluation from the perspective of clients, but also employees, volunteers and clergy. Keywords age, senior, spiritual care, house for seniors, holistic approach
Academic Pastoral Care in Bohemia
Černý, Jakub ; Opatrný, Aleš (advisor) ; Dřímal, Ludvík (referee)
The bachelor thesis titled "Academic Pastoral Care in Bohemia" provides a description of function and content of pastoral care in Christian community in each university city of Bohemian church region. In the first-place thesis concentrate on pastoral care of young people. The theoretical part deals with the essential themes of youth, students, pastoration and its content, after that are presented components of pastoral content. Principal is the question of community life and its programme. A special point of this topic presents preparation for christening. In the beginning of the practical part are presented communities. There are observed the size of group, content of pastoration. And there are also presented the pluses and minuses of the place and community. Then the parts of pastoration are together compared and evaluated. The conclusion summarizes and evaluates achieved finding. Keywords College students, pastoral care, evangelization, organization
Restitution the Church Property in the Czech Republic After 1989
Valeš, Václav ; Hrdina, Antonín (advisor) ; Opatrný, Aleš (referee)
Václav Valeš: Restitution of Church Property in the Czech Republic After 1989 This work describes the sensitive theme of church property restitution in the Czech Republic after 1989. Two laws of restitution accepted from 1990 to 1991 (the law Nr. 298/1990 Coll. and the law Nr. 338/1991 Coll.) solved in particular the activities of Roman Catholic religious orders and congregations. The common law solving church restitutions generally was in 1992 and 2008 not accepted and this situation continues today. This situation restricts churches and religious societies in their work in many areas. A tiny proportion of their properthy were churches and religious societies returned by another way (executive way between 1996-1998, declaratory action).Besides the analysis of existing legislation this work also contains relating judicature of the Constitutional and Supreme Court of the Czech Republic. Keywords confessional law, the Czech Republic, church property, restitution process after 1989
Stretti, Sylvie ; Vogel, Jiří (advisor) ; Opatrný, Aleš (referee) ; Filo, Július (referee)
The dissertation submitted is dealing with subjects of the death of a close person and spirituality, especially personal concept of spirituality. Death of a close person is a crucial turning point in the life of any human. The turning point affecting the next life in all aspects of the human life, in all its directions - biological-, psychological-, and sociological-spiritual. The complete care about a human being is more and more applied in the context of health or disciplines working with relations or connections; it is thus relevant to be aware of this multidisciplinary fact.
Subjective benefits of the Traditional Latin Mass to selected contemporaries
Roztočil, Vojtěch ; Opatrný, Aleš (advisor) ; Tichý, Radek (referee)
In the first chapter of the theoretical part, this bachelor thesis shows specific changes in the liturgy celebration introduced by the Sacrosanctum Concilium constitution and subsequent post-conciliar documents. It also allows to see some gradual changes of liturgy over the years. Further it describes the development and acceptance of the liturgical reform in the Czech Republic as witnessed by contemporaries. The third chapter of the theoretical part shows differences in understanding of the liturgy and the role of its participants between the catechism from the beginning of 20th century and its current valid version. The practical part presents results of the probe in selected community in Prague, which was conducted in the form of semi- structured interviews. The interviews and their subsequent evaluation allow to see a selection of subjective benefits of the Traditional Latin Mass to selected contemporaries and provides certain insight into the development of their faith. Keywords liturgy - 1962 Roman Missal - spiritual life - community

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