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Advent hymnus in the liturgy of hours
Prášková, Jarmila ; Mrňávek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Málek, Vladimír (referee)
The work Advent Hymns in the Liturgy of Hours, after defining terminology, describes in brief historic origins and development of the Liturgy of Hours and its theology. Origins of liturgical hymns are examined in the next part. The main part presents publication and commentary to four Advent hymns, two for the Lauds and two for the Vespers. The commentary reflects historical circumstances of the hymns' origins (final doxological strophas), theology of the Liturgy of Hours (trinitarian trait in the Liturgy of Hours and its hymns, interconnectedness with the Mass), and insertion into liturgical and chronologic times with their characteristic modes.
Pilgrimage and its use for catechesis
Němeček, Jaroslav ; Eliáš, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Mrňávek, Tomáš (referee)
Anotation: PILGRIMAGE AND HER EXPLOITATION FOR CATECHISM The thesis offers to the participants of the catechism course insight into one of the biggest Middle Ages pilgrimages - "Saint-Jacob's Pilgrimage", as well as into the history of pilgrimage generally, and into related events from the history of the Church. Pilgrimages have not only spiritual, historical, cultural or political dimension, but they are - above all - journeys of internal contemplation of God and recognition of oneself. Therefore, the goal of this thesis was to help, through the historical background, to deepen the belief of the participants, encourage their active life with God and give them a practical help in their Christian life. The matter is divided into two parts: The theoretical part deals with what precedes the catechism - i. e. the conditions that need to be fulfilled in the interest of a correct and meaningful catechism. The second part is a resulting example of practical preparation to catechism. It is conceived so that the participants are acquainted with the historical facts, with the spirituality of places of pilgrimage. At the same time, the substance of belief and Christian life is being explained. In each lesson selected notions of catechism are introduced and explained and a space is given to the participants to present...
Evangelization through Pedestrian Pilgrimage and Building Pilgrimage Spirituality
Vaňková, Petra ; Mrňávek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Opatrný, Aleš (referee)
This bachelor thesis elaborates the issue of the pilgrimage spirituality in the framework of spiritual experience, the Holy Scriptures and historical backgrounds. Concrete examples specify the basic elements of the pilgrimage spirituality, evangelization potential of pilgrimage and practical organizational aspects. It comprises an in-depth analysis of the program and its parts during the pedestrian pilgrimage. It deals with specific duties during the pilgrimage, seen from the point of view of organization, liturgy, and time roadmap of the program. As the synthesis of the paper is building of pilgrimage spirituality, it should be used as a tool for pilgrimage organizers, taking into account both logistical aspects and deep spiritual experience.
Drop-out of seminarians
Krampl, Petr ; Eliáš, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Mrňávek, Tomáš (referee)
Author: KRAMPL Petr Corporation: Catholic Theology Faculty of Charles University The thesis primarily deals with the topic of preparation for priesthood according to the literature and Church documents published after The Second Vatican Council. The phenomenon of leaving seminary is being analyzed on the basis of interviews with drop-out seminarians. Based on Grounded theory, a qualitative research method, the thesis characterizes basic processes the seminarians go through both before and after leaving the seminary and denominates areas of their possible inner conflicts. Keywords: seminarians, vocation, training course, drop-out, disillusion, reintegration, Number of characters: 110364, Number of pages: 62, Number of appendices: 4, Number of literature: 16
The Folk Art of Singing for a Catholic Divine Service in the Region of Podblanicko (the Vicariates of Vlašim and Benešov)
Kubů, Josef ; Mrňávek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Kotas, Jan (referee)
To the title: The Folk Art of Singing for a Catholic Divine Service in the Region of Podblanicko ( the vicariates of Vlašim and Benešov ) This work comes to analyze the answers to questions gained from straight to the topic orientated questionnaires, which were distributed to the parishes of Benešov and Vlašim. The survey aims to map the real contemporary feature of the folk singing art performed in this region, as well as to list and point out the song repertoire used in particular churches there, what is followed with a musical characterization and with quotations of three local songs practised in the places of their origin only. These are: Benešovské roráty, Hrádecká poutní píseň and Dobrou noc matičko from Tožice. The key words: - folk singing art - music - mass songs - divine service - liturgy
Liturgical qualifications of church organists:ideals and reality
Gabrielová, Markéta ; Eliáš, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Mrňávek, Tomáš (referee)
Liturgy is the supreme expression of the Roman Catholic Church and that is the reason we must pursue it as well as we can ass it is mentioned in the Constitution on the Holy Liturgy Sancrosanctum concilium. Liturgical music and singing are an integral part of the Divine Service, it should be properly mastered by organists and other musicians who participate on the service. That is why I dedicate a substantial part of my work to the liturgy itself. The organists should also know regulations and directions under which liturgical music is performed. That is the purpose of the second part of my work. The results of the research described in the third part of the work show that the majority of organists perform their profession in a very good standard, that the quality of their work does not depend on the size of the community they live in. Nevertheless, those coming from smaller settlements might have more problems. They are mostly well qualified and educated musicians. They also try to be good Christians but their theological education is a bit worse. Litoměřice Diocese offers them further education in the form of regular courses and majority of them gladly participate and appreciate them. A larger problem seems to be a lack of musicians interested in organ playing among believers as well as...
Dance as a Manifestation of Devotion
Všetičková, Veronika ; Mrňávek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Málek, Vladimír (referee)
The bachelor thesis "Dance as a Manifestation of Devotion" is an exposition on dance in the context of Christian culture. It draws out the development of religious dance and its possibilities and apprehension in various cultures and religions at the dawn of history. It also explains an approach and a principle of scepticism with regard to dance that still exists somewhere in the society. The paper presents a view of dance that can express our devotion to God through its gestures and moves; dance can be a manifestation of prayer and thus enrich the liturgy to a great extent. The dance that helps Christians to show their joy of faith is of precious value for the liturgy, just like music and singing. Keywords: Dance, gesture, liturgy, prayer, expression.
Children Sponsorship Programme - Exploration of the Activities of the Archdiocesan Charitas of Prague
Zídek, Daniel ; Eliáš, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Mrňávek, Tomáš (referee)
The bachelor's thesis titled Exploration of the Activities of the Archdiocesan Charity Prague focusing on the Adopce na dálku® (remote adoption) project provides information about the activities of this charity focusing on the project, which facilitates access to education for children from underdeveloped countries. The Adopce na dálku® project is analysed here in detail, being highlighted as the most significant one. The thesis contains both positive and negative evaluation of the project, including little research concentrated on how charity and sponsorship of children are perceived in the catholic and non-catholic environment. Key words Archdiocesan Charity Prague, remote adoption, education, charity, evaluation, sponsorship of children.

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