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Creation of a program code for evaluation and display of inner resultants in beams
Kupka, Jiří ; Horníková, Jana (referee) ; Burša, Jiří (advisor)
The work is aimed at solution of problem with evaluating the values and courses of resulting inner effects. The goal is to algorithmize the calculation and its graphic interpretation. The main mphasis was on the correctness of numerical results and their correct depiction. Integral approach of olution and its logorithmization was chosen as suitable calculating model for given task. The algorithmus of the program itself was written in programming language C++. Thereinafter the basis of the sphere of tress and strain analysis in beams, the knowledge of which is neccessary for the given solution of the roblem or it is presumed.
Evaluation of mechanical characteristics of metalic materials under monotonic loading
Mička, Jan ; Vojtek, Tomáš (referee) ; Horníková, Jana (advisor)
This bachelor thesis concerns with study of mechanical characteristic of metalic materials during uniaxial tension and torsion. In the begining of this thesis there are desribed stress and deformation characteristics which are set by metal material tests. Goal of practical part is describtion of advancement and determin of these characteristics from uniaxial tension and torsion tests. Then follows compare of gained results.
Strain, stress and strength analysis of the truss construction.
Hladký, Maroš ; Horníková, Jana (referee) ; Vrbka, Jan (advisor)
The thesis is focused on strain, strength, and strain analysis of planar truss construction. The purpose of this work is to determine the load on each rod, and to assess the safety against limit states. After determining the primary characteristics, the structure will be modified and load and safety re-calculated. Depending on the outcome, the design will be changed again. Next, will be destined gravity affect on the design and impact of production inaccuracy. Deformation of structure will be calculated.
Criteria of multiaxial fatigue life
Bauer, David ; Slámečka, Karel (referee) ; Horníková, Jana (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on determination of lifetime of material under multiaxial cycle loading. This knowledge is important for a good design of the most machine parts. The thesis includes a short description of the proces of material fatigue, which is consequence of cyclic loading. It contains fatigue criteria for the case of uniaxial and multiaxial loading too. From a large number of multiaxial criteria are chosen energy-based and stress-based models.
Numerical Modelling of Fatigue Crack Closure
Oplt, Tomáš ; Růžička, Milan (referee) ; Horníková, Jana (referee) ; Hutař, Pavel (advisor)
This Ph.D. thesis was written under the supervision of Assoc. prof. Pavel Hutař, Ph.D., and Assoc. prof. Luboš Náhlík, Ph.D. The thesis is focused on the effect of plasticity induced crack closure, its characteristic and ways of numerical modelling. Premature fatigue crack closure has a significant effect on the fatigue crack propagation rate and therefore on the residual lifetime of a structure. A three-dimensional numerical model allows a detailed look at the stress and strain distribution along the crack front, and particularly it allows a local description of parameters along the crack front which governs the fatigue crack propagation rate. In the first part of the thesis, the study is focused on the influence of a singular stress field at the vicinity of the free surface on the crack front curvature without crack closure being involved. In the second part, a numerical model in 2D of plasticity induced crack closure was created and verified by experimental results. In the final part, a 3D numerical model is used to describe the influence of the crack closure on its fatigue propagation rate and explains typical crack front curvature. The suggested technique allows quantitative accuracy improvement of numerical simulation of the fatigue crack propagation and therefore, more reliable estimation of the residual lifetime of the cracked structure.
Influence of Friction to the Shear Stress State in the Crack-Front Vicinity
Vlach, Jiří ; Hutař, Pavel (referee) ; Horníková, Jana (advisor)
The aim of this master thesis is to explore the influence of frictional forces to the stress and strain on the straight crack tip loaded in shear modes. The first section summarizes the most important things from the field of fracture mechanics. Especially theoretical knowledge about fracture parameters (stress intensity factor, J – integral) and their determination in computational environment ANSYS Workbench. The second part deals with computational modeling. At the beginning, is created the model of material, the model of geometry, the model of loads, etc. Then it is possible to solve the direct problem outlined in the introduction. A result of this thesis is the assessment of how the friction influences the fracture parameters in shear modes II and III.
Description of Stress and Strain States at Front of Inclined Cracks Loaded by Shear Modes
Roh, Marek ; Majer, Zdeněk (referee) ; Horníková, Jana (advisor)
The primary objective of this masters thesis is to assess the eects of the length of crack and the angle, of which is this crack inclined on the stress and strain states at its front for the test sample loaded under shear. The rst part of this thesis will analyze the individual approaches that lead to the description of the aforementioned conditions. The second part deals with the FEM model assembly, which will lead to the fracture parameters, the values of which will be compared in part three.
Analysis of composite sandwich panel under conditions simulating placement on a rocket carrier
Král, Martin ; Horníková, Jana (referee) ; Majer, Zdeněk (advisor)
This work deals with composite sandwich panels, which are currently used as supporting structures for satellites. This type of panel contains an aluminum honeycomb core and two thin laminate coatings, reinforced with carbon fibers. Laminate sandwich panel coatings offer an alternative to conventional aluminum coatings, which is advantageous mainly due to the reduction of weight and increase of the flexural stiffness of the panels. The work is a parametric study of mechanical properties for several variants of the coating of sandwich panels. These are laminate coatings, differing in the orientation of the fibers in the individual layers, as well as an aluminum alloy coating. The study is divided into two parts. The first part examines the deformation-stress response of a sandwich panel, which is simply supported at the edges and loaded with pressure. The response calculation is performed using FEM and verified by the method of sum of an infinite series. The second part investigates the deformation-stress response of the joint, (node) of two sandwich panels, which is loaded by random vibrations, aimed at simulating the mechanical environment of the rocket carrier during the takeoff of the launch vehicle. The response is calculated using FEM and verified by an experiment on a vibrating stool for a selected variant of the laminate coating of sandwich panels. The results of the work can be used for the design of baffle of the X-ray imaging device (SXI), which is part of the equipment of the space satellite of the SMILE project.
Description of Stress and Strain States at the Front of Cracks Loaded by Shear Modes
Žák, Stanislav ; Majer, Zdeněk (referee) ; Horníková, Jana (advisor)
The main goal of this work is the comparison of the size of the plastic zone at the crack tip for two analysis methods: an analytical linear method and an elastic-plastic analysis employing the Finite Element method (ANSYS software). All calculations were made for a crack loaded under pure shear modes. These types of loading are not sufficiently described in the literature. The first part of this work introduces the problem with the crack tip plastic zone using both linear and nonlinear fracture parameters. The second part is dedicated to the construction of the Finite Element model in the ANSYS software. The geometry of the samples and the loading levels were chosen to match an existing experimental test of the impact of shear modes on the crack behavior. In the third part of this thesis, the plastic zone radii for pure shear modes II and III are estimated using several methods and the results are compared. In the last part of this work, the same procedure as in the previous part is applied on a mixed-mode II+III loading. A result of this thesis is the assessment of the application limits of the linear analysis method used to estimate the size of the plastic zone at the crack tip for a specific geometry and material model.
Influence of a Notch on Stress-Strain States at the Front of Cracks Loaded by Shear Modes
Ščotka, Martin ; Žák, Stanislav (referee) ; Horníková, Jana (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with influence of a notch on stress-strain states at the front of cracks by shear modes. Starting with fracture mechanics and its division, followed by stress intensity factor and calculate its by finite element method. Calculation is solved for two types of notches, U-notched and V-notched, both notches were modeled parametrically so their geometry was changeable and stress intensity factor were calculated for all configurations. Subsequently was solved next calculation of stress intensity factor but for shaft without notch. Finally, was evaluated influence of notch on stress intensity factor. Software for finite element method has been used ANSYS. Others calculation was provided in software MATLAB

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