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Distinguished persons in the field of information and communication technology: preparing resources for multimedia e-learning project
Gromotovičová, Kateřina ; Kučerová, Helena (advisor) ; Mašek, Karel (referee)
anglicky The basis for the work is project about personalities from field of information and communication technologies. Its main task is to describe the resources available in electronical form. The project is stored as an attachment on the CD and the Moodle system on College of Information Studies in Prag. The goal of the bachelor thesis, is to describe resources used in description of most important people in ICT society.
Content metadata created by users and information professionals: a comparative analysis
Světelská, Hana ; Kučerová, Helena (advisor) ; Jarolímková, Adéla (referee)
The master thesis is focused on professional and user-generated metadata with emphasis on content metadata. It describes metadata in general, their important characteristics, functions, and types, and defines other related terms. The professional content metadata and user-generated metadata are described in more detail. The analytical part aims to compare professional and user-generated content metadata. For this purpose, a dataset of metadata statements on fiction books collected from dozens of databases was used. It also aims to determine whether user-generated metadata bring additional information to metadata created by professionals.
Analysis of personal data processing processes at the Local Municipality Authority of Praha-Vinoř
Beneš, Vít ; Kučerová, Helena (advisor) ; Lipková, Helena (referee)
This thesis proposes practical solution for to the current issue, that is personal data protection by the General Data Protectinon Regulation (GDPR) in processes oconducted at particular workspace. This workspace is the Local Municipality Authority of Praha-Vinoř. The aim of the thesis is detection of personal data in particular processes and the legality of such processing. In this research it was necessary to define the term of personal data, because the regulation norm itself defines it relatively vaguely. For this definition matrix instrument was used. For detection of personal data in processes conducted at particular workspace, the legality of such instance, but also for the survey of relations between processes Business System Planning method developed by IBM Corporation was used. Research detected instance of personal data, which means that processing of them took place, and the legality of such processing. At the same time it was possible to describe relations among other elements of this environment. As the methodology as well as research results are applicable in context of technical measures regulation, and also for internal regulation of personal data processing.
Ontology of knowledge organization
Kučerová, Helena ; Bratková, Eva (advisor) ; Ivánek, Jiří (referee) ; Steinerová, Jela (referee)
The aim of the research documented in the thesis was to design an ontology for the knowledge organization domain. Three requirements specifying areas of ontology use have been identified: making of statements for a knowledge base for knowledge organization, indexing of resources in the domain and interlinking with content-relevant ontologies. The design was elaborated by the method of reengineering the first version of ontology, created in the framework of the NAKI research project Knowledge base for subject area of knowledge organization in 2013-2015. The second version of ontology is based on the DOLCE foundational ontology, specifically on the reusing of its selected classes and predicates, including the axioms associated with them. The reengineering of the content of the first version of ontology was done by the domain and facet analysis methodology. The outcome is divided in two interlinked modules - axiomatized heavy- weight core ontology and light-weight terminological ontology. The ontology offers a solution to the compatibility of Czech and world terminology, it applies an extended concept of domain beyond the scope of memory institutions, and it presents a partial contribution to the development of the theory of knowledge organization. The content of the thesis is divided into five...
Restructuring and optimisation of the organisational processes
Kučerová, Helena ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Swiecicki, Irena (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the existence of companies and organizations in the current world where the markets are integrated and managers have to cope with new categories of management as a change management. Stability of an organisation is not any more primarily effected by its size but its ability to react promptly and on high quality level to the changing requirements of the environment. This diploma thesis also deals with an impact of more and more challenging environment on the organisations from commercial sphere as well as on non profit organisations. This diploma thesis shows why more and more organisations choose a path of transformation and optimisation of internal processes and which procedures may be applied in this direction. The example of the merger of two non-profit organizations shows the restructuring process and the optimisation of processes related to the quality management of social services.
Analysis and categorization of information sources in the subject field of cynology
Bušková, Markéta ; Kučerová, Helena (advisor) ; Bratková, Eva (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis, titled "Analysis and Categorization of Information Sources for the Field of Dog-breeding", is to map and analyze information sources relating to the field of dog-breeding, introduce dog-breeding as a field, compile an overview of current information sources for this field and focus on particularly defined groups of information sources.
Unification of Subject Description of Aggregated Records in National Repository of Grey Literature
Charvátová, Michaela ; Bratková, Eva (advisor) ; Kučerová, Helena (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on subject description unification methods in records aggregated from different sources in digital repositories, using the example of the National Repository of Grey Literature (NRGL). After presenting experiences with systems BASE and LASSO abroad, I describe the current situation in NRGL, where the automatic indexing is used to assign each record a unified subject heading from the Polythematic Structured Subject Heading System (PSSHS). The thesis then presents how the MeSH thesaurus and Conspectus categorization scheme were mapped to PSSHS. These mappings were then applied to records from the National Medical Library. The aim of the experiment was to compare the subject description consisting of PSSHS subject headings created by automatic indexing, and the subject description created by mapping. In addition to that I explore the possibilities of mapping author keywords in records of academic theses. Powered by TCPDF (
National authorities and regional libraries
Kašparová, Petra ; Buřilová, Marcela (advisor) ; Kučerová, Helena (referee)
This thesis examines national authorities and regional libraries. It explains the terminology and outlines the developement internationally and in the Czech republic as well. It also deals with the Czech national authority files, how to work with it, how it is maintained and updated. Process of formation of authority record is mentioned, together with authority records examples. Particular regional libraries are introduced and their workflow related to new authority record is described. In the analytical part of my thesis statistics on this issue are processed and compared. Particular hypotheses are verified and the contribution of regional libraries to the Czech national authority files is analysed in the conclusion.
The fund profile of selected library in the view of representation of topic of the new religions, sects and magic.
Opatrná, Michaela ; Římanová, Radka (advisor) ; Kučerová, Helena (referee)
Thesis describes a basic analysis of the acquisition, processing, access to and use of titles in the topics of new religions, sects and magic in the Municipal Library in Prague. The work is based on theoretical definition of topics of new religions, sects and magic, and their division into sub-topics. A separate chapter is devoted to theoretical description of the decomposition of the library system. In the practical part is an analysis of 30 selected publications representing these topics. This part is based on the method of structured interviews with employees of the selected library, observation and data processing of computerized library information system (bibliographic records, anonymized logs borrowing). In the final chapter of this section there are evaluated the undertaken analysis of selected publications. Powered by TCPDF (
Analysis of internal communication in a specific organization
Brabcová, Iveta ; Fonferová, Ľudmila (advisor) ; Kučerová, Helena (referee)
The theme of the Bachelor's thesis is the analysis of the system of internal communication in a specific organization. The first part, I define the concept of information, every detail of the theoretical concepts related to the topic of communication, the system of internal communication channels of communication. In the second part I will prepare an analysis of the internal communication in a transnational organization Takko Fashion clothing, s. r. o., I will survey its information flows and resources and I will create the schematic diagram of the Organization internal communications network. In the form of questionnaires, find out what effect they have on staff. In conclusion, summarise the results and propose a solution to eliminate the barriers to corporate communications. Keywords internal communication, communication in organization, industrial organization, communication in management, social communicaton, communication*, enterprise system*, organizitional structure

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