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Citing scientific literature using an XML format
Jansová, Linda ; Nič, Miloslav (advisor) ; Souček, Martin (referee) ; Strossa, Petr (referee)
The dissertation focuses on the use of XML for citation purposes. First, a current situation in citation practice, deeply influenced by the development in electronic publishing, is described. Then selected projects aimed at making citation data machine understandable and ways to include citation data into XML formats are presented. Citation formats (both XML and other formats) are dealt with in detail. This part is followed by a brief introduction of citation managers as tools used to automate work with citation data. Typology of cited documents is also covered. Furthermore, a detailed analysis of citation practice in IUPAC color books is included. Based on partial findings recommended practices for the inclusion of citation data into XML formats were developed. The recommended practices are a set of seven principles which can be summed up as follows: use of UTF-8 encoding, low number of elements and attributes, maximum data structuring, use of controlled vocabularies, data hierarchy and use of links to make connections, use of existing document typology or creation of a new one, use of recursion while working with the data. An experimental format based on the recommended practices has been designed. Citation data from IUPAC color books are used to present the way how the format can be implemented in practice.
Ottavio Piccolomini and Castle of Náchod
SOUČEK, Martin
This Bachelor´s thesis utilises modern theoretical methods asserted in the research of the material culture of aristocratic residences and representational strategies of noblemen in the early modern age. The thesis is heuristically based on the collection of still dormant sources deposited in the State Regional Archives in Zámrsk, Family Archive of the Piccolomini´s, Náchod, 1431-1881. This study builds on the analysis of the preserved castle inventory from 1732. The author also does not leave fresco decoration and pieces of furniture aside from the attention. He is interested not only in tangible equipment of the Náchod residency of Ottavio Piccolomini (1599-1656) but he also pays attention to the symbolical decoration of some rooms, especially the Spanish Hall and the chapel. He also deals with equipment, in which was reflected value scale and the "thought world" of an early modern age nobleman.
Development of investment opportunities for individual investor in the Czech Republic since 1990
Souček, Martin ; Mejstřík, Michal (advisor) ; Teplý, Petr (referee)
Purpose of this thesis is to describe historical development of the Czech capital market and collective investment market, to be able to analyse further investment opportunities of individual investor within these markets from the year 1990. In the first part of thesis we are describing institutional development of financial market from transition period through privatization until presence. In the second part we set up limiting conditions and theoretical presumptions for our analysis of investment opportunities of individual investor. We define also separate investment strategies and predictive models. In the third part of thesis we compare profitability of separate investment strategies in combination with various predictive models. Purpose of this analysis is to find out within our observed period optimal investment strategy based on historical data and econometric methods and verify usefulness of various investment rules.
HMI user assessment methods in automotive environment. Case study.
Křepelková, Sabina ; Lipková, Helena (advisor) ; Souček, Martin (referee)
The thesis focuses on the topic of benefits and limitations of various HMI user assessment methods. In the theoretical part of the thesis there is introduced the HMI theory, summarized HMI user assessment methods, presented knowledge about their utilization and the available tools are mapped. The goal of the practical part is testing of selected HMI user assessment methods related to the requirements of the commercial automotive sector. The result of practical part is a comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of individual approaches and their specifics. The diploma thesis was prepared in accordance with the valid internal regulations of the Charles University and other methodological guidelines and normative documents. Keywords: user experience, UX, usability, user interface, UI, HMI, human-machine interface, automotive, usability evaluation, user assessment, user testing, usability testing
File formats for long-term preservation of electronic publications in the e-deposit system in the Czech Republic
Jiroušek, Václav ; Souček, Martin (advisor) ; Ivánek, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on selection of archival formats for the purposes of long term preservation of electronic pulications within the Czech e-deposit system. It analyzes the current situation in the Czech Republic and, on the basis of a sample of seven foreign institutions, compares it with foreign approaches and experiences. The first part of the thesis deals with the electronic formats of electronic books on the theoretical side. Based on the market analysis, the formats relevant to the Czech market for electronic publications are identified and the risks of the individual formats are described with regard to the possibilities of their long-term preservation. The second part is devoted to case studies in which the format policies of foreign libraries dealing with long-term archiving of electronic publications are documented. An analysis of electronic publications, voluntarily deposited by the publisher to the NL CR during the pilot operation of the e-deposit system, is also performed. The conclusion of the thesis summarizes the findings in the form of recommendations for archival formats for the further development of the Czech e-deposit system.
Using bibliometric methods for the analysis of Czechoslovak Psychology journal
Matička, Petr ; Souček, Martin (advisor) ; Souček, Jiří (referee)
This thesis describes bibliometric indicators and bibliometric methods and presents their potential practical application on the analysis of the Czech scientific journal Czechoslovak Psychology. The introduction provides a historical development of bibliometry, a scientific classification of bibliometry and presents some of the main thinkers in the field. The thesis then continues with the exploration of bibliographic methods and laws and sets them into wider context with the issue of current evaluation of scientific journals and the issue of the scientific work itself. The research deals with the scientific journal Czechoslovak Psychology and the subject of psychology is briefly presented to the reader. The practical part of the research focuses on the use of bibliometric methods in the qualitative analysis of data from Web of Science and Scopus citation databases, these registers are compared with each other. The conclusion presents the results from this bibliometric analysis and suggests recommendations for further bibliometric research.
Hacking in the modern information society
Rožek, Štěpán ; Souček, Martin (advisor) ; Fiala, Jakub (referee)
(English): This bachelor thesis is oriented on description of hacking in modern information society and its goal is an overview of the current situation of hacking, whose techniques differ and change during the time. In the theoretical part this bachelor thesis focuses on differentiation of internet crimes and then the thesis focuses closely on hacking of web applications in terms of the user and also in terms of the application architecture. In the practical part the thesis is oriented on a description of a real life hacking attack. As this attack was chosen an issue of Czech ex prime minister Bohuslav Sobotka, whose private e-mail account got hacked in 2016. In terms of this practical part the thesis describes a possible way of the hacker and also a tool, which some of the Czech media mentioned as the tool that was used within this attack. Lastly the thesis in the practical part describes the security risks and also the topic of growing complexity and difficulty of defence against hacking attacks, which can possibly cause issues to the user. Keywords (english): Hacking, password cracking, web applications, security, World Wide Web, penetration testing, authentication
Information overload and methods of its elimination in the modern information society
Krejčiřík, Matěj ; Souček, Martin (advisor) ; Ivánek, Jiří (referee)
(anglicky): The Bachelor's thesis studies the information overload problem from the point of view of biology, economy, psychology and information science. The goal of the thesis is to propose possible methods for reduction, or complete elimination of the information overload. The thesis in the theoretic part firstly analyses socioeconomic environment in which our civilization currently is, thereupon it starts to concentrate on the means of information reception, processing and storage at mankind's disposal. It then tackles the information overload problem itself and its proven consequences and then it describes methods that could be used to partly or fully eliminate information overload. Practical part is then based upon an in-depth semi-structured dialog though which a detailed information behaviour of the participants is analysed. Based on the information gathered, possible functional methods of elimination or partial reduction of information overload are proposed.
Hate speech - case study
Chržová, Michaela ; Slussareff, Michaela (advisor) ; Souček, Martin (referee)
(in English): This diploma thesis aims to find out whether there is a higher occurrence of vulgarity in discussions where users are anonymous than in non-anonymous discussions. The text of the thesis presents the concept of anonymity and the concept of hate speech and puts them in the context of the Internet environment and online discussions forums. The individual phenomena and their contexts are presented using selected relevant studies. The thesis also deals with the issue of the presence of a conflict topic in the discussions as a potential factor influencing their nature in the matter of civility and vulgarity. Then follows a practical part, which is based on an original research. This part starts with a description of methodology and the preparation of the survey, and then presents the results and their interpretation. The research analyzes a sample of 1,200 discussion comments divided into two groups anonymous and non-anonymous. These are comments on articles on news sites. The results then describe not only the effect of anonymity on the amount of vulgar and uncivil comments in discussion forums but also the influence of the presence of a conflict topic. The interpretation of results also includes a comparison with foreign research (Santana, 2014).
Analysis for the building of the institutional repository for the Czech University of Life Science in Prague
Bláha, Dominik ; Landová, Hana (advisor) ; Souček, Martin (referee)
The goal of the diploma thesis is to put forward a procedure for implementation of an institutional repository at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague with the aid of an analysis on the current situation of institutional repositories in Czechia. The analysed repositories are selected using OpenDOAR and ROAR registries. The first part of the thesis describes the software used to implement the institutional repositories in Czechia. In the next part tools, standards and certifications relevant for trustworthy institutional repositories such as DRAMBORA and PLATTER, standards ISO 16363 and ISO 14721 and the so called lesser certifications Data Seal of Approval and Nestor Seal of Trustworthy Digital Archives are described. Following part focuses on policies and operation of those analysed repositories. The last part of the thesis deals with a description of current practice on the Czech University of Life Sciences, the conducted quantitative analysis among the researchers of the university and the aforementioned procedure for implementation of an institutional repository using the tool PLATTER. The conclusion summarizes the issues of institutional repositories in Czechia.

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