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Prague as a crossroad of European opera in the mid 19th century with special regard to J. F. Kittl
Šochman, Martin ; Ottlová, Marta (advisor) ; Kachlík, Jan (referee) ; Kopecký, Jiří (referee)
One of the most fundamental changes of the European opera production of the so-called long 19th century - apart from the change of the music structure itself, opera dramaturgy (or poetics) and forming of stable repertoire among other things - was its internalization: it was no more Italian opera as the only international operatic idiom but various traditions were influencing each other, the most important being the French, German and Italian operatic traditions (apart from the Russian one). The core thesis of this work, as it is seen in its title, could be formulated as follows: Prague in the mid-19th century could be regarded as a crossroad of European opera, in other words a place where these operatic traditions were in play. It means two things: First, Prague opera repertoire became international (many French, German and Italian operas were performed here). Second, dramaturgy of poetics of these various genres was projected into works of home composers. Dramaturgical analysis of four chosen operas - three of them by Johann Friedrich Kittl (Bianca und Giuseppe oder Die Franzosen vor Nizza, Die Waldblume and Die Bilderstürmer) and one by Josef Dessauer (Lidwinna) - aims to document this second statement. To which extent a composer is led and determined by a given libretto could be seen at the case of...
Zdeněk Fibich: Moods, Impressions, and Souvenirs
Špilauer, Jiří ; Gabrielová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Kopecký, Jiří (referee) ; Ottlová, Marta (referee)
The dissertation deals with a complete cycle of piano pieces by Zdeněk Fibich called The Moods, Impressions and Reminiscences. The cycle has been largely presented in the literature as a `composer's love diary`, used to search for identical motifs across the composer's late work and understood in the context of programme music. The aim of the dissertation is to evaluate objectively this present majority view and to put a new view on it, to inform about the circumstances of the comprehensive complete edition of The Moods, Impressions and Reminiscences, to analyse the ensemble as a set of lyrical piano pieces with their specific purely musical features and to place the Fibich cycle into the context of the lyrical piano piece of the late 19th century. The work focuses mainly on musical- structural analysis based on grasping the form of compositions with the predominant way of thematic-motivational construction, observation and comparison of tonal fitting, dimension, prescribed times and searching for motivational, cyclic and other possible links. The results of the work enable us to view The Moods, Impressions and Reminiscences as a unique cycle of lyrical piano pieces from the end of the 19th century with their typical characteristics and key features of the musical kind and also show the unique...
Operetta "Polská krev" by Oskar Nedbal in Historical Context
Petrdlík, Jiří ; Gabrielová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Douša, Eduard (referee) ; Kopecký, Jiří (referee)
Oskar Nedbal patří mezi nejvýznamnější české hudební osobnosti konce 19. a počátku 20. století. Jeho přínos lze spatřovat nejen v oblasti interpretačního umění a hudebně organizačního úsilí, ale rovněž na poli skladatelském, především díky operetě Polská krev (Polenblut). Disertační práce se kromě nezbytného přehledu pramenů a literatury a nástinu života a díla Oskara Nedbala soustředí na otázku postavení operety Polská krev jak v rámci skladatelovy ostatní tvorby, tak i v širším kontextu vídeňské operety. Zároveň přináší doposud nepublikované informace o nedbalianech z depozitáře divadelního oddělení Národního muzea v Terezíně a ve světle průzkumu těchto pramenů se pokouší definovat základní atributy Nedbalova způsobu práce při kompozici operety Polská krev i dalších významných děl. Nedbalova vrcholná operetní tvorba je ukázkovým příkladem populární hudby vysoké umělecké úrovně, ve které se odráží skladatelův vysoce seriózní kompoziční přístup. Zejména opereta Polská krev dokumentuje Nedbalův záměr klást na tento žánr vyšší umělecký nárok, než jaký byl běžný zejména ve Vídni počátkem 20. století. Abstract: Oskar Nedbal is one of the most important Czech music personalities of the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th century. His contribution can be seen not only in the fields of interpretive art...
The Variations in B-flat Major of Zdeněk Fibich
Rudovský, Martin ; Ottlová, Marta (advisor) ; Kopecký, Jiří (referee)
The discovery of the autograph of Fibich's Variations in B-flat major for piano from 1877 not only extends the collection of known and completed compositions by Zdeněk Fibich, but they also present the single preserved concert variations for piano within his oeuvre. Thanks to the Variations, we can have a better insight into Fibich's compositional technique, for in 1883, he reworked them for a string quartet. Among other things, the comparative analysis reveals the latter work to be an unjustly neglected treasure. Also interesting is the fact that the origin of other significant sets of variations for piano by Bedřich Smetana, Antonín Dvořák and Leoš Janáček falls into the same period as Fibich's opus. Following the discovery in 2008 and the consequent study in Hudební věda ('Musicology') magazine, this thesis further focuses on the dedicatee, Prof. Josef Sallač (1849 - 1929), and reveals him as a prominent figure of the musical world, esp. in the 2nd half of the 19th century. This is one of the reasons why a search for Sallač's archive would be advisable, as it might contain valuable manuscripts. It was, after all, thanks to him that Fibich's Sonata in D major for violin and piano from 1875 was preserved. Powered by TCPDF (
Concert Melodramas of Zdeněk Fibich
Šustíková, Věra ; Gabrielová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Kopecký, Jiří (referee) ; Jakubcová, Alena (referee)
This work aims to explore a hitherto neglected set of issues concerning Czech concert melodrama which during its lengthy evolution, closely bound up with Czech literature and the development of a Czech recitation style, came to acquire characteristics of its own which distinguish it from German melodrama, with which it nevertheless shares common roots. The work gives a comprehensive account of source materials and commentaries on Czech concert melodrama and also of recent conclusions about the essential nature of melodrama as an artistic category (specifically a syncretic, equal fusion of music and the spoken word as well as the satisfactory artistic adaptation of musical forms to the genre of concert melodrama). The work is primarily concerned with the six concert melodramas by Zdeněk Fibich, which serve as a starting point for the subsequent evolution of Czech concert melodrama. Using multi-faceted analysis it defines their specific qualities and details within the context of the contemporary European and native Czech development of this particular genre. Klíčová slova: melodram - český koncertní melodram - Zdeněk Fibich. Key words: melodrama - Czech concert melodrama - Zdeněk Fibich.
Microscope and it´s use in engineering practice
Kopecký, Jiří ; Dostál, Lukáš (referee) ; Veselka, František (advisor)
This work deals with the use of the light microscope in industry and its use within the automatization of the diagnostic method specialized on electrical machines with a sliding contact. The method is called the dust particles method and it is used to determine the loss of the brushes used in the machines. The current method involves a manual evaluation of an acquired data, which demands additional tests and the evaluation itself is very difficult. The objective of this work is to simplify and accelerate the method using the computer analysis. First, the usage of the light microscope, through which the samples are obtained, is showed. The method uses these samples as the input. Then, the principles of the dust particles method are demonstrated and the image analysis using the MATLAB program follows. The guide to the image analysis with the elimination of rising defects using the MATLAB program is available. Then, the volume of the intercepted dust particles is calculated using the MATLAB program. The dust particles were obtained from the LFC 55h brush using the Arsenal LPT 1513 – T light microscope.
Platform .NET for Numerical Integration
Kopecký, Jiří ; Kunovský, Jiří (referee) ; Šátek, Václav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with numeric solution of ordinary first-order differential equations and their systems. The first part of this thesis contains description of selected one-step integration methods. The second part is devoted to a language intended for differential equation notation. This part at first describes the study of languages of MATLAB, Maple and TKSL/386 simulation systems. Later, based on this study it presents a design of a new language. The penultimate part of the thesis deals with design and implementation of a system intended for the calculation of systems of differential equations. In the final part is then shown usage of this system to solve exercises from the Circuits Theory domain.
Multiplatform Access for Databases Applications
Hromádková, Pavla ; Jaša, Petr (referee) ; Kopecký, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis deals with possibilities of accessing database systems from different devices. It contains analysis, concept and description of the following information system implementation with draft model Model-View-Controller. Concept of the system is made in UML language. The PHP programming language and MySQL relational database server were used during the progression of the system. User interface was implemented by HTML and WML technologies. Final look of the application was achieved by using CSS web technology. Technical report describes multilayer architecture and its advantages in the creation of the information system. It deals with MVC draft model, which is useful in the cases, where´s the need of the separation of the application look, its communication with database and application logic. The work oncemore describes analysis, concept and implementation of multiplatform application for the Drak travel agency. Systém could be currently accessed by handy or web browser. The application is easily extensible for the use in another platform.

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