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Intra-industry trade and human capital endowment: a case of EU-CEE trade
Zeng, Jiayi ; Semerák, Vilém (advisor) ; Merrino, Serena (referee) ; Jeřábek, Petr (referee)
To assess the effect of human capital endowment on intra-industry trade between CEE countries and the EU, this paper used trading data from 2000-2019 in the machinery sector between the Visegrad and Germany as the representative. Meanwhile, this paper used secondary and tertiary educational attainments separately as the proxy for human capital endowment and included other factors influencing intra-industry trade. Before the econometric regression, a descriptive statistical analysis was carried out, and we recognized that the intra-industry trade between the CEE countries and the EU is of vertical nature. According to regression results, we found that the domestic market size and the difference in economic mass had a positive relationship with the intra-industry trade of CEE countries. Similarly, the GDP per capita was positively correlated to intra-industry trade in this area. In addition, geographical distance and contiguity levied significant impacts on intra-industry trade of CEE countries. However, the effect of EU membership was nonsignificant in our sample. More importantly, secondary and tertiary educational attainments had opposite influences on intra- industry trade between CEE countries and the EU, which implies that although they have high educational attainments, the CEE countries...
Age of metamorphism and geodynamic evolution of Vepor Unit in the Central Western Carpathians
Rajmonová, Eliška ; Jeřábek, Petr (advisor) ; Peřestý, Vít (referee)
Western Carpathians are characteristic for their complicated geological structure and uncertain tectogenesis. To understand the context of geological structure and evolution it is important to date the rock units and compare the results with geochemical analysis. The dating can bring results of the age of rocks or of their specific minerals. And because the minerals do not grow at the same time in the rocks, it is possible to date the exact event, which is connected with the growth of an exact mineral and with that connected structure. With respect to the results of dating and observing it is possible to create a model of geological evolution in the locality and support the idea of an exact geological period. The subject of this research is the Vepor Unit in the Central Western Carpathians. The dated rocks (orthogneiss and quartzite) contain garnets that are a product of metamorphosis and for that reason, the garnets are younger than the protolith. This research aims to find the age of the garnets and the age of the associated metamorphosis using the Lu-Hf method. Based on some older articles the age of metamorphosis is assumed to be on the boundary of the Lower and Upper Cretaceous. The research is also focused on the chemical composition of garnets and the macroscopical structure of the rocks...
Physics of the H2O-weakening effect in deformation of quartz
Pongrac, Petar ; Jeřábek, Petr (advisor) ; Stipp, Michael (referee) ; Peč, Matěj (referee) ; Kronenberg, Andreas (referee)
In order to investigate the influence of H2O on relationships between mechanical behavior, microstructural properties, deformation mechanisms and H2O distribution in natural quartz aggregates, the Tana-quartzite samples were deformed with various quantities of added H2O. The samples were deformed in axial shortening setup (1) with constant conditions of 900 řC, 1 GPa and strain rate of ∼10−6 s−1 , (2) in strain rate stepping in interval ∼10−5 to ∼10−7 s−1 , and (3) in temperature stepping in interval 750 řC to 950 řC. The constant conditions experiments were carried out with added H2O in a range from 0 (as-is) to 0.5 wt%, while the strain rate and temperature stepping experiments were carried out using only as-is and 0.1 wt% H2O-added samples. With respect to their mechanical behavior, the samples after con- stant conditions experiments are grouped into low-H2O (0-0.2 wt% added H2O) and high-H2O (0.3-0.5 wt% added H2O). The low-H2O samples show relatively similar mechanical behavior, with 0.1 and 0.2 wt% H2O-added samples showing slightly lower strength compared to the as-is ones. Behavior of the high-H2O samples is more erratic and less systematic, dividing samples to the weaker ones and the stronger ones. Most of the strain in the weaker samples is localized in the vicinity of the thermocouple...
Research of the degree of internationalization and performance of emerging market enterprises - A case study of Polish enterprises
Li, Jiaqi ; Svoboda, Karel (advisor) ; Ramesh, Sangaralingam (referee) ; Jeřábek, Petr (referee)
This paper comprehensively reviews a large number of studies on enterprise internationalization in emerging markets, the relationship between enterprise internationalization and performance, and the internationalization of Polish enterprises. Based on the previous research results, the paper selects a three-stage model of the degree of internationalization of developed enterprises, and derives a three-stage model of internationalization of multinational companies in emerging markets. Then through an empirical case study of Polish multinational enterprises, analyzes the regression results, makes the conclusions and some relevant policy recommendations.
Analyzing the link between Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and sovereign bond spreads: an empirical analysis of CEE countries
Guan, Yanqi ; Baxa, Jaromír (advisor) ; Merrino, Serena (referee) ; Jeřábek, Petr (referee)
This study investigates the effects of a country's environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance on sovereign bond spreads in CEE countries. We used both the sovereign bond spreads vis-à-vis the U.S. and bond spreads vis-à-vis Germany. We employed a dynamic panel generalized method of moments model, based on a sample of 10 CEE countries from 2009 to 2018. The analysis reveals that overall, better ESG performance is associated with lower sovereign bond spreads. When looking at bond spreads vis-à-vis the U.S., all three sub-dimensions of ESG are found to have significant negative impacts on sovereign bond spreads. When using bond spreads vis-à-vis Germany, only environmental and governance sides show significant effects. In addition, the results suggest that environmental side has more pronounced economic impacts on sovereign bond spreads than the other two sides in CEE countries.
Optimization of a loop-mediated isothermal amplification method for testing Streptococcus pneumoniae infection
Friček, Matúš ; Jeřábek, Petr (advisor) ; Dračínská, Helena (referee)
Streptococcus pneumoniae is grampositive pathogen bacteria. According to World Health Organisation, diseases like pnemoniae or meningitidis are most commonly caused by S. pneumoniae infection. Gold standard for pathogen detection is currently polymerase chain reaction based on specific DNA amplification. During the last decades, many DNA amplification methods have been developed. One of them is loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP). Thanks to low instrumental requirements and simple interpretation, this method should be appropriate alternative for pathogen detection. Putting LAMP into clinical practise is complicated mainly because of common false positive results occurance in non DNA containing samples. Based on that, one of the aims of the thesis was to identificate and eliminate main sources of DNA contamination. According to the results, the main source of contamination seems to be the products from previous reactions. Nowdays, lytA and piaB genes are the most commonly used as targets for PCR detecion of S. pneumoniae. In available publications, there is not any mention about targetting LAMP method at piaB gene for detection of S. pneumoniae. That is why the aim of this bachelor thesis was to design optimal LAMP "primers" set for piaB gene detection. Within the optimization of the...
Analysis of the Pattern of US FDI Inflow into CEE region and a Study of the Impact of US FDI on the Private Consumption Expenditure of Czech Republic
John, Erin ; Jeřábek, Petr (advisor) ; Svoboda, Karel (referee) ; Figueira, Filipa (referee)
The study presented has a dual objective. The first one being to analyse the pattern of inflow of FDI from The United States into the CEE region for a period of thirty years (1990 - 2020). The countries from the CEE region that is studied here are Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland , Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia. The second objective of the study is to understand the impact US FDI inflow has on the Private Consumption Expenditure of Czech Republic for the same time period. I gathered data on twelve macroeconomic variables of the CEE region in the past thirty years. In order to study the pattern of the FDI inflow, the factors that attracted the huge amount of FDI has been taken as the primary material. Analysis has been conducted individually on each factor that possibly is an FDI attractor. The first objective is concluded with a Panel Data regression analysis of all the factors that influenced the FDI inflow from US to the CEE region over the past thirty years. The results of the analysis reveal that in the case of the US FDI inflow to the CEE region , it can be mirrored in the Universal Model of Factors Determining FDI. In order to fulfil the second objective, a Time-series regression analysis is conducted between the Private Consumption Expenditure and the...
Customers'preference in chooising of an accomodation
Jeřábek, Petr ; Navrátilová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Šánová, Petra (referee)
Abstract: Title: Customers' preference in choosing of an accommodation Point of thesis: To reach by the help of questionnaire investigation customer's preferences of potential clients while choosing of an accommodation. Propose suggestions for entrepreneurial subjects in presented sphere of business. Method: Descriptive analysis, observation, questionnaire investigation Results: Records indicate preferences of potential domestic clients of accommodation facilities. Records will lead to suggestions for entrepreneurial subjects in sphere of accommodating services and travelling. Key words: Travelling, hotel, marketing, services, advertisement, accommodation
Position of Saxonian granulite within the frame of European Variscides
Ramešová, Olga ; Jeřábek, Petr (advisor) ; Racek, Martin (referee)
The Saxonian Granulite Massif (the type granulite locality) is situated in the northwestern part of Bohemian Massif. It is an antiform with dome structure, which came to the surface from below SaxoThuringian Paleozoic units. It consits of high-pressure "Granulite core" with felsic and mafic granulites, which are surrounded by tectonic cover called "Schist mantle" of low-grade upper- crustal rocks. Massif is penetrated by several granite bodies. The Core and Mantle are separated by shear zone with a thickness of about 2 km. Geochronological dating of complex exhumation gives ages of about 340 Ma. The whole complex is affected by system of foliation and lineations. Massif was deeply buried, extremely heated and then exhumed with high exhumation rates during post collision extensional phase of the Variscan Orogeny.

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