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The relationship between financial access and growth of SMEs in emerging markets
Zhao, Lulu ; Svoboda, Karel (advisor) ; Korosteleva, Julia (referee) ; Cibulková, Petra (referee)
By using the cross-sectional data from the World Bank Enterprise Survey, this dissertation selects a sample of over 3000 firms from 16 Central and Eastern European countries during the 2008 financial crisis, to assess (1) How effective priori classifications are to identify financially constrained and unconstrained firms in times of economic recession (2) What the main robust determinants are at the firm and country-level that affect SMEs' degree of financing obstacles (3) What experiences and lessons we can learn from 2008 crisis to combat with 2020 and future emerging recession. Our evidence indicates that during the economic crisis happened in 2008, size, industry, ownership and EU dummy are useful priori classifications while distinguishing firms' different degree to financing troubles, although some of other priori classifications appeared on other literature are ineffective. Smaller firms, foreign-owned and firms in manufacturing are more likely to report the financing trouble and have less access to formal sources of finance. However, government-owned firms and firms with adequate educated workers are less likely to be financially constraint. The result confirms that economic freedom, financial market and trade integration all have a significant relationship with SMEs' access to finance. For...
A Study of the Trade Effects of China's Direct Investment in Central and Eastern European Countries
Wang, Yuehan ; Cahlík, Tomáš (advisor) ; Figueira, Filipa (referee) ; Svoboda, Karel (referee)
This paper aims to explore the relationship between China's investment in Central and Eastern European countries (CEECs) and China-CEECs trade. Since the 1950s, the research on the relationship between foreign direct investment (FDI) and foreign trade has become one of the topics of theoretical and empirical analysis. Many scholars have conducted extensive studies on the relationship between FDI and trade from different perspectives and theoretical and empirical perspectives. Under the background of "the Belt and Road", the CEECs, as important trading partners in this strategy, have gradually expanded their trade with China. This paper explores the current situation and characteristics of China's direct investment and trade with the CEECs from the perspective of the relationship between FDI and foreign trade. The development of China's direct investment and trade with the CEECs is explored from the perspectives of total volume, country, and products by qualitative analysis. Meanwhile, the trade gravity model is established to empirically analyze the influence of China's direct investment in the CEECs on China-CEECs trade scale from the three aspects of total trade volume, export, and import. The results show that China's direct investment in the CEECs has a long-term positive effect on the scale of...
Mobilization strategies of the non-systemic right-wing movements in Russia
Beránková, Tereza ; Svoboda, Karel (advisor) ; Kolenovská, Daniela (referee)
The thesis explores the mobilization strategy of the non-systemic far right in Russia. The study focuses on two aspects of this phenomenon. First, it examines the mobilization strategy and second, it analyses its impact on the success of the far right's political demands. The thesis applies the theoretical concept of social movement and the classification of collective action by Sidney Tarrow. Mobilization is a complex issue that cannot be researched as an isolated event. For this reason, the thesis also focuses on the determinants that precede such mobilization and that, simultaneously,affect its form and strength. The thesis concludes that the most effective mobilization strategy is to concentrate on organizing disruptive and episodic actions in which the condition of the presence of an inter-ethnic conflict must be met. Among the typical features of such disruptive and episodic collective actions, the following can be listed: a requirement for displacement of the non-Russian population from the conflict area, the formation of local security and political strutures, and effective work with disinformation and media in general. Finally, the thesis determines that the mobilization strategy was more impactful on the regional level where the far right was more successful in pressing its demands. At...
US, Russian and Chinese Arctic Policy as precursors for their foreign policy
Burda, Leonardo ; Svoboda, Karel (advisor) ; Šír, Jan (referee)
Leonardo Burda Thesis Abstract Warming waters in the High North return the Arctic Circle to the forefront of the world's geopolitical chessboard. Reports of ice-free waters in the Northwest Passage, coupled with a resurgence in interest from arctic and near arctic nations displays the returning geostrategic, economic and political value of firm Arctic policy. This thesis will articulate that the Arctic Policy of Russia, China and the US shows scalable potentiality into the nation's general Foreign Policy model. Through the analysis of the previously stated nation's policies, this study aims to determine how Arctic nations can aptly respond to changes in international arctic and foreign policy. Building on published papers, studies and geostrategic conclusions, it asks: What arctic policy decisions have Russia, China and The USA made within the last decade? To what extent can these nation's arctic policies be exported to their general foreign policy? In this context, Arctic Policy and Foreign Policy decisions are determined by actions taken internationally and within the Arctic during a fixed period. The conclusion of this study articulates the general importance of keeping a close eye to nation's actions within and towards the Arctic as their operations within the Arctic Community often do reflect their...
Determinants of Individual Support for European Integration: The Case of Ukraine
Kovalska, Olha ; Noferini, Andrea (advisor) ; Svoboda, Karel (referee)
This paper investigates micro determinants of public support for EU integration in Ukraine as one of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries. Drawing from the vast literature focused on the post- communist Central and Eastern European states of the fifth EU enlargement, this study tests both utilitarian and value-based hypotheses of support. Giving a strong pro-EU orientation of Ukrainians and strengthening EU-Ukraine links amid the country's complicated security situation, Ukraine can serve as a 'hard test' for checking the validity of predictors. As there is little systematic research on individual determinants of support for the EU in the EaP countries, in this paper I use data from an original survey conducted among Ukrainian youth as a case study for investigation. The results show that adherence to democratic values and personal exposure to the West are strong predictors of pro-EU attitudes. Linguistic divisions tangible in Ukraine's society before Crimea's annexation in 2014 were found to have a low salience among Ukrainian youth, yet regional background is still a significant determinant for differing opinions on the EU integration. Powered by TCPDF (
The importance of Nord Stream project in context of hybrid war between Russia and Ukraine
Martinek, Igor ; Šír, Jan (advisor) ; Svoboda, Karel (referee)
v anglickém jazyce The bachelor's thesis deals with the construction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, which can be described as an important part of the energy tool of the hybrid war between Russia and Ukraine. This project, which aims to connect Russia with Germany, has sparked a wide- ranging debate on energy security in Europe. We can assume that Nord Stream is not only an economic project that should reduce the cost of natural gas transit and diversify existing routes, but also a political project that may have the effect of changing the mutual position of Russia and Ukraine. Russia has used natural gas several times to pursue its political goals, and in the context of the hybrid war between Russia and Ukraine, the pipeline can bring Russia a number of benefits. The work is based on historical cases of the use of natural gas for political purposes before and after the beginning of the hybrid war between these countries. The work outlined both the aggression by Russia and the current security situation in Ukraine.
Taming Russian oligarchs:the case of Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Yukos
Matoušek, David ; Šír, Jan (advisor) ; Svoboda, Karel (referee)
The Russian oil industry has long been one of the most important and valuable oil markets in the world. During the Soviet era, the oil industry was subject to strict state control, but the privatization of industry in the 1990s after the collapse of the Soviet Union led the industrial companies to be handed over to several businessmen who later became Russian oligarchs. In my work I examine the rise and fall of the most prominent member of the early group of oligarchs - Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Growth in EU Countries: Role of Institutional Mechanisms
Ting, Ka Yee ; Young, Mitchell (advisor) ; Bruno, Randolph Luca (referee) ; Svoboda, Karel (referee)
In the past three decades, there is a growing trend of conducting fiscal decentralization in both transition countries and developed countries. The primary reason for this interest is the theoretical prediction that fiscal decentralization could promote economic development through enhancing or improving the efficiency of the public sector. Despite general acceptance of the contribution of fiscal decentralization to economic growth in theoretical literature, none of the previous fiscal decentralization studies have been successfully verified the growth effect of fiscal decentralization. Moreover, a majority of the empirical research analyzes the relationship without taking institutional factors into consideration, which may result in a biased conclusion. Utilizing fixed effects panel data regression models, this thesis is dedicated to examining the impact of fiscal decentralization on economic growth across 27 EU countries over the period 1995-2015. It first analyzes how the effect of fiscal decentralization on economic growth could differ in Western European (WE) and Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries. Then, it examines the complementarity between fiscal decentralization and well-established institutional mechanism in enhancing economic growth in these two groups of EU countries by...
Public Choice Theory and the Russian Food Ban
Savory, Oliver ; Svoboda, Karel (advisor) ; Figueira, Filipa (referee) ; Šír, Jan (referee)
In this thesis I look at economic statecraft and try to examine why sanctions continue when they are failing, and why countries continue to use them despite debatable claims for success. For example, Hufbauer et. al.'s 2009 analysis shows sanctions only work 34% of the time, Pape (1997) estimates only 5%. Despite this economic statecraft is having a resurgence under the name "geoeconomics". This thesis builds off Kaempfer and Lowenberg's 1988 "Public Choice" theory of international economic sanctions. It hypothesises that in certain cases the domestic interests will be the primary goal of sanctions and therefore should be the primary focus of judging the success or failure of sanctions. Russia's 2014 food import ban is analysed to show that, despite failure to achieve any international goals, it is being successful at achieving the domestic goal of supporting Russian agriculture. The implications being that all current quantitative analysis of economic sanctions have potentially incorrectly measured sanctions as failures by not measuring them against the actual goals of the policies. Further research into this area to establish just how often sanctions are used primarily for domestic reasons, but even sanctions where domestic goals are only of secondary importance, their existence still needs to be...

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