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Nemoci telat dojeného skotu v období mléčné výživy
Jandová, Jana
The bachelor thesis "Diseases of calves of milking cattle in the period of dairy nutrition" provides an overview of the most common diseases of calves from birth to weaning. The predisposition to the disease and the viability of calves are influenced by several factors. The most important are nutrition and morphological and functional development of the whole digestive tract. The first part of the thesis describes the physiology of forestomach of calves in the period of milk nutrition. The following chapter describes the principles of calf nutrition in the aforementioned period, focusing on the colostrum period when the calf gets passive immunity. The third chapter is an overview of the most common diseases of calves, which are the most burdening to the economy of breeding. The conclusion of the thesis is focused on the prevention of the aforementioned diseases, which begins with the care of the mother, continues with the delivery and subsequent care of the calf.
Strategies in Women at Managerial Positions Leading to Harmonization of Family Life and Career
Jandová, Jana ; Höschlová, Eva (referee)
The rigorosum thesis deals with strategies in women at managerial positions leading to harmonization of family life and career. Background is drawn from the area of psychology of work and organization in theoretical part and from personal experiences of manager women in empirical part. The thesis analyzes the meaning of work in nowdays society, its changes and raising work demands in each individual. Next there are underlined themes of woman in management and social expectations from woman. Strategies which enable practically harmonise care of family and working at leading position were investigated in women with help of mixed methods design with usage of semistructured interview and questionaire. The sample consist of 19 managers working in certain organization. The focus was on offered, missing and requested arrangements in female managers. Furthermore the thesis focused on source of support or obstacles within process of harmonization of family and work. Results are discussed in conclusion. Keywords career, woman, management, harmonization of work and family life, leadership, children
Ethical aspects of employing social networks in the recruitment process
Jandová, Jana ; Dvořáková, Miroslava (advisor) ; Gruber, Jan (referee)
This thesis deals with ethical aspects of employing social networks in personnel management. Selected social networks with their benefits and limits in this field are presented. It is focused on the recruitment and selection processes from the ethical point of view and possible risks of using social networks. The thesis is based on previous findings mostly from foreign scientific sources. The attitude of human resources specialists to using social networks in the recruitment process is discussed. In a qualitative survey, the attitude of human resources specialists from organizations and from recruitment companies is compared to find out possible differences.
Major dietary mistakes in patients with severe arterial hypertension
Jandová, Jana ; Petrák, Ondřej (advisor) ; Krátká, Zuzana (referee)
My bachelor's thesis was focused on the main mistakes in dietary habits in patients with severe form of arterial hypertension. Theory defines concept of arterial hypertension, summarizes the risk factors of arterial hypertension, epidemiology and treatment. The last part of my work was focused on the most important findings in dietology, which are crucially important in treatment of arterial hypertension. Practical part of my work was based on anonymous questionnaire survey. Questionnaire includes questions on lifestyle and eating habits of patients with severe arterial hypertension. The aim of the study was determine whether patients follow recomended dietary intervention and the most common diet mistakes of patients. We have included 55 patients, predominantly males, mean age 52 ± 13 years and BMI 32 ± 5 kg/m2 . The diet regime was often irregular with frequent absence of breakfast. Intake of fruits, vegetables and fish was insufficient. In the composition of the diet frequently occurring adverse sausages, butter, fatty cheese and cream products. Also we have found inappropriately high intake of sugary beverages and food, whether in the form of pastries or sweets. Study has also shown that observed patients rarely engage in physical activities. In conclusion, study shows which dietary mistakes...
Graphology and its possibilities of using in the sphere of personnel management
Jandová, Jana ; Šnýdrová, Ivana (advisor) ; Beneš, Milan (referee)
This thesis deals with graphology and its possible use in personnel management. Its aim is to handle this projective method from both theoretical and practical points of view - both to define graphology and explain related terms, and to consider the possible practical contribution of this method to HR. In this thesis, the tasks of a graphologist are introduced, as well as the nature and way of his or her work with handwriting. Global impression signs, measuring signs and description signs are also mentioned as means of interpretation and graphological analysis. Attention is also paid to the formation of individual handwriting, which is greatly influenced by school handwriting models. In this connection, the thesis also handles the newly coined Comenia Script handwriting model. Another topic of interest are graphological expert opinions being closely connected with ethical principles of graphology. The final part is devoted to the practical use of graphology as a method of recruiting workers in personnel management. This thesis is to provide a basic overview of graphology and principles of work with handwriting. Some knowledge in this field can be of use for personnel managers, recruitment consultants, educational consultants, psychologists, andragogists or all those interested in this discipline....

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