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Porovnání kvality siláží známých a méně známých druhů jetelovin
Vlček, Martin
The diploma thesis is focused on comparison of the quality of forage and silage from known (Medicago sativa L., Trifolium pretense L.) and lesser known (Trigonella foenum-graceum L., Trifolium alexandrinum L.) legumes. Evaluated factors were orga-nic nutrients (crude protein, crude fiber, acidodetergent fiber and neutrodetergent fiber), aqueos extract quality (pH, amonia, etanol, organic acids and acidity of aqueous extract). Expereimental silages were made in free treatmenst (without treatment, biological treatment and chemical preservative). Crude protein kontent was camparable between varieties. The highest content (P<0,05) of crude fiber was for Holyna variety (36,3 %), while the lowest content (P<0,05) of crude fiber was for Hanka variety (21,1 %). The use of preservatives affected the values of organic nutrients in the silage of the evaluated legumes. No butyric acid was found in silage treated by chemical preservative. The highest acidity value of the aqueous extract was for Spurt variety silage (1085,5 mg∙100 g-1 KOH). The use of preservatives has reduced the acidity of the aqueous extract.
Vlček, Martin ; HAVLÍČKOVÁ, Šárka (advisor) ; SCHMELZOVÁ, Radoslava (referee)
Since its origin scenography has been situated among two arts (the visual art and the performing art). Also the visual art itself has been since the 60's of the 20th century in a similar position: experiences of living through as a part of installation (environment since 50's) or focusing more on the action itself (happening, event, performance). In my thesis I mention such examples, when both of these creative worlds cross each other on borders. The themes memory and place included in their works may consist at least of one of these two main levels: 1.) art work with place and its specifics 2.) art work established on personal stories or sharing the experience The most important for me are phenomenon of authenticity and personal experience, (co)fealing and contextuality of the place. The buildings and installations become scenes and scenographies at the same time. The happenings, events, performances become the story. But these art approaches are just shortly mentioned in my thesis, working more like roots, context with the past in contemporary works. I prefer projects intensively close to life to the artificial works. Whether it is about high experience level continuing to the intimate dialogue or sharing the big stories, memory and places, it is done in the context of time-based media, mental maps, site specific, memory, space/site, path, memories and someone who reads (in) it and (re)interpretates that. In my author diploma art project I work with a phenomenon of Being on a visit. Which are the differences and when does it come to coherence among the two key moments — being (still) on a visit and to (already) feel like at home? I´m searching for way how to reflect the place/site, using memory not only of that place/site, but also of the people who knew it — and transforming their interpretations from different personal stories or deformations of the reality (propaganda, idealisation). I focus to make a new environment/landscape, transported to another context. In my art work I am trying to use almost all tools for portraiting the reality. Painting, photography, video, installation, sound, environment, drawing, projection, text, food, performance, dance, ritual and me as the main creator of the dialogue with the visitors.
Ekonomika výroby siláží ze zavadlé píce
Vlček, Martin
Forage from grass and clover-grass leys is suitable for the production of silages from wilted forage. Silages from wilted forage are frequently used as bulk feed for ruminants. The aim of this thesis was to evaluate the cost of production of silages from wilted forage using various silage and storage technologies. For the purpose of comparison actual data from two model enterprises for the years 2014 and 2015 has been used. This work discusses the costs of production of silage from wilted forage, and other factors affecting the economy of production, ie. the composition of the pasture and its quality, losses, regeneration of cover, additives and the technology of production. The conclusion of the thesis summarizes the facts established and the procedures recommended by the experts.
Establishing optimal indications for distal radius fractures, based on fracture type, and comparison of the outcomes of clinical evaluation with mathematical modeling
Vlček, Martin ; Landor, Ivan (advisor) ; Džupa, Valér (referee) ; Koudela, Karel (referee)
Distal radius fractures are the most common types of break to the arm bones. Conservative treatment in unstable fracture types cannot guarantee healing of the bones in a correct anatomical position. Locking plate osteosynthesis is at present regarded as the method of choice in surgical treatment of all types of distal radius fractures. An issue to be solved concerns the role for intramedullary implants in these indications. The aim of our study was to find the optimal indication for each of the osteosynthesis method currently used in distal radius fractures. We evaluated the one-year results of treatment for distal radius fractures. The group evaluated comprised 49 conservatively treated fractures, 78 fractures treated by angle-stable locking plates with either rigiddirection or multidirectional screws and 35 fractures in which Targon DR intramedullary nails or X-screws were used. Some radiographic parameters were better in the patients treated by intramedullary osteosynthesis, while some of the functional outcomes were better in the fractures treated by plate osteosynthesis although this method was indicated in patients with significantly more complicated fractures. A mathematical model was used to simulate distal radius fractures, type C1 and type C2. The stability of both locking plate and intramedullary...
The body and landscape
Vlček, Martin ; Czumalo, Vladimír (advisor) ; Vaculíková, Michaela (referee)
The Body as a subject and object is the way and possibility how to be in a landscape which does not tell how to touch it, how to move within it, live and die. However, we could find and see which particular behaviour is preferred to others. The landscape is a vertically and horizontally widespread area and a platform for potential range of body activities. Thirdly it is also a material, body, changing in time. We would focus on the moment when the body is trying to fuse into the landscape. So similar, so different, they are. The way how to achieve it for a human body would be a task to live it through, personally, as first shown as Symbiosis, on some examples from visual arts (performance, and site-specific usage of the place potential). In the Second part we would consider understanding the landscape (world) through the narratives with metamorphoses, when both entities are carnal and the same (Synonymical: body as a landscape, landscape as a body). The last Part (Synthesis) concentrates on the arts, rituals, philosophy and other modes of the "life view" in the context of crossing borders and immersion of real and the "different" (in a way virtual) world. Keywords: Body, landscape, arts, mythology, philosophy
The path of the spiritual childhood in the writings by Saint Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer
Vlček, Martin ; Kohut, Pavel Vojtěch (advisor) ; Pelc, Bogdan (referee)
The way of the spiritual childhood in the writings by Saint Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer After a biography of Saint Josemaría Escrivá follows description of his writings. The main point of the work is the analysis of the divin filiation and the spiritual childhood in the books of Saint Josemaría Escrivá. Last short chapter speaks about common elements of the way of the spiritual childhood by Saint Josemaría Escrivá and Saint Teresa of Lisieux. The keywords: spiritual childhood divin filiation josemaria escriva opus dei way
Optimizing of Virtualization Environment
Vlček, Martin ; Musil, Martin (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the optimization of VMware virtualization tools needed especially for manual software testing at AVG Technologies CZ. It analyzes the current state of their application and compares the productivity and benefits optimized version. In conclusion evaluates the benefits of this solution for the company.
Vlček, Martin ; Chládek, Pavel (referee) ; Pelčák, Petr (advisor)
Draft gallery building on the corner street of Milady Horakove and Koliste in Brno.

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