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Draft of educational materials for the subject basics of radiopharmacy for higher vocational medical schools with certified pharmaceutical assistant study program
Novák, Pavel ; Hanušová, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Váchová, Alena (referee)
The thesis addresses the topic of nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy, focusing on creating suitable educational materials in this field for the "Certified Pharmaceutical Assistant" study program. The theoretical part includes a description of the pharmaceutical assistant's role and basic information about nuclear medicine. These insights lead into the key chapter of this work, namely radiopharmacy and the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals. The empirical part of the thesis consists of two questionnaire surveys. The first section of the empirical part consists of a questionnaire aimed at teachers who teach subjects focused on radiopharmacy for the "Certified Pharmaceutical Assistant" study program. The second section of the empirical part consists of a questionnaire among students in their final year of the mentioned program. Both questionnaires aim to gather information on the pedagogical reality of subjects focused on radiopharmacy and simultaneously collect suggestions for improving teaching for future students. It was found that only 28,6 % of the surveyed teachers use teaching methods other than just frontal teaching. Furthermore, it was discovered that none of the 56 surveyed students plan to work in a radiopharmaceutical preparation laboratory. Based on these findings, 13 educational...
Estimation ff the Global Root Mean Square Error of Geoid Height Calculated by Integral Transforms
Belinger, Jiří ; Pitoňák, Martin ; Trnka, Petr ; Novák, Pavel ; Šprlák, Michal
Integral transformations of the gravitational field gradients are defined over the entire solid angle on the surface of the sphere. Despite the indisputable progress in satellite gravimetry and gradiometry, gravity field focused satellite missions allow accurate determination of the gravity field with a spatial resolution of 100 km, i.e. only in its long-wavelength part. However, there is also a need for high-resolution gravity field models at regional, national or continental scales, especially concerning the determination of the quasi-geoid or geoid. On the other hand, potential weakness of ground-based data is the long-wavelength gravity field accuracy and limited availability due to several constraints (e.g. deserts, lakes and large rivers, forests, or lack of goodwill between neighboring countries to share sensitive data). The ideal scenario combines ground and satellite data that complement each other. In this paper, relations defining the estimation of the global root mean square errors of geoid heights using integral transformations will be derived and presented. For practical calculation, knowledge about the accuracy of measured terrestrial data and formal errors of global satellite models of the Earth's gravity field will be utilized.
A New Software For the Calculation of Far–Zone Effects For Spherical Integral
Trnka, Petr ; Pitoňák, Martin ; Belinger, Jiří ; Novák, Pavel ; Šprlák, Michal
Integral transformations are a useful mathematical apparatus for modelling the gravitational field. They represent the mathematical basis for the formulation of integral estimators of gravity field values, including error propagation. One of the basic assumptions of integral transformations is global data coverage. However, the availability of ground measurements is frequently limited. In practice, the global integral is divided into two complementary regions, namely the near and far zones. Non-negligible systematic effects of data in the far zone require accurate evaluation. For this purpose, a new software library is being created in the MATLAB environment to calculate far-zone effects in integral transformations for gravitational potential gradients up to the third order.
GPS data usability in mobile robot navigation problem
Novák, Pavel ; Věchet, Stanislav (referee) ; Krejsa, Jiří (advisor)
This work is focused on problems of the GPS/DGPS receiver precision used by mobile robot for navigation in outdoor environment. The first part deals with theoretical analysis of GPS, description of it´s functions, errors and their influence on measurements accuracy. Second part deals with practical measurements performed at two locations with different types of obstacles restricting the view to the sky and using the refining methods of measuring the DGPS or so-called differential GPS. The last part of study presents the measured results and its analysis.
Investment Decisions
Novák, Pavel ; Šildberger, Pavel (referee) ; Čižinská, Romana (advisor)
The point of my bachelor thesis on the topic "Investment Decisions" is an economic evaluation of the planned investment project of the company DEROS Inc. as to purchase an automated brazing line. The theoretical part of work is focused on investment issues in general, its planning and financing. A characterization of fundamental quantities and methods used for assessment of efficiency are parts of it. Practical part includes the economic assessment of a particular investment project using the knowledge of the theoretical part.
Weather Station with Ethernet Interface
Novák, Pavel ; Šimek, Václav (referee) ; Bartoš, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis deals with the design and construction of the meteorological station. The meteorological station is designed and constructed to be able to measure the basic meteorological parameters (temperature, humidity, air pressure) and the other three variables (measuring rainfall, wind speed, wind direction). This thesis will introduce you to meteorology. Meteorology determines the daily weather forecast and the results are used for examples in aviation or maritime affairs. The method of atmospheric origin is given in the theoretical part. Meteorology must use measuring instruments to determine quantities. The dissertation also includes analysis of the measuring instruments. The meteorological station uses the Ethernet technology. In the chapter devoted to Ethernet are described its principles, types and method of power supply over Ethernet. The following section describes the design of the entire meteorological station, selection of all components and description of their connection. The chapter about implementation contains a description of the parts which forms program part of the meteorological station. The aim of the thesis is a summary of the achieved results including price comparison of the renovated meteorological station with other meteorological stations, which can be normally bought.
Evaluation of the Financial Situation of a Company and Proposals for Improvements
Svoboda, Karel ; Novák, Pavel (referee) ; Poláček, Tomáš (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with a financial analysis of the Svoboda and son s.r.o. company which is elaborated on the company´s financial statements of 2013-2019 period. In the theoretical part the methods, indicators and systems of the financial analysis indicators are worked. These indicators are subsequently used in the analytical part, where the results are analysed and compated with those of competetive companies. On the basis of the analysis results, methods of solution are proposed to improve the present state of the company.
Development of cell sorter system using optical tweezers and microfluid chips
Novák, Pavel ; Šerý,, Mojmír (referee) ; Zemánek,, Pavel (advisor)
In this master thesis I have been dealt with the design and construction of an instrumental platform that used positioning focused laser beam (so-called optical tweezers) for manipulation with living cells without their damage.
Scintillation and Ionization SE Detector for VP SEM
Novák, Pavel ; Špinka, Jiří (referee) ; Jirák, Josef (advisor)
Submitted work deals with problems of environmental scanning electron microscopy (EREM) and used detectors of secondary electrons.
Optimization of the process of corrective and preventive actions management
Novák, Pavel ; Ing. et Ing. Radek Dryšl, MSc., MBA (referee) ; Videcká, Zdeňka (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with the optimization of the process of corrective and preventive actions management in OTIS Escalators s.r.o. under ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2005 and OHSAS 18001:1999 standards. Standards mentioned above are used to describe analyse of the process, which leads to several steps for successful optimization of the process.

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