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Detection of Malicious Network Traffic Behavior Using JA3 Fingerprints
Novák, Pavel ; Oujezský, Václav
This paper presents a novel approach for classifying spoof network traffic based on JA3 fingerprint clustering. In particular, it concerns the detection of so-called zero-day malware. The proposed method does not work with known JA3 hashes. However, it compares the JA3 fingerprint of captured traffic with JA3 fingerprints of traffic with predefined criteria, such as the use of current cipher suites or protocol, for classification.
University Students' Experience with Postcoital Contraception
Novák, Pavel ; Hanušová, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Váchová, Alena (referee)
The subject of this Bachelor's thesis is the topic of postcoital contraception with a focus on experience of female students of a university with usage of postcoital contraception. The theoretical part contains a description of female anatomy, describes the properties of the female hormonal system and individual physiological processes in the female body. Furthermore, a summary of possible contraceptive methods is created, which results in the key chapter of this work, ie. a decription of individual postcoital contraceptive methods with a focus on hormonal substances which are available in the Czech Republic. The practical part of bachelor's thesis consists of two questionnaire surveys. The first section of the practical part consists of a questionnaire focused on female students of the Faculty of Education, Charles University. It aims to obtain information of these women with different methods of planned parenthood. Furthermore, the emphasis is on postcoital contraception and the experience of the respondees with this emergency method. The data obtained show that 40 % of these women have experience with postcoital contraception and in the vast majority have experienced at least one side effect. The second section of the practical part is focused on pharmacies in the Czech Republic. This...
Forward and Inverse Modeling of Planetary Gravity and Topography
Pauer, Martin ; Čadek, Ondřej (advisor) ; Martinec, Zdeněk (referee) ; Novák, Pavel (referee)
Title: Forward and Inverse Modeling of Planetary Gravity and Topography Author: Martin Pauer Department/Institute: Department of Geophysics MFF UK Supervisor of the doctoral thesis: Doc. RNDr. Ondřej Čadek, CSc., Department of Geophysics MFF UK Abstract: The aim of this work was to investigate various mechanisms compensating the observed planetary topography - crustal isostasy, elastic support and dynamic support caused by mantle flow. The investigated models were applied to three different planetary problems. Firstly we applied dynamic compensation model to explain today large-scale gravity and topography fields of Venus and investigate its mantle viscosity structure. The results seem to support not only models with constant viscosity structure but also a model with a stiff lithosphere and a gradual increase of viscosity toward a core. In the second paper several crust compensation models were employed to estimate the density of the Martian southern highlands crust. Since the used methods depends differently on crustal density changes, we were able to provide some constraints on the maximum density of the studied region. In the third application, the strength of a possible ocean floor gravity signal of Jupiter's moon Europa was studied. It turned out that if the long wavelength topography reaches height at...
The Beuron School and Liturgy
Novák, Pavel ; Kotas, Jan (advisor) ; Opatrný, Aleš (referee)
Subject of my work is the Beuronese art and its relation to the liturgy. The first part concerns generally the beuronese confederation, its foundation, historical development and expansion. The piece draws the creation and the basic solutions of the confederation, coming of the Beuron Art School as an individual style, and presents the most important beuronese performers. The study also surveys the main works of the Beuron Art School and evaluates the School's influence on the main art streams of the period. The work then tries to describe and clarify the relationship between the beuronese conception of sacral art and liturgy using examples of the two most important Prague beuronese monasteries. For this purpose it analyses so called beuronese "Gesamtkunstwerk", using knowledge of the Christian iconography.
Study of Cobaltites and Manganites by NMR and EXAFS
Procházka, Vít ; Štěpánková, Helena (advisor) ; Novák, Pavel (referee) ; Figiel, Henryk (referee)
This Thesis is devoted to a study of physical properties of manganites and cobaltites with perovskite structure. Combination of macroscopic (magnetization measurements and X-ray powder diraction) and microscopic (NMR and EXAFS) methods was applied in order to get a complex and detailed view on the charge and magnetic ordering of transition metals ions in the LaMn1xCoxO3 solid solutions. The Thesis presents new results which were published in international journals. The main result is the determination of details of Mn and Co local environments and the spin arrangement of their individual oxidation states in the ferrimagnetic structure of the compounds studied.
Low-field excitations in magnetite
Švindrych, Zdeněk ; Janů, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Novák, Pavel (referee) ; Svoboda, Pavel (referee)
We have performed detailed measurements of magnetic and dielectric properties of high quality magnetite (Fe3O4) single crystals in weak magnetic and electric fields. These measurements can reveal details of phase transitions and other features that are not yet fully understood. We focused not only at the Verwey transition - a well known phase transition taking place at about 120 K in stoichiometric samples - but we also explored and described new relaxation effects in magnetite at low temperatures. The low-temperature properties were also found to be exceptionally sensitive to sample quality, stoichiometry and homogeneity. The results presented in this thesis were acquired on sensitive non-commercial SQUID magnetometer complemented by four-probe dielectric spectroscopy and dc conductivity measurements.
Preparedness of the EU institutions on foreign missions
Novák, Pavel ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor) ; Karásek, Tomáš (referee)
Diplomová práce Pavel Novák, 2012 Abstrakt anglicky This work deals with institutional structure and processes of the European Union which operate in foreign missions of this international organization under Common Security and Defence Policy. On the basis of functional analysis of institutions there are described relevant institutions and theirs codified processes. Practical exercise is analyzed on chosen sample of two military operations and two civilian missions. Conclusion is drawn from founded problems of institutional character.
Confrontational study of Czech and Hungarian verbal constructions
Gál, Evžen ; Juhász József, (advisor) ; Novák, Pavel (referee) ; Pražák, Richard (referee)
The thesis does not include an abstract in English The thesis does not include an abstract in English The thesis does not include an abstract in English The thesis does not include an abstract in English The thesis does not include an abstract in English
Crustal Density and Global Gravitational Field Estimation of the Moon from GRAIL and LOLA Satellite Data
Šprlák, Michal ; Han, Shin-Chan ; Featherstone, Will ; Novák, Pavel ; Pitoňák, Martin
We employ Newton’s integral in the spectral domain to solve two geodetic/geophysical tasks for the Moon, see [1]. Firstly, we determine density distribution within the lunar crust (inverse problem). For this purpose, we exploit GL1500E GRAIL gravitational field model and LOLA topography to estimate: 1) constant, 2) laterally variable, and 3) 3D spatially variable crustal density. Secondly, we calculate lunar gravitational field models inferred by these three crustal compositions (forward problem) up to spherical harmonic degree 2519 (corresponding to a spatial resolution of 2.2 km at the lunar equator). We test the performance of our new models, and of recent and independent forward models, against the official Level 1B and Level 2 GRAIL products. Our high resolution global gravitational field models will be an asset to future lunar lander navigation and geophysical exploration of the Moon.
Estimation of Litospheric Elastic Thicknes from In-orbitGOCE-based Vertical Gradients and CRUST1.0
Pitoňák, Martin ; Eshagh, Mehdi ; Šprlák, Michal ; Novák, Pavel
The lithospheric strength with respect to the loading is represented by a parameter called elastic thickness (Te) and places with larger value of Te flex less. In this contribution, we use the in-orbit vertical gravitational gradients measured by Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) satellite for determining the elastic thickness over Africa. A forward computational method is developed based on the Vening Meinesz-Moritz (VMM) and flexural theories of isostasy to find a mathematical relation between the second-order vertical derivative of the gravitational potential and mechanical properties of the lithosphere. This method is developed in terms of spherical harmonics. Loading effects of topography and bathymetry, sediments and crystalline masses are calculated from CRUST1.0, in addition to estimates of laterally-variable density of the upper mantle, Young’s modulus and Poisson’s ratio. The second-order vertical derivatives of the gravitational potential are synthesised from the crustal model and different a priori values of elastic thickness to find which one matches the GOCE in-orbit vertical gradient. Our map of Te over Africa shows that the high values of Te are mainly associated with the cratonic areas of Congo, Chad and the Western African basin while the intra-continental hotspots and volcanoes, such as Ahaggar, Tibesti, Darfur, Cameroon volcanic line and Libya are connected by corridors of low Te.

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