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Psychosocial issues and support for families of children following stem cell transplantation
Keslová, Tereza ; Havránková, Olga (advisor) ; Kodymová, Pavla (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the support and help of families of children following stem cell transplantation. Specifically, the work is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part contains information about the process of following transplantation, which social support can be given to families - specific financial benefits, which psychological care they can use during hospitalization and outpatient care, and how non-profit organizations support these families. The bachelor's thesis aims to find out whether the support and help from individual subjects are sufficient and corresponding to the disease. The method of questionnaire survey and the method of interviews were used to solve these questions. A questionnaire survey was conducted during outpatient care. Subsequently, interviews were conducted based on the results of a questionnaire survey with experts who help these families. Research shows that state social support is very lengthy and insufficient. Financial support is often replaced by non-profit organizations, which can provide support within a month of applying. Another finding is that many families do not know of the possibility of using psychological care, which could facilitate prolonged and difficult treatment.
Social rehabilitation of people with intellectual disability
Kočová, Zuzana ; Šámalová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Kodymová, Pavla (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with social rehabilitation for people with intellectual disabilities. This bachelor thesis is divided into the theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part contains information focusing on the issue of intellectual disabilities and the purpose of social rehabilitation services. The last part precedes the practical part, which deals with the organization Rytmus Central Bohemia, o. P. S., In which a research survey was conducted. The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to find out what potential the "social rehabilitation" have during support of independent life of people with intellectual disabilities. The method of qualitative research was used to solve the main research question. Semi-structured interviews were used for data collection. The interviews were conducted on the organization's premises with a total of five employees of this service. The results of the research show that the service promotes its ambitions during integrative action on the majority society, in order to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities, and that support activities of the social rehabilitation service lead to meeting goals and reducing risks of social exclusion. Keywords Intellectual disability; social services; social rehabilitation; support; quality of...
The role of the workplace on the mental health of a social worker of a low-threshold organisation in the city of Příbram
Neumannová, Petra ; Kodymová, Pavla (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Monika (referee)
This Bachelor Thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part deals with the description of the sources of burden and support resulting from the workplace of low-threshold facilities for social workers in relation to the role that the workplace plays in the health of its employees. In the practical part of the Bachelor Thesis, the research insight into working environment of three low-threshold organizations is carried out. The research is performed on the basis of the interviews with the employees. The aim is to find out how they perceive various aspects of work concerning the low-threshold facilities and to find out how the psychohygiene is (not) supported by the organizations in the town of Příbram. The conclusions and findings of the research can be beneficial for the employees in the managing positions who can take the initiative to change the working environment and the corporate culture. The Bachelor Thesis provides information that can be used as an incentive for further research in the field of mental health in the workplace with an emphasis on the workplace of the helping profession. The contribution of the work is also to increase the awareness of social workers, expert and lay public about the current level of the burden and support measures that affect social workers in the...
Optimization of the model of work with a child with autism and his family in Pestrá, o.p.s.
Chourová, Kristina ; Kodymová, Pavla (advisor) ; Matoušek, Oldřich (referee)
The topic of my bachelor's thesis is the help of assistance dogs to children with autism and a description of social service which is interconnected with the training of assistance dogs. For fulfilling the aim was chosen an analysis of case reports of selected children with autism who obtained an assistance dog and use the related social service. The output is a description of the importance of complex support for families of children with autism in the form of providing social services in obtaining an assistance dog and further coexistence with it and monitoring the progress of these children. Key components of the Pestrá, o.p.s.'s work model are demonstrated, such as getting familiar with the children and building a good relationship between workers, children and their families and the role of parents in working with children with autism. An important element is the multidisciplinary cooperation of the assistance dog trainer with the social worker who works with the child and his family. For families interested in obtaining an assistance dog for their child with autism, it is possible to use the results of my work to create a handbook that would introduce them to the process that would await them and thus facilitate their decision-making. In this way, it is also possible to popularize information on the...
Cooperation of a hospital social worker with state administration when dealing with an alternative family care
Turaiová, Zuzana ; Matoušek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Kodymová, Pavla (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the cooperation and communication of a social worker in a hospital with state administration bodies when providing alternative family care. The theoretical part defines basic concepts. It also describes the role of a social worker in the hospital in the solution of alternative family care and subsequent cooperation with state administration bodies that are participants in this process. The theoretical part is divided into two chapters. The first deals with social work in general, then specifies social work in health care and in the hospital. It describes the state administration, social investigation and the process of cooperation. The second part is devoted to substitute family care and the typology of mothers.The empirical part contains research, which was attended mainly by hospital social workers who deals with alternative family care in the hospital and pass information to the state administration and the Department of Social and Legal Protection of Children. The discussion part compares theoretical knowledge from the literature with empirical knowledge obtained by quantitative research.
Spirituality and social work
Šikýřová, Helena ; Kodymová, Pavla (advisor) ; Havránková, Olga (referee)
Spiritualita, duchovní rozměr či duchovno jsou v současnosti relativně často a populárně užívané pojmy, navzdory tomu, že ne vždy je úplně jasné, co se jimi míní. Přes všechnu zvědavost i okázalé pohrdání, jichž se jim ze strany moderní západní společnosti dostává, usilují tzv. "seriózní vědy" (s výjimkou teologie), pokud vůbec, o čistě objektivní a nezávislý popis tohoto fenoménu. Tak vznikla sociologie náboženství, psychologie náboženství a také religionistika. Je to pohled zvnějšku, který je sice velmi užitečný, ale nedostačující. Sociální práce měla ve svých počátcích neoddiskutovatelný duchovní aspekt, protože v mnoha náboženských systémech je péče a pomoc druhým přímo imperativem (přičemž starostlivost a dobré skutky budou případně v posmrtném životě odměněny). Z laické a dobrovolné služby se pod tlakem nových nároků stala na přelomu 19. a 20. století odborná a profesionalizovaná disciplína, jež si začala budovat své vlastní teorie i praktické postupy, osvobozené od náboženských "předpojatostí". Nikoli sentiment, ale rozum. Ačkoli profesionalizace sociální práce měla a má svůj neopominutelný pozitivní dopad, vedla v průběhu desetiletí také k jisté ztrátě ústředních ideálů profese, na nichž je vlastně založena a bez kterých nemůže existovat. Slova jako soucit, srdce či vědomí duchovního přesahu naší...
Psychosocial adaptation to paralysis after spinal cord impairment
Šámalová, Kateřina ; Kodymová, Pavla (advisor) ; Černá, Petra (referee)
Coping with life crisis situations and adapting to them is a topic of great human interest and importance. Sustaining a spinal cord injury with the consequent lifelong paralysis may be considered to be one of the most serious life events due to its devastating and wide-ranging impact on people's lives. Spinal cord injury is a traumatic injury, which typically occurs suddenly and without any warning. Its consequences present an enormous physical, social and psychological trauma which the individual has to confront and come to terms with. The changes caused are life-long and affect every aspect of a person's life. Paralysis leads to wheelchair dependence for mobility. In addition, the individual with a spinal cord impairment may become dependent on others for help and assistance in order to be able to carry out most of the tasks of daily living. All the losses and changes caused by the injury have profound effects on both the spinal cord injured person's social roles and those of their loved ones. The individual's and his/her family's psychosocial adaptation to spinal cord injury, which is the main theme of this work, involves an intricate adjustment process. Stage coping theory, which dominates the current scientific literature concerning coping with life crisis situations, is not sufficient for a...
Social integration and inclusion of people who are employed in social business
Varju, Marika ; Šťastná, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Kodymová, Pavla (referee)
Social integration and inclusion of people who are employed in social business Abstract The bachelor's thesis theme is a social integration of people who are employed in social busines. The theoretical part describes social entrepreneurship, people with disabilities and their potentialities to find job on the open labour market. There is also explicated which social, cultural and psychological aspects are connected with employing and how the social work is connected with the sphere of social busines. Following chapters define and explain the social exclusion and the process and forms of social integration. The practical part of bachelor's thesis is based on a qualitative research whose goal is to detect if people who are employed in social busines are integrated in society. Keywords social entrepreneurship, social exclusion, social integration, social inclusion, people with disabilities
JUDr. Josef Krakeš and his influence on social work between the two world wars
Karban, Ondřej ; Kodymová, Pavla (advisor) ; Brnula, Peter (referee)
Bakalářská práce JUDr. Josef Krakeš a jeho vliv na sociální práci mezi dvěma světovými válkami se zaměřuje osobu Josefa Krakeše a jeho dílo. Mimo osobního života je v práci zkoumána jeho profesní kariéra, spolupráce s manželkou Dr. Marií Krakešovou a dále také Krakešův život v ústraní po roce 1948. Ústředním tématem je pokus dokumentovat celou jeho práci činnost na Ministerstvu sociální péče a jeho působení v oblasti péče o uprchlíky. Powered by TCPDF (
Expectations of social workers when entering the profession
Novotná, Lucie ; Vojtíšek, Petr (advisor) ; Kodymová, Pavla (referee)
(in English) The diploma thesis deals with the relation of social workers to social work. It uses interviews to determine what helps social workers deal with stress in their work or what makes them leave from the field of social work to another area. Also, it focuses on how realistic expectations social workers have from a specific post. It means which informations they can get from the study, and entrance interview before starting the job. Data was gained through semi-structured interviews with respondents from different groups. The first group is social workers who graduated in social work, but now they are working in other areas. The second group is social workers with experience in the field of fewer than 4 years. The third group is social workers with experience in the field for more than 10 years. The fourth group is the supervisors. This group was chosen to compare the experience with stressful work between supervisors and social workers. This research shows that social workers are influenced by their expectations from a specific post. The most common reason for a field change was financial reasons or burning out. Klíčová slova (anglicky): social work; profession; social worker; employer; working conditions; expectations; job application

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