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Price map of a commercial lease in Olomouc.
Švec, Jakub ; Hájková, Hana (referee) ; Klika, Pavel (advisor)
The aim of my thesis is to create a price map of non-residential spaces of the county town of Olomouc. Before creating the price maps, an analysis of unit prices of office and commercial spaces will be carried out using a comparative method. To-rent offers advertised by real estate servers will be used as input data. Basing on the map of to-rent offers, Olomouc town will then be divided into several zones defined by beforehand set criteria. Afterwards, these zones will be processed into analytical files, and then a test to identify outliers will be run. Then unit prices of non-residential spaces per each of concerned locations will be defined on the basis of the output data. And finally, the prices will be graphically processed into a price map of Olomouc.
The promoter of c-myc oncogene as a target for a novel type of heterocyclic cations stabilizing G-quadruplex.
Pohlová, Lenka ; Šmídková, Martina (advisor) ; Hájková, Hana (referee)
Targeting oncogene promoters: a novel heterocyclic cations as G-quadruplex stabilizing ligands Lenka Pohlová Abstract: The diploma thesis studies an effect of newly synthesized group of compounds - helquats - on the expression of c-myc as a major player in malignant transformation and tumorigenesis via the stabilization of G-quadruplex in c-myc promotor. The G-quadruplex c-myc stabilization ability was tested for 101 helquats using dual luciferase reporter assay. The G-quadruplex c-myc stabilization ability was found for 13 helquats by this method. 8 successful helquats was selected by a comparison of the results from dual luciferase reporter assay and FRET melting assay. Effect on cell viability of tumor (HeLa S3) and non-tumor (HUVEC) cell lines was evaluated for these 8 helquats. Three of them exhibited cytotoxic effect on tumor cells but no effect was observed on viability of non-tumor cells. Moreover, an effect of these 3 helquats on c-myc expression on both mRNA and protein level, where significant effect on c-myc mRNA expression was not found for most of incubation periods. The 30% decrease in mRNA level was observed only for 24 hours incubation period for two helquats (LS702 and MJ656). The decrease in the expression on protein level was observed for all tested helquats, and helquat LS702 had the...
Study of dispersity of nanoemulsive drug carriers
Hájková, Hana ; Doležal, Pavel (advisor) ; Vachek, Josef (referee)
SUMMERY Theoretical part of this work is focused on explanation of such terms like nanoparticules and nanoemulsions and their usage within peroral and topical administration. Next part explains the merit of zeta potential and DLVO theory, which influence the stability of the elements. Off course, also the principle of the measuring of viscosity is mentioned, because viscosity is taken into consideration in case of measuring of the element dispersion. The experimental part is focused on determination of the partije size by photon correlation spectroscopy by temperature of 25řC and 37řC. The measurement was taken in chronological succession to estimate the stability of dispersion system. It was also measured electrokinetic parameter - zeta potential, which plays a fundamental role by keeping the stability of nanoemulsions. It was proved, that the size of the elements gets settled after approx. 1 week, further changes are not so striking anymore, not even by the increase of temperature to 37řC. Since creating the emulsion (approx. 1 week), the major share of the size of particles (about 60-95%) was ranging between 120-175 nm. As well zeta potencial remains in stable range (+2 mV - -0,6 mV) by the increase of temperature to 37řC and adding of three pH highs of buffers. From the gained results we can draw...
Hisrory of pharmacy in the cities Pelhřimov and Humpolec
Hájková, Hana ; Dohnal, František (advisor) ; Valášková, Ladislava (referee)
The history of pharmacy in the cities of Pelhřimov and Humpolec Student: Hájková Hana Tutor: Doc. PhDr. Dohnal František, Csc. Social and Clinical Pharmacy Department Pharmaceutical Faculty in Hradec Králové The Charles University in Praque, Czech Republic Theme: History and developement of the pharmaceutical service in the cities of Pelhřimov and Humpolec throughout the history. Objective: Survey of the history of pharmacies and pharmacists in two cities of the district of Vysočina - Pelhřimov and Humpolec - since time immemorial to the present. Methods: Processing the historical written recources obtained from the Czech Pharmaceutical Museum in Kuks, Town museum in Pelhřimov, Town library in Pelhřimov, the materials of the district corporation of the pharmacists and interviews with contemporaries. Results: The first pharmacy in this area had been established probably in the 17th century. The first written remarks are evaible from 1873 and they are dřeply wedded with name Jan Křtitel Fried. Until 1918 there are two pharmacies in Pelhřimov and Humpolec, each town had one pharmacy. In the years 1918 to 1948 the next pharmacies - in Pelhřimov "U Slovanské lípy" and in Humpolec "Nová lékárna" - had been opened. After 1948, the oldest pharmacy "U Černého orla" was closed and the hospital pharmacy had...
"A time to live and a time to die" in Theological Ethics
Hájková, Hana ; Milfait, René (advisor) ; Svobodová, Zuzana (referee)
This bachelor thesis introduces the Leben hat seine Zeit, und Sterben hat seine Zeit handbook by the society of Gemeinschaft Evangelischer Kirchen in Europa. From this handbook the main argumentation theological-ethic tools used in discussions concerning the questions of the end of a human life are taken. The Jewish-Christian religion attaches unique dignity to a human life, which is assumed on the basis of imago Dei or imago Christi. Other aspects related to a human life rise from this dignity. They are aspects such as justification through religion, autonomy of a human being in which the limits among freedom, dependence and responsibility are being clarified. Furthermore, the thesis shows how Gemeinschaft Evangelischer Kirchen in Europa puts its beliefs (related to the questions appearing at the end of a human life) into practice. Consequently, the thesis reacts to the outputs of the handbook. Notions concerning euthanasia are clarified in a way they are used in Europe nowadays. Moreover, three main arguments that (according to the handbook) are fundamental for a discussion with dying and incurably ill people are being presented. It is though the human dignity, autonomy and the right to spread the palliative care that promises creating a humanly dignified life even when it comes to its end. Powered by...
"Why am I trying to become what I don't want to be?" The Corrupted American Dream in the Selected Arthur Miller's and Tennessee Williams's Dramas
Hájková, Hana ; Ulmanová, Hana (advisor) ; Wallace, Clare (referee)
In my thesis, I focused on the challenges of the American Dream and its damaging demands. I compared these aspects to The Glass Menagerie, All My Sons, and Death of the Salesman, plays by Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller, two playwrights concerned with similar issues in the 1940s and 1950s. Each chapter was introduced by Robert Frost's poem related to its topic. This element was added as a chapters' introduction to express the universality of the depicted issues and to tight the sections together under one pattern. In the theoretical part of the thesis, I concentrated on the 40s and 50s America and its features and the historical development of the American Dream. This section's main influences were works by Rodney P. Carlisle, Richard A. Schwartz, Stephanie Coontz, and Jim Cullen. With their books about America and its historical background, Carlisle, Schwartz, and Coontz provided a base for the factual context of this thesis. Cullen's work on the American Dream was used as the primary source for understanding the reasons behind the Dream and its historical development. The whole thesis was supported by arguments from Lauren Berlant, John W. Thoburn and Thomas L. Sexton, and Piotr Sztompka. Berlant's work on cruel optimism provided a possible explanation of particular behavior that accompanied...
Planning care for clients with Alzheimer's disease in the Hradec Králové region
Hájková, Hana ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Hradcová, Dana (referee)
The theme of the thesis is the issue of planning social services for people affected by Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia in the territory of the Hradec Králové region. Alzheimer's disease is among the most common causes of dementia, and the number of patients with the disease continues to grow. It is the increase in the number of clients with the disease that creates a new challenge to ensure the availability of social services, so that an individual approach is maintained in view of the patients' specific needs. The thesis contains a theoretical and an empirical part. The theoretical part briefly describes the clinical picture of Alzheimer's disease. Furthermore, this section focuses on the incidence of dementia both globally and in the territory of Europe. Some organisations and strategic documents dedicated to supporting and caring for those with dementia in the territories of France, Sweden and Switzerland are listed in this section. There is also a chapter that gives an idea of individual types and forms of care for clients with dementia manifestations in the Czech Republic. It includes an explanation of basic concepts such as: social services, social services network, community planning. As the work deals with care planning in the Hradec Králové region, the Mid-Term Plan for...

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