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The gift of faith and the Abrahamic story (Gn 22:1-19)
Knirsch, Vojtěch ; Baštecká, Bohumila (advisor) ; Jandejsek, Petr (referee)
The work The Gift of Faith and the Abrahamic Story (Gn 22:1-19) uses autoethnographic qualitative methodology to fulfill several goals: to understand the gift in the context of faith, to understand the concept of "gift of faith", to connect different concepts of the gift in the Abrahamic story of the sacrifice/binding of Isaac, to be able to explain to an unbeliever that faith is a gift. Practical examples of giving from the contexts of charity, humanitarian and development aid were linked with theological inspirations from the Abrahamic story. The work brings inspiring findings for the theory and practice of diaconics: People are completely embedded in chains and networks of mutual (mutual) giving, donor and recipient are only situationally changing roles, the primary donor is God. A gift is associated with a sacrifice, it binds, it creates a debt. A gift must be responded to, for example, with gratitude, reciprocity or, in the context of participation, with participation, mutuality. The recipient receives the gift as ownership, which in the case of the gifts of the Spirit is more like stewardship. A gift is problematic when it is expressed in circulation (money). Sometimes it is necessary to give a gift "despite!", that the recipient will not accept the gift, for example. And sometimes the giver...
Religious pluralism in some contemporary debates
Kobera, Marek ; Jandejsek, Petr (advisor) ; Štampach, Ivan (referee)
The thesis "Religious plurality in some current discussions" deals with some recent discussions within Christian theology. The ideas of the Declaration of Abu Dhabi regarding the positive outlook for the development of humanity (not only) thanks to interreligious dialogue were presented. Similar results of interreligious dialogue (albeit to a lesser extent) can be found in Dupuis's theology. In addition, according to the findings of the work, it can serve as a theoretical starting point for both the Declaration of Abu Dhabi, and the Declaration of Nur-Sultan. (Of course, we don't know if that was the case.) other Paradigms and models of the theology of religion and their representatives were briefly listed. I presented how Dupuis's theology is received by other theologians and took my own critical position on it in 11 objections/questions for clarification or further study. The dispute over inculturated Indian Christianity is manifested in Christian ashrams and in the phenomenon of persecution of Christians.
The role of good and care for soul in Hannah Arendt's life in comparison with Adolf Eichmann's banality of evil.
Honová Puskajlerová, Ingrid ; Noble, Ivana (advisor) ; Jandejsek, Petr (referee)
The diploma thesis analyzes Hannah Arendt's conception of good through Plato's 'care for soul'. The thesis seeks to explain how to understand this problem through books of various authors. The analysis starts with the inspirational potential of care for soul, emphasizing its impact on moral orientation. It continues to seek human good and care for soul in Arendt's life and books. Understanding of her concept of care for soul can be found in her statement: "Our inheritance was left to us by no testament". The search for the original meaning of care for soul is confronted with the specific type of evil, which Arendt called the 'banality of evil'. The phenomenon of the banality of evil is interpreted through the biographical story of Adolf Eichmann in Arendt's book Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil. From the perspective of Platonic care for soul, Eichmann's personality represents its anti-type. The thesis firstly seeks the practical dimension of care for soul in both Arendt's and Eichmann's lifetime. In the second step, the thesis focuses on the meaning of Arendt's philosophy and examines how her theoretical concept of care for soul corresponds with Adolf Eichmann's personality. Eichmann's concept of care for soul represents the opposite of Arendt's concept and shows Eichmann's...
František Lízna, his life and work as an inspiration for social work and theology
Baďurová, Alena ; Jandejsek, Petr (advisor) ; Křišťan, Alois (referee)
This thesis focuses on the person and work of the Jesuit priest František Lízna SJ. Father František is known for his work with socially excluded people, homeless, prisoners and others who are on the periphery of society. The aim of this thesis is to find inspiration in Father František's activities, which will enable us further reflection and enrichment of social work. By inspiration is not meant something that implies new theory or brings new rules, but it is meant suggestion to reflect our motivations and ways of providing social work. Father František's believed that socially oriented activities are his vocation and calling in life. This thesis will first approach his life story that was marked by political persecution. It was this political persecution that paradoxically brought him closer to socially excluded people. Next two sections of this thesis will deal with his work with vulnerable people. Qualitative research makes it possible to discover Father František's activities, his attitudes and basic values. Interpretation of the collected material offers inspirational ideas for social work with clients of social services, as Father František, himself persecuted and imprisoned, had an experience as an "excluded person". Out of this reason he became a friend of the marginalized people and embraced them...
Pastoral care of people with terminal illness
Adámková, Ivana ; Jandejsek, Petr (advisor) ; Ridzoňová, Lenka (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with pastoral care for people with terminal illness, the aim of this type of care and the possibilities of reaching this aim. Besides Czech and foreign professional literature the thesis gets information from six interviews with people whose profession is this specific form of pastoral care. The bachelor thesis points out a general aim of this form of pastoral care which can be used regardless of the patient's confession or the degree of his/her faith. It also describes this specific pastoral care, sums up the problems, feelings and states which most people face before their death and it tries to offer ways which could help these people. The thesis also tackles the problems of people who accompany the terminally ill and suggests possible ways of coping with the profession. Furthermore the means of this form of pastoral care is described; conversation as the main means of pastoral care is analysed closely. The last chapter contains some biblical references, which can relate to the care of dying people and which can help gain an insight into pastoral care. The end result of this bachelor thesis is that the general aim of pastoral care for people with terminal illness is to reach inner peace and reconciliation. Inner peace which permeates to the human being as a whole;...
The Prevention of Youth Criminality
Dvořáková, Monika ; Jandejsek, Petr (advisor) ; Dočkal, Jan (referee)
This work deals with activities of three projects connected with the prevention of criminality generally and problems of criminality of young people. In the first chapter terms and prevention of criminality are described. The second chapter describes briefly criminality evolution of young people. There are typical characteristics of adolescent's criminality. The third chapter is about the civic association Prak as the example of primary prevention, program Pět P as the example of secondary prevention and tertiary prevention is shown on project Lata. There is the information about their rise, mission and goals and activities. The programs of Prak are for pupils who attend the second grade of basic or special schools and it should reinforce ethical and moral feelings and perception of young people. The main topic is the question of guilt - crime - punishment, the impact prison on human personality, personal moral standards and their creation. The program Pět P is for children between age 8 and 15 years old. They start to meet some volunteer and spend some free time together. It is good for child to have older friend, who can help him/her in difficult life situations. The project Lata is for 15 - 21 years old adults, who are in difficult situations. It can be problem with criminal offences or serious problem...
Sudeten Germans after the expulsion from Czech Republic against the background of biblical Israel attitudes towards minorities
Sosnová, Klára ; Heryán, Ladislav (advisor) ; Jandejsek, Petr (referee)
Bakalářská práce s názvem Sudetští Němci po odsunu v Čechách na pozadí postoje biblického Izraele k menšinám, se zaměřuje na sudetské Němce, kteří nebyli odsunuti. Práce zpracovává historické události od roku 1918 do roku 1945, které se týkaly postavení Němců na českém území. Dále se pak věnuje myšlence odsunu, který probíhal v letech 1945 a 1946. Vysvětluje pojmy "divoký" a organizovaný odsun a seznamuje se skupinami obyvatel, které nebyly zařazeny do odsunu. Práce obsahuje také portréty a rozhovory se sudetskými Němci, kteří nemuseli odejít. Otázky k rozhovorům jsou postaveny na biblických přikázáních z kapitoly 19 knihy Leviticus. Klíčová slova sudetští Němci, "divoký odsun", organizovaný odsun, druhá světová válka, menšina Summary This bachelor thesis called Sudeten Germans after the expulsion from Czechoslovakia on the background of attitudes towards minorities of biblical Israel is, is focused on the Sudeten Germans who were displaced. This thesis processes historical events from 1918 to 1945, which concerned the status of Germans on Czech territory. The work then deals with the idea of expulsion, which took place in 1945 and 1946. It explains the concepts of "wild" and organized transfer and introduces populations that have not been included in this process. Work also includes portraits and...

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