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Love in Kierkegaard
Puchmertlová, Natálie ; Marek, Jakub (advisor) ; Novák, Aleš (referee)
This thesis aims to analyze Kierkegaard`s understanding of the Christian concept of love, which he considers to be a cornerstone of relating to the Other, to the Self and to God. It should show the uniqueness and urgency of this concept. The primary source used as reference is Kierkegaard`s Works of Love. In the first part of this thesis a distinction between preferential romantic love and Christian unconditional love is made, where their individual moments are analyzed. First the role of self-love is scrutinized and categorized into the forms it may manifest as. Further love of neighbor is presented as a duty; then the subject and the object of matter are defined. The second half of this thesis focuses on specific acts of Christian love and finally on problematic possibility and neediness of the coexistence of both Christian and preferential love. Key words preferential love, neighborly love, love as a duty, selflove, neighbor
Kierkegaard's Philosophy: Its social and political consequences
Zacpal, Zdeněk ; Marek, Jakub (advisor) ; Šajda, Peter (referee) ; Hlaváček, Karel (referee)
Kierkegaard's Philosophy: Its Social and Political Consequences Zdeněk Zacpal Abstract The purpose of this dissertation is to comprehensively chart social and political views and approaches of Søren Aabye Kierkegaard (1813-1855) and thus to fill the gap in actual secondary literature. Evaluations of other philosophers' legacy should be well-founded - and not merely a mechanical reiteration of someone else's approach. Therefore this striving for a more philosophical attitude consists of two parts: In the first part the author develops and defines his aim: to establish a theory that determines and safeguards the broadest realizable range of items and living beings cherished by humans and tries to explain how individuals' personal and political activity might best accomplish this aim. For this purpose, the author develops and defines network of his own concepts to create his own vision for how philosophy, ethics, and especially politics, should look. The work summarises the broad range of tasks required - to avoid the pitfall of focusing on too narrow a list of objectives at the expense of other important policy objectives. The second part applies this vision to the critical evaluation of social and political consequences of Kierkegaard's thought. The broad base of reflections laid out in the first part gives...
Aristotelian Well-Being as a Contemporary Problem
Čechová, Alexandra ; Marek, Jakub (advisor) ; Zika, Richard (referee)
In this diploma thesis I am addressing the concept of well-being in recent philosophy as a phenomenon of our time. I also try to specify the role of philosophy in its research. At the same time, I am aiming to give reasons why this concept has recently become more and more a part of discussions in society. In the text, I link the contemporary conception of well-being with Aristotle's notion of a good life or the concept of eudaimonia. In two chapters I also discuss the ideas of A. MacIntyre and M. Nussbaum, who have commented on and responded to Aristotle's and the contemporary notion of the good life. Then, with the help of the two projects at Yale and Harvard that I mention in the thesis, I attempt to outline how the research on well-being is now being conducted and what the results to date have been. Finally, the thesis thus mentions specific activities and behaviors that have been empirically shown to have an impact on a person's overall well-being, and in which some correspondence with Aristotle's philosophy can be observed.

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