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Household Management in iOS
Marek, Jakub ; Smrčka, Aleš (referee) ; Hrubý, Martin (advisor)
The main goal of this work is design and implementation of reporting tool for household management. The tool is developed as an application for iPhone running on iOS version 7.0 or higher. The application allows record the status of energy meters, the temperature and expenditures of user's home. User inserts records using the UI, which is usually used for this kind of application. The output of the application is an overview of energy consumption, average temperature and expenses for a specific period of time. The output can be in the form of gestures driven graph displayed in the application or annual reports in PDF, which you can send by e-mail, export to Dropbox, etc. An important part of the application is the long term storage of all user-entered data and their backup or transfer to other devices via iCloud and Dropbox service. 
Hertzian contact apparatus
Marek, Jakub ; Křupka, Ivan (referee) ; Hartl, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with project and implementation of construction of the Hertzian contact apparatus based on commercial devices. This device will serve as education facility of Contact mechanics. Theoretical minimum needed for analytic calculation of contact between a rigid sphere and flat surface is mentioned in this thesis. Technical documentation is included.
Hertzian Contact Apparatus
Marek, Jakub ; Dzimko, Marián (referee) ; Hartl, Martin (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the development of experimental apparatus for measuring the real contacts. Phase Shift Interferometry was used for measuring the contacts of steel or brass ball and glass plate. The approach which is desci-bed in this thesis is a unique. It was demonstrated, that the deformation of con-tact body is possible to determine. There is some discusion about final aplicati-on of this optic profilometry for measuring real contacts.
Chování spotřebitelů na trhu s pneumatikami
Marek, Jakub
Marek, J. Consumer behaviour on the automotive footwear market. Bachelor the-sis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2019. The text describes the template for theses and individual styles are applied on ex-amples.
The Concept of Man in the Philosophy of F. F. Kuklarskij
Kuznetsov, Pavel ; Chavalka, Jakub (advisor) ; Marek, Jakub (referee)
The theme of this diploma thesis is a philosophical concept of Man in the philosophy of F. F. Kuklarskij. What we are going to follow throught his entire work, is the way in which he treats a "Man" and the relationship between "Man" and "Nature." Our goal is to give an account of the Kuklarskij's philosophy of Man. First we are going to regard his prospective method of inquiry, which would also justify the specific nature of the philosophy of Kuklarksij, which is the philosophy of (non)possibilities. Ready with the prospective method and with the naturalistic nature of his philosophy in general, we will regard his concept of Man on several levels: on the level of human instincts, on the level of individual being of a human, and on the level of his living in a society. As a contribution of the diploma thesis we consider the model of the instinctive determinism of the individual being of a human, which would describe the way, in which the relationship between human instincts predetermines the course of individualization process of a human being. Another contribution is made by giving a characteristics of a non-human, which is a result of personification of anti-human Nature. And the last contribution is represented with the description of the dynamics of development of cultural activity of Man. 3
Love in Kierkegaard
Puchmertlová, Natálie ; Marek, Jakub (advisor) ; Novák, Aleš (referee)
This thesis aims to analyze Kierkegaard`s understanding of the Christian concept of love, which he considers to be a cornerstone of relating to the Other, to the Self and to God. It should show the uniqueness and urgency of this concept. The primary source used as reference is Kierkegaard`s Works of Love. In the first part of this thesis a distinction between preferential romantic love and Christian unconditional love is made, where their individual moments are analyzed. First the role of self-love is scrutinized and categorized into the forms it may manifest as. Further love of neighbor is presented as a duty; then the subject and the object of matter are defined. The second half of this thesis focuses on specific acts of Christian love and finally on problematic possibility and neediness of the coexistence of both Christian and preferential love. Key words preferential love, neighborly love, love as a duty, selflove, neighbor

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