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Fuková, Kateřina ; Trlifaj, Jan (advisor) ; Žemlička, Jan (referee)
A module over a ring R is R-projective if it is projective relative to R. This module- theoretic notion is dual to the notion of an R-injective module that plays a key role in the classic Baer's Criterion for Injectivity. This Thesis is concerned with the validity of dual version of Baer's Criterion. It also introduces a concept of projectivity in a general category-theoretic setting. DBC is known to hold for all perfect rings. However, DBC either fails or it is undecid- able in ZFC for non-perfect rings. In this Thesis we deal with the subclass of non-perfect rings, which are small, regular, semiartinian and have primitive factors artinian. Trlifaj showed that there is an extension of ZFC in which DBC holds for such rings. Especially, it is enough to consider extension of ZFC in which the weak version of Jensen's Diamond Principle holds. This combinatorial principle is known as the Weak Diamond Principle. Apart from an overview of the properties of rings mentioned above and introduction of the necessary set-theoretic notions, the Thesis also contains a proof of this new result by Trlifaj published in the paper "Weak diamond, weak projectivity, and transfinite extensions of simple artinian rings" in the J. Algebra in 2022. 1
Weak-form grammatical words in Czech speakers of English
Fuková, Kateřina ; Skarnitzl, Radek (advisor) ; Luef, Eva Maria (referee)
Adopting processes of connected speech into one's English pronunciation has proven challenging for EFL learners, and Czech speakers are no exception. The objective of the present thesis was to find, whether there is any connection between the level of pronunciation and ability to reduce grammatical words to their weak forms. The first section of this paper describes the contemporary understanding of speech rhythm and connected speech processes, and summarizes existing research in the field of acquisition of these pronunciation practices. In the empirical portion of this thesis, we analysed recordings of 20 native Czech speakers, all of which were women. Speakers were separated into 2 different groups according to their pronunciation capabilities. No general conclusions can be drawn from the evaluated material, as the groups showed many different tendencies. In some cases, the group with an ambiguous accent performed better than the group with a typically Czech accent and this tendency was never completely reversed. On many occasions, however, the groups behaved identically.
Diamond principles and GCH
Fuková, Kateřina ; Šaroch, Jan (advisor) ; Chodounský, David (referee)
Diamond principles and the generalized continuum hypothesis are assertions related to infinite combinatorics. This thesis studies various connections between these assertions. From numerous formulations of diamond principles, it explicitly mentions exactly two of them: ♢S and ♢∗ S. Apart from an overview of the basic notions involved in this study, the thesis also contains a concise proof of Shelah's theorem published in the paper "Diamonds" in 2010. 1
Analysis of employee benefits
Fuková, Kateřina ; Legnerová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Quigley, Martin John David (referee)
The main objective of this thesis is to present system of employee benefits in specific company and according to the provided research judge the employee satisfaction with this system. The theoretical part of this bachelor's thesis defines the term employee benefits, their meaning, objectives, structure and the ways of providing. This part also deals with current trends in benefits and outsourcing. The practical part describes company Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile, s.r.o. and its system of employee benefits. Part of the practical part is also own research of employee satisfaction with benefits which company current offers to them. In the conclusion of this thesis are evaluate results of this research and complemented by potential suggestions for changes.

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2 FUKOVÁ, Klára
1 Fuková, Karolína
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