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New Recruitment procedures
Roubíčková, Michaela ; Stříteský, Marek (advisor) ; Quigley, Martin John David (referee)
This Diploma Thesis is focused on new procedures in recruitment. Special attention is primarily given to online recruitment and coherent social networks. The major objective is to assess recruitment procedure in a particular company, especially whether and to what extent the company focuses on external environment, accepts current trends and applies new methods of recruitment. Based on superior enquiry, the analysis of current state of the recruitment process was made. As a next step, using comparison of this analysis with the theoretical foundations led to identification of weaknesses and strengths of the process. It was found that analysed company is trying to accept new trends, however, there were identified drawbacks, which could be eliminated by introduction of formulated optimization proposals.
Motivation- comparison of profit organization and non-profit organization
Koňařová, Zuzana ; Legnerová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Quigley, Martin John David (referee)
The aim of the Bachelor's thesis is to compare motivation factors in profit sector and non-profit sector. The theoretical part is devoted to the basic concepts of motivation, stimulation, theories of work motivation and work behaviour. In the theoretical part is also described profit sector and non-profit sector, which is based on the system of national accounts. The second part, practical, concentrates on research, which is carried out between employees of profit and non- profit organization. The research, which target is to compare motivation factors of employees, is based on questionnaire survey.
Konflikty v mezinarodních v týmech
Kurdovanidze, Salome ; Quigley, Martin John David (advisor) ; Habeeb Mohamed, Mag Mohamed Meeran Mohiadeen (referee)
This thesis aims to define international team and conflicts and identify the essential competencies for a manager and employee of international teams. It is argued that everyone in an international team should possess more skills and competencies than those who belong to homogeneous teams. As a result, representatives of international team must be able to understand culturally diverse backgrounds manage conflicts constructively, and comprehend different strategies to handle sensitive cases. The research begins by reviewing literature on culture, cultural dimensions in the team and conflict. A survey was performed on 167 individuals from various cultural backgrounds to analyze their attitudes towards multicultural teams and their managers. Some findings are in accordance with theories and some show different interesting opinions experienced pragmatically by the respondents. Eventually, the author based on the results obtained from the empirical research and the theoretical literatures has created a recommendation.
The Analysis of Care Given to Employees at Primary School
Radošová, Denisa ; Quigley, Martin John David (advisor) ; Stříteský, Marek (referee)
The aim of this Bachelor thesis is to describe, analyse and evaluate the level of care given to employees at primary school. The theoretical part defines the important chapters and concepts, which are necessary for the following analysis. Its function is to broaden understanding of the care given to the employees and it forms the basis for the practical part. In the following practical part the current state of care given to employees at a specific primary school is evaluated and analysed. A survey was also carried out in order to confirm or refute the situation under examination. At the end, there are a few suggestions on, what the school could do to ensure even greater satisfaction of employees.
The return of employees after maternity and parental leave in the Czech Republic
Adolfová, Martina ; Legnerová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Quigley, Martin John David (referee)
The Bachelor work is focused on the return of employees onto the job market after finishing maternity and parental leave in the Czech Republic. The work is split into two parts, theory and practice. In the theoretical part the concepts of maternity and parental leave, cash benefits during maternity and parental leave, flexible working arrangements and conditions for employees returning to work after maternity and parental leave are defined. The practical part of the thesis is based on research conducted using a questionnaire survey. In the practical part research questions and hypotheses are first formulated. The paper further describes the research methodology and research results evaluated on the basis of respondents' answers. The aim of the research is to confirm or refute the hypotheses. The conclusion summarizes the results of the research.
Work - Life Balance
Kubíková, Kristýna ; Legnerová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Quigley, Martin John David (referee)
Bachelor thesis is developing the topic of Work-Life Balance that means the reconciliation of professional and personal life. The theoretical part introduces issues and tools which can help to harmonize work and personal life. The main goal of the thesis is to analyze employees' satisfaction in achieving a balance between the professional and personal life. The practical part deals with the summarization of a research in the Česká spořitelna and it determines recommendations for employers. The thesis brings new approach in the view on Work-Life Balance and it can provide a useful improvement for companies.
Postoj mladých ľudí k spoločensky zodpovedným aktivitám firiem: SAP BSCE
Gočová, Zuzana ; Dvořáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Quigley, Martin John David (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on phenomena of corporate social responsibility. The thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part is dedicated to definition of CSR and its historical development starting at the beginning of the 20th century up to the 21st century and modern characteristics of the concept. Thesis further introduces the link between CSR and competitive advantage, its effect on attractiveness of the company and Generation Y. Practical part of this thesis is dedicated to analysis of attitudes of young job seekers towards CSR activities of companies and whether companies' CSR initiatives have an effect on their choice of employer.
Analysis of Employee Engagement in a Chosen Organization
Kapcátová, Katarína ; Dvořáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Quigley, Martin John David (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is to highlight the importance of employee engagement and deeply investigate employee engagement among selected employees in medium size organization, which operates in Liptovský Mikuláš. Besides finding out the total employee engagement, author examines the level of cognitive, physical, and emotional engagement too. Results are then compared to other studies provided by Gallup and CIPD research centers. Thesis further introduces the link between employee engagement and age, gender and occupation of workers. Additionally, it presents the importance of individual employee engagement drivers for employees. The data collection was done by using questionnaire and structured interviews. After the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the research results, author presents possible recommendations that observed organization can use in the future in order to improve the engagement level.
Manažment diverzity v pobočke nadnárodnej spoločnosti
Fischerová, Adela ; Dvořáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Quigley, Martin John David (referee)
The main objective of this thesis was to analyze the diversity management in a chosen company from the management's perspective. Also the main goals, values and activities of this system were analyzed. The chosen company is an IT global company that has subsidiaries all around the globe; these subsidiaries each have their own small, local adaptation of diversity management. After the diversity management was analyzed from the company's perspective, the other objective was to analyze the perception of its employees. These two outputs were compared to each other afterwards and key findings were discussed. Quantitative methods, which were partially supported by own experience in the company, as well as informal interviews with its employees, were used for the research. A quantitative research with 93 respondents proved that the diversity strategy in the company is developed, however still some room for improvement has. In the end of the thesis recommendations, based on a SWOT analysis were carried out.
Identification motivational factors of employees
Kolínská, Barbora ; Legnerová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Quigley, Martin John David (referee)
The main subject of my thesis, called "Identification of motivational factors of employees", is to find out the main motivational factors which influence employees' job performance. The first part of the thesis contains basic concepts which relate with motivation and its theories. These concepts are important for understanding the process and they help managers to choose the right ways to keep the high performance of the employees. The second part, practical, concentrates on research which is carried out between two chosen work groups of employees and its target is to compare the motivation factors.

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