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Appeals in criminal proceedings
Dvořáková, Radka ; Vokoun, Rudolf (advisor) ; Bohuslav, Lukáš (referee)
Appeals in criminal proceedings Abstract This diploma thesis deals with appeals in criminal proceedings. The aim was mainly to analyse the current legislation on appeals and the problematic areas of this institute from the perspective of experts in the field of criminal law, where the thesis offers their different views on fundamental issues related to appeals. These questions concern in particular the functioning of this institute in practice, its effectiveness, economy and efficiency, as well as the evaluation of the principles on which the appeal is based with de lege ferenda considerations. For better orientation of this criminal institute the thesis first maps the development of appeals in criminal proceedings during the second half of the 20th century and the 21st century, when three criminal codes and fundamental amendments gradually came into force, in which the regulation of appeals sometimes changed fundamentally to the current form. In order to get acquainted with the essence of the functioning of this institute of work, it also presents the basic principles and principles that are applied in appeal proceedings. The thesis also introduces the reader to the current legislation of the appeal, when it deals with its nature, characteristics and basic properties, discusses the subject, content and...
Didactic Games in Biology
Sedláčková, Ludmila ; Dvořáková, Radka (advisor) ; Rajsiglová, Ina (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the topic of educational games. The thesis reviews literature focused on division and characteristic activation methods. The partial part is devoted to the comparison of activation methods and traditional education. The other part of the thesis pursues the educational games, their history, categorization and preferences for education, preparation, and effectiveness of games. The thesis presents examples of games for teaching biology and its possibilities of utilization.
Birds in Textbooks for Elementary Schools and Lower Grammar Schools (Analysis of the Graphic Design of the Chapter Birds with Focused on Model Species)
Vávrová, Anna ; Dvořáková, Radka (advisor) ; Poupová, Jana (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the graphic processing of the chapter Birds (Aves) in natural science textbooks for teaching at elementary school or lower grammar school with a focus on the model species (hereinafter referred to as MS) used for the chapter. The focus on MS stems from the fact that the authors choose different taxa representatives from the taxon, they are not uniformly displayed or described. The theoretical part of the DT deals with the definition of a textbook and the possibilities of its analysis. In particular, research is described here, which focuses on the importance of graphic information in textbooks and misconceptions in pupils for the taxon birds. In the second part of the chapter I deal with the characteristics of the bird taxon. In the practical part of DT, my first goal is to map and analyze graphic information and its processing for the taxon birds (Aves) in natural science textbooks for primary and lower grammar school. The analysis involves the comparison of specific textbooks, the ways in which they are displayed, the ways of describing them in the text and other characteristics that relate to all general pictures that show important features of the group. Another aim of this part of DT is to describe and evaluate the MS for the bird tax (Aves), which would be...
Analysis of the topic Human Origin and Evolution in the Textbooks and the Workbooks for Elementary School
Hoffmannová, Valérie ; Dvořáková, Radka (advisor) ; Chlebounová, Irena (referee)
(AJ) The main aim of this diploma thesis is to analyze the learning tasks related to the topic of the origin and development of the human species in textbooks and workbooks for the second grade of primary school. Textbooks and workbooks of biology and history were selected for analysis. The learning tasks were categorized into individual categories of Tollinger taxonomy and Bloom's original taxonomy. The results of this classification were used to compare older and newer editions of selected textbooks and workbooks. I also found out the difficulty of tasks in each publications. This analysis revealed that teaching tasks from lower taxonomic categories (for both taxonomies), which do not high demands of cognitive operations, are more represented. Furthermore, this work deals how extent the topic in individual publications. Further analyzes revealed that teaching tasks of the origin and development of human species are more represented in the textbooks and workbooks of history. The results of this work could help teachers to find way in the offer of available textbooks and workbooks and help select a suitable publication to teach the topic of the origin and development of the human species. Key words: analysis, biology, Bloom's taxonomy, history, human evolution, Tollinger's taxonomy, textbooks, workbook
Comparison of Environmental Awareness of Pupils from Traditional and Alternative Elementary Schools
Sokolíková, Eliška ; Dvořáková, Radka (advisor) ; Kroufek, Roman (referee)
The thesis compares environmental awareness of conventional and alterna- tive lower secondary school students. The qualitative research was performed through a group interview, where participants expressed their opinion on par- ticular environmental topics and gave examples of their behaviour and expe- rience related to those fields, which showed a true level of their environmental protection awareness. The concept of the interviews was chosen to disclose an individual factors that can affect environmental awareness (school, family, af- ter school activity etc.). The schools, which students were selected from, were sorted out not only by the criterion of conventionality but by approach to en- vironmental protection as well. Following findings are, for example, included among these criteria: If the school has an environmental coordinator, whether students are motivated in compliance with the proactive environmental po- licy, if and in what extent is waste separated in the particular school and the like. The main factors, that can, according to the survey results, partake in the affection of the students' environmental awareness, are described in the thesis (family, school, internet and other media, hobbies, relationship to nature and more). The comparison of school approach to environmental...
The factors influencing the willingness to provide first aid as an example of prosocial behavior
Havlová, Andrea ; Kuba, Radim (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Radka (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with issues of prosocial behavior and altruism. To help another person is the purpose of prosocial behavior. Altruism is closely connected with prosocial behavior. Organism often performs altruistic aid at the expense of itself. The importance of prosocial behavior is shown in the model of first aid delivery. The following chapters summarize basic information about laic first aid and its effect on survival chain of disabled person focusing on factors which can influence the first aid delivery. The main purpose of this thesis is to create a review of original research regarding the given topic and a comprehensive overview of the mentioned factors. Human behavior in given situations can be influenced by many different phenomenons. The most common effects are the effect of onlookers, kinship or emotional attachment to the injured person, knowledge of proper first aid procedures, the degree of stress and the age of the rescuer. The most important factor is the presence of danger which, in evolutionary terms, relate to the disgust dimension associated with fear of being injured or infected with an infectious disease and related decreasing of biological fitness of individual.
Contemporary Scientific Knowledges and its Pedagogical Transformation by Way of Example of Human Evolution's Topic
Dvořáková, Radka ; Vančata, Václav (advisor) ; Zrzavý, Jan (referee) ; Škoda, Jiří (referee)
This thesis is about the pedagogical transformation of modern scientific knowledge from the field of palaeoanthropology and evolution anthropology to the teaching about human at the first and high schools in the Czech Republic. The main objective of this thesis (realised through four constituent research studies) is to analyse and to describe this complex and multilevel process. The first step was the content analyse of 32 textbooks. We also analysed the framework of the whole process. We realise questionnaire survey among 217 teachers and also interview with 10 teachers. The last research study about student's attitude and knowledge was questionnaire survey among 660 students. We found that there are no serious obstacles in the teaching of (human) evolution from the field of believers in the Czech Republic like in some other countries. It takes usually few decades to get new findings and conceptions into the textbooks, despite it some exceptions exist. Teachers seem to be the key participants of the process of pedagogical transformation. It is not only about the information they teach in their lessons but also about the way how they teach and about the attitude the build-up towards the topic among their students.
Microscopic Practice for Elementary School
Švajcrová, Lenka ; Dvořáková, Radka (advisor) ; Poupová, Jana (referee)
The main aim of my thesis was to come up with a manual for microscopic practices for elementary school's biology classes that are useful and easy to understand. The practices were drawn from ordinary textbooks (such as Fortuna, Fraus, Jinan, Natura, Nová Škola, Prodos, Scientia, SPN) that are often used for teaching pupils from 6th to 9th grade of elementary school. I also added interesting facts and practices which were drawn from the internet. I also focused on the pupil's attitude to microscoping using special questionnaires. Pupils wrote that their relationship with microscoping is positive and it helps them to understand the biology curriculum more. Furthermore, I gained information about the frequency that they practice microscoping at school. Although there are not enough biology lessons overall, I find out that most teachers usually manage to practice microscoping in class once every two weeks. In the theoretical part of the thesis, I focused on the structure of the optical microscope, which is used in classes and on the making of a temporary and permanent preparation. I also clarified the importance of microscoping practices and the pupil's opinions about it. Lastly, I added an overview of biology textbooks used in primary schools and grammar schools. Keywords: microscope, laboratory...
HIV in High School Education in African Countries Compared to Czech Republic
Dachsová, Kristýna ; Dvořáková, Radka (advisor) ; Kuba, Radim (referee)
I would like to deal with the issue of HIV education in the most affected African countries compared to the situation in the Czech Republic. My work will focus on classic teaching at high schools including preventive programs and health measure. The aim of the thesis is to find out how the variously high school systems in different countries respond to current problems. The work can then be followed by research of particular prevention programs in Czech Republic which are aimed at fighting against HIV at high schools, or suggest some kind of program for the high school.
The Evaluation of the Geological Educational Program and its Comparison with the Teaching in the Classroom
Pelechová, Kateřina ; Dvořáková, Radka (advisor) ; Poupová, Jana (referee)
The thesis is concerned with appraising the educational program of the Geology Teaching Center Říčany, in particular its influence on the pupils' attitudes towards geology. The benefits of field trips and outdoor education have been observed many times; however, mostly pupils' knowledge or skills were taken into consideration while their attitudes have been investigated fairly recently. Moreover, geology is regarded by pupils as 'the more boring part of nature' and hence I was interested in whether (and how) the non-standard form of education can change the pupils' attitudes towards geology. The objectives of the thesis were 1) to investigate what the pupils' attitudes towards geology are, and 2) to decide whether (and how) the specific geology field trip affects these attitudes and to compare this influence with the one of standard class education. The third, last objective consisted in stating whether the field trip in question will help pupils to understand how sundry topographic features were created. The main research question was stated as follows: How will the field trip affect the pupils' attitudes towards geology in comparison with standard class education covering the same topics? According to results of my investigation, pupils regard geology as the most useless and unpopular branch of...

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