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Influence of using methods and organizational forms on attractiveness of biology lessons for pupils
Kolesárová, Veronika ; Rajsiglová, Ina (advisor) ; Blažová, Kateřina (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to find out which teaching / learning methods and forms teachers use in their biology lessons and its impact on attractiveness of biology for pupils. The adjoing aims are to find out which factors influence teacher's choice of teaching / learning methods and forms, which teaching / learning methods and forms are unused and the causes of their non-use. Another adjoing aim is to determinate if there is a difference in biology lessons between lower grammar schools and primary schools. Furhermore, the adjoing aims are to compare not only the attractiveness of biology but also the popularity of teaching methods and forms by pupils of lower grammar schools and primary schools. The thesis first contains the theoretical part. The research part contains the metodology of data collection and the metodology of evaluation of these data. Furthermore this thesis contains the results of the research. The results show that monology and autodidactic teaching methods and forms predominate in biology lessons. Teachers are limited by various obstacles such as lack of time, materiál equipment of the school, the approach of colleagues and school management, different approach of pupils, approach of the teacher. For primary school pupils biology is more popular than for lower grammar...
Project based education, its realization and influence on pupil's learning
Škarková, Barbora ; Rajsiglová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Blažová, Kateřina (referee)
The goal of the diploma thesis was to find out how teachers realize project based education with the main focus on grammar school and biology teaching and also explore the influence of project based education on pupil's learning. Data were obtained by the method of semi -structured interviews, which were conducted with twelve teachers and fifty pupils at six grammar schools in three regions of the Czech Republic. The grounded theory method was used for data processing. Teacher's realization of project based education and the influence of project based education on pupil's learning are influenced by various aspects discussed in the thesis. Part of the diploma thesis is an analysis of selected Czech literary and internet sources of information dealing with project based education. Key words: project based education, realization of project based education, grounded theory, grammar school, biology
The Influence of the Higher Education and Support of the School Environment for Beginning Teachers of Biology
Přibylová, Kateřina ; Rajsiglová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Blažová, Kateřina (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis was to find out how beginning teachers perceive the influence of the higher education and the support of the school environment in the course of their first years of practice and also how they subsequently propose to improve the quality of the higher education and the support of the school environment. The data were collected through semi-structured interviews with twelve beginning teachers with a one to five years of experience. The data were processed by the method of the grounded theory. It was discovered that the beginning teachers' perception of the higher education and the support of the school environment is influenced not only by the form of those two elements but also by the teachers' perceived problems, which are very individual. The factors that cause the individuality of the problems and subsequently the point of views of the beginning teachers are discussed in the thesis. It is not possible to determine the form of the higher education and the support of the school environment that would suit everyone given the individuality of the beginning teachers' views. On the other hand, there are some trends across the opinions of beginning teachers and thus they are presented in the thesis. Key words: beginning teacher, problems of beginning teachers, higher...
Health care and health life style in teaching in (not only) biology
Kašíková, Petra ; Rajsiglová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Blažová, Kateřina (referee)
Background: This thesis deals with the issue of healthy lifestyle in the area of the Czech education system, especially from the point of view of anchoring the educational subject "Health Education " within the educational program. The research part was realized through a questionnaire survey at four selected Prague primary schools and four eight-year grammar schools. The research group was consisted of 140 elementary school pupils and 136 pupils of eight-year grammar schools. After the evaluation of the questionnaire survey, a structured interview with one teacher on each of the schools was conducted and this information mapped their opinions to the subject of Health Education. Objectives: The aim of the work was to map pupils' awareness of the areas from the subject "Health Education ", and where the pupils gained this knowledge. Then compare the acquired information within two types of schools (elementary schools and eight-year grammar schools). The work also compares the obtained information with the opinions of the teachers who teach the subject at selected schools. Methods: A questionnaire designed for pupils of Prague primary schools and eight-year grammar schools was used to collect the data, which dealt with the subjects of "Health Education ". A semi- structured interview for teachers of...
Geography and natural history curriculums integration for secondary schools - example of the living nature of America
Sovičková, Michaela ; Mourek, Jan (advisor) ; Blažová, Kateřina (referee)
Classical frontal teaching, where pupils are supposed to listen to the teacher and make notes is becoming stereotypical. Therefore I decided to focus on a topic where I can apply more teaching methods both in Geography lessons and Biology ones. The goal of this work was to create a teaching guide including necessary materials covering the topic of American natural lanscapes and afterwards to evaluate the contribution of these activities. The teaching materials were tested in two classes in The Basic School in Dolní Břežany. Both classes underwent a pretest, the first posttest (immediately after the experimental lessons), the second posttest (six weeks after the experimental lessons) and pupils also tried activities in which they had to apply their achieved knowledge. The data were evaluated using statistical analyses where the results showed a progress of gained knowledge between the pretest and the first posttest, whereas their knowledge did not significantly differ between the first and second posttest. It can be concluded that pupils broadened their knowledge, which was deeper than at the beginning and the pupils were able to retain this knowledge for a longer time. Key words: North America, South America, natural lanscapes, Biology, Geography, activating teaching methods, curriculum integration
Peroral infections of birds and mammals with the neuropathogenic fluke Trichobilharzia regenti
Pech, Václav ; Horák, Petr (advisor) ; Blažová, Kateřina (referee)
Migration within the body of an infected host is one of the most important parts in the life cycle of flukes, including schistosomes. Migration of avian and mammalian visceral schistosomes has been a quite well studied topic (Haas a Haeberlein, 2009), which became more attractive after the discovery of T. regenti, an avian schistosome which is able to migrate through the nervous tissues of infected birds and mammals as well. Migration of T. regenti and T. szidati schistosomula within the definitive (duck) and the accidental (mouse) hosts is the main topic of the diploma thesis. This work continues with the research of K. Blažová (Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague) who studied migration of T. regenti within the definitive hosts infected perorally with cercariae or hepatopancreases of the infected intermediate snail, Radix lagotis (unpblished). She proved that T. regenti schistosomula are able to use the central nervous system for migration to the nasal mucosa of infected birds. In our work, we focused on the early phase of migration within the perorally infected birds and mice. Invasion of esophagus by T. regenti cercariae in vitro is not conditioned by secretion of glandular products, including cathepsin B2 of T. regenti (TrCB2). Activity of TrCB2 against mucins, the main components...
Fieldwork in soil biology
Dufek, Dominik ; Mourek, Jan (advisor) ; Blažová, Kateřina (referee)
This thesis didactically processes three proposals of fieldwork for intermediate school pupils and students of lower grades of grammar schools. Two of the described sites for field education are located directly in the capital city of Prague (Prokopské valley, Meanders of Botič) and the third locality lies 30 km south of Prague (Medník). All field exercises are focused on soil, soil biology and ecology of selected localities. During the fieldwork, students apply active learning and record their results in worksheets. The first half of the thesis is a literary review describing the characteristics of the selected sites, the soil and soil organisms and selected methods of study of soil ecosystems. The last part of the literary review deals with general characteristics of field training as an organizational teaching form, its aims, methods and organization. The actual output of the whole work is the proposal of three fieldworks and methodological materials for teachers. Individual tasks in the worksheets are analysed from the didactical point of view. Two of the fieldworks were tested in school practice by the author of the thesis. The course of the two fieldworks commented and the results of the students' works are evaluated. The annex of the theses contains worksheets for students, their correct...

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