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The effect of a first aid course on the disgust level
Váňová, Barbora ; Kuba, Radim (advisor) ; Dlouhá, Daniela (referee)
Disgust is an affective component of the behavioral immune system. The behavioral immune system is a set of psychological mechanisms that help the body to protect itself against pathogens and other potential risk factors, thus influences the life of an individual in a wide range of situations. An example of such a situation might be the provision of first aid. First aid is an important part of the process of saving a person's life and, if provided correctly and in a timely manner, can significantly improve the course of treatment in hospital care. Disgust is one of the factors that can reduce or inhibit the willingness to provide first aid. However, there is a lack of research evidence on whether and how first aid courses specifically modify perceptions of disgust. Therefore, we decided to focus on this fact in the present study. The study was conducted through questionnaire survey before, after and one month after the first aid course. The respondents were in the experimental group participants of first aid courses organized at the Faculty of Science of Charles University and in the control group participants of other, non-first aid related courses. Purpose-designed questionnaires focused on previous experience with first aid, evaluation of the distastefulness of the tasks performed on the course,...
Factors influencing the willingness to provide first aid among the general population and teachers in the Czech Republic
Sekerášová, Iveta ; Kuba, Radim (advisor) ; Nodžáková, Kateřina (referee)
In the Czech Republic, citizens are legally obligated to provide first aid according to current regulations. Therefore, first aid education is incorporated into educational programs at various levels of schooling. Despite people learning how to provide first aid, it has been observed that it is often not adequately provided in real-life situations. There are several factors that can influence human responses and reduce the willingness to provide first aid. According to studies, the most common inhibiting factors include the presence of danger, fear of infection, panic and stress, insufficient knowledge of first aid procedures, and general concerns. However, most of this information has been obtained through studies conducted outside the Czech Republic. Therefore, we conducted two questionnaire studies focused on the Czech population. The respondents included representatives from the general public (N=1594) and the teaching profession (N=1876). The aim was to identify the factors that most significantly limit individuals when providing first aid. The results showed that the most important factors were related to safety aspects, emotional influences (such as panic, anxiety, feelings of disgust or nausea), and insufficient knowledge of first aid. Based on the results, didactic recommendations were...
Influence of birth order on a person with a focus on middle children
Sasová, Viktorie ; Kuba, Radim (advisor) ; Šebánková, Blanka (referee)
Family represents one of the key environmental factors significantly influencing individuals. Previous studies have shown that the way a person is influenced within this environment i also determined by the role they occupy within the family. One of the related factors can be, among others, the birth order. It may play a role in shaping personality trats among siblings and influencing their life attitudes. For a better understanding of the effects of birth order, this work first addresses the differences between siblings from an evolutionary and ecological perspective, identifies the main factors influencing the birth order effect, and describes the tge characteristics of each specific birth order type. The work provides insights into the issue of birth order's influence, with particular focus on middle-born children, in relation to their personality, sexual behavior, and psychological specificities of middleborns. Research has shown that birth order has a significant effect on middle-born children, particularly in the areas of prosocial behavior, sexual strategy, and manifestations of self- harming or suicidal behavior. However, there is a relatively limited number of atudies specifically addressing the influence of birth order on middlborns. Additionally, many of these studies were published...
First aid knowledge and skills of pupils in elementary schools - cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Ročková, Lenka ; Kuba, Radim (advisor) ; Nodžáková, Kateřina (referee)
This thesis focuses on teaching first aid to elementary school students with an emphasis on resuscitation procedures. First aid and resuscitation, in particular, are crucial skills for saving lives in critical situations. Although first aid education is a part of school programs, it often remains limited to theoretical explanations, which can hinder students' ability to react practically. The presented study highlights the significance of practical training and experiential pedagogy in first aid education. We conducted a survey among pupils of the second stage of elementary school (N=142), consisting of two main parts. In the questionnaire section, pupils evaluated the difficulty of various tasks related to resuscitation and answered questions focused on theoretical knowledge. In the second part, pupils demonstrated resuscitation on an electronic training model. The conducted research confirmed that theoretical knowledge often does not translate into the ability to perform necessary tasks in practice. Pupils faced the greatest difficulties with tasks involving rescue breathing, but deficiencies were also observed in achieving the correct compression frequency and depth. Based on the obtained results, didactic recommendations were proposed, which can be implemented into first aid education for...
Possibilities of using leisure and experiential pedagogy in relation to the teaching of biology
Rybka, Jakub ; Rajsiglová, Ina (advisor) ; Kuba, Radim (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with experiential education and leisure education and possibilities of using their aspects in schools teaching, especially in Biology and Natural history. There is a need for clarification of definitions in the introduction, which will be followed by a brief chapter on history of experiential learning and leisure education in Czech environment. The main goal of this thesis is to point out that aspects of both branches of education have already been used in some modern education methods. Selected methods are closely described, for example their possible benefits and disadvantages or their extent in education at Czech schools. In conclusion, those methods are then compared with experiential learning and leisure education for confirmation of the main hypothesis of this thesis.
Teachers' stress factors and ways of coping with them
Tichá, Lucie ; Kuba, Radim (advisor) ; Průšová, Denisa (referee)
Teaching is considered one of the professions with the highest levels of stress. As part of their job, teachers have to cope with a number of factors that can cause stress. The aim of the study was to create a review based on the international and Czech primary literature summarizing the knowledge about the stress factors of teachers and the possibilities of coping with them. The opening chapter of the thesis focuses on situating the issue of stress in the teaching environment and summarizes the possible consequences of teacher stress. The main part of the bachelor thesis contains information about stress factors of teachers in the international and Czech context, along with ways of coping with stress. The stressors associated with the recent COVID-19 pandemic are also taken into consideration. The thesis concludes with recommendations to reduce teacher stress and minimize its possible consequences.
Bullying of teachers by pupils and solution options
Macháčková, Andrea ; Kuba, Radim (advisor) ; Průšová, Denisa (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of bullying of teachers by pupils. This is a significant problem, but one that has often received insufficient attention in the literature. Nowadays, it is becoming even more relevant, and therefore this phenomenon has been discussed more frequently. The present paper is a literature search based on original empirical research on teacher-pupil bullying. The aim of the thesis is to provide an insight into the issues surrounding this form of bullying and to summarise the basic knowledge associated with it. The thesis also looks at possible solutions. The main purpose of the literature search is to sort out information about the frequency of bullying and its causes. Understanding the reasons may help to reduce the incidence of this phenomenon. The last part is devoted to possible solutions. Approaches that could lead to a reduction or complete elimination of bullying.
Preparation of Didactic Materials for Teaching First Aid at Elementary Schools
Hubínková, Zdeňka ; Kuba, Radim (advisor) ; Hanušová, Jaroslava (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of first aid education at the second stage of elementary schools. The aim of the thesis was to create a set of tasks that the teacher can use as a part of the students' independent work during the time when the teacher is working with other students during practical training. The first part of the thesis contains a general overview of the importance of first aid, the integration of first aid in curricular documents at elementary schools and the possibilities of teaching first aid, including organizational forms, methods and didactic tools for teaching first aid in schools. The second part deals with the creation of worksheets with tasks and their evaluation. A total of 9 different types of tasks were created in 4 variants, which were then grouped into 4 worksheets. The assessment of the applicability of the tasks in practice was carried out in the form of an evaluation questionnaire, in terms of comprehensibility, difficulty and entertainment. The results show that the created tasks meet the above-mentioned characteristics at an appropriate level - the pupils rated them as comprehensible, reasonably challenging and entertaining. In addition to a set of worksheets, the work also includes solutions to individual tasks, including an indication of the average...
The influence of birth order on social pathological phenomena and risky behavior
Polienko, Arina ; Kuba, Radim (advisor) ; Daňková, Hana (referee)
This thesis focuses on the influence of birth order on social pathological phenomena and risky behavior. It describes the theory of birth order and emphasizes its evolutionary-biological assumptions. The main goal of the thesis is to summarize existing knowledge about the relationship of birth order with selected socially unacceptable phenomena. It compares the diverse results of scientific studies and assumes possible causal mechanisms of the dynamics observed in them. It points to understudied areas that require further investigation. In these areas, the thesis tries to predict theoretically possible indirect dependence through other factors that are connected with the theory of birth order. It points to the importance for research of such aspects of birth order theory as the age spacing and gender of siblings. This thesis should serve as a theoretical basis for further research of the issue.
Cell Biology in Czech Lower-secondary Biology Textbooks
Zupko, Jakub ; Dvořáková, Radka (advisor) ; Kuba, Radim (referee)
Cell biology is a dynamic but also complex and abstract scientific field. Therefore, it is crucial that teachers have sufficient quality teaching material to teach it. This paper aims to assess the quality of the cell biology chapters in five Czech textbooks for 6th-grade science. Specifically, the textbooks of Fraus, Nová Škola, Prodos, SPN and Taktik publishers are the set under study. The content analysis of the textbooks focuses on six aspects: scope of the material, terminology, difficulty of the explanatory text (measured by the Hrabí method), content accuracy, the cognitive difficulty of the accompanying tasks (according to Bloom's taxonomy) and the nature of the non- verbal component of the textbooks. Differences were found in the didactic equipment and the correctness of the content of individual textbooks. In four of the five explanatory texts it is possible to find incorrect information (at least three and at most twelve false statements). Most of the accompanying tasks are aimed at the lowest levels of Bloom's taxonomy. The nonverbal component on average occupies almost one-third of the page space, with the most common type of pictorial component being a sketch. The most suitable textbook, based on the examined criteria, is the textbook published by SPN, followed by the textbook...

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