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Managing and implementing change in the organisation
Svobodová, Markéta ; Mudd, Dana (advisor) ; Vinopal, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on managing and implementing change in an organization and examines key aspects of this issue. The first part of the thesis provides a theoretical framework that defines the key concepts such as change, an organization, or change management. It also defines several types of change and discusses the factors that can influence the success of change initiatives. Furthermore, the work identifies the key determinants of an organizational culture that can influence the acceptance of changes and the adaptability of an organization. Several of the best-known approaches and models that can be used in the implementation of changes also form a part of the theoretical basis. As a part of the research section of the thesis, an analysis of a specific case of an organization recently struggling with the implementation of fundamental changes was carried out, thus enabling the topic to be presented through a practical example. Research methods include the collection of primary data through face-to-face interviews with stakeholders. The aim was to capture the change management process in this organization and identify the benefits and limitations of the change implementation process. The research results provide insights into the success of change management in practice, present the...
Research on employee's identification with the company
Sýkorová, Barbora ; Buriánek, Jiří (advisor) ; Mudd, Dana (referee)
The thesis is conducted in the form of applied sociological research in the company XY, where I work. Company XY belongs to a multinational corporation and is engaged in manufacturing and development for the automotive industry. The sociological research is conceived in the form of a quantitative questionnaire survey, specifically it was an exhaustive survey of 7 selected departments of XY. A total of 770 employees were contacted, the participation rate was around 50 % and the final sample consists of 395 respondents. The survey deals with the topic of employee identification with the company and attitudes towards the company, but also includes a block dealing with attitudes towards work, focusing on the topics of job satisfaction, meaningfulness of work, motivation for good work performance, social climate in the company and the topic of stability. The aim of the study was to find out what factors influence employee identification with the company. Using multiple linear regression, the results of our analysis confirmed that employee identification with the company is significantly predicted by the factor of motivation, and the degree of employee identification with the company is most influenced by whether the employee enjoys and finds the work fulfilling. Another significant predictor is the...
The relationship between work values and age in the context of organisational culture
Novák, Matěj ; Mudd, Dana (advisor) ; Podaná, Zuzana (referee)
How to adapt the work environment to people of all ages because of the generally perceived differences in work values is a large topic in the fields of management, psychology and sociology. This bachelor thesis examines whether differences in work values do indeed occur between age groups, and if, what these differences are. In addition to the analysis of the relationship between age and work values itself, the author focuses on the concept of generation as an independent variable, but finds shortcomings when analyzing said variable. The topic is anchored in the context of corporate culture because of the tight correlation with work values. The theoretical part of the thesis, in which the author attempts to summarize the current knowledge in the field of this issue, is supported by secondary data analysis in the practical part, where the author analyzes work values of a borrowed dataset for the purpose of the bachelor thesis. In the bachelor thesis, the relationship between work values and age was established. The relationship with age was found for example for financial evaluation, career advancement, job interestingness, job security and the tendency to change jobs. The thesis also explored the view of managers as people intervening in the running of the corporate culture and how they perceive...
A family business research
Tomsová, Eva ; Mudd, Dana (advisor) ; Buriánek, Jiří (referee)
The dissertation concerns with the problems of family businesses on the example of one company HART-PIPE Ltd. Family businesses are in the world scale classified as the main actors in creation of GDP, employment and overall can be considered as the backbone of the economyThe biggest mover of the whole system of family owned companies is the organisational culture. At first this work looks into the theoretical concepts and current pieces of knowledge on the top is about organisational culture and other aspects which can be connected to it as, for example succession, gender roles in small family businesses or specific conditions on the Czech market. The main part of the work describes qualitative and quantitative research done on the company with the help of PEST, SWOT and Porter's five forces analysis. For the description of organisational culture was used a model based on the Cameron and Quinn's work, of which foundation we will introduce individual cultural profiles of the company. Combining qualitative and quantitative methods is possible to reach specific results and better setting of the whole context. Keywords: Research; small business; internal processes; structure; organisational culture; family business; OCAI; semi-structured interviews
Corporate culture of a Czech company in relation to national culture and the company's operation on the international market
Volkova, Sofia ; Mudd, Dana (advisor) ; Richter, Eva (referee)
The subject of this bachelor's thesis is the research of corporate culture, its connection with national culture and the operation of the company on the international market. The aim of the thesis is to reveal how the employees and management of the selected Czech company perceive the corporate culture and to analyze the company's strategies in the field of the international market. To investigate the influence of national culture on management, a qualitative research methodology will be used using Geert Hofstede's questionnaire. The output of the conducted research are indices that can be used to reveal values influenced by national culture. The result of the work from an academic point of view is an insight into the projection of the features of national culture on the functioning of a modern Czech company and a stimulus to a more extensive analysis of the importance of national culture in the business environment. The work can also be used by the analyzed company to map the internal climate of the organization.
Tattoo as a work place disciminative factor
Kalačová, Barbora ; Mudd, Dana (advisor) ; Buriánek, Jiří (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of tattoos in the work environment, focuses on the moments when tattooing can be a discriminatory or disadvantageous factor. The work is divided into three parts, in the first, theoretical, the issue is viewed from several perspectives. It briefly introduces the history of tattoos and the changes in society's attitudes to it, the issue of organizational culture, deviating the individual from the norm, the legislative grounding of discrimination in the work environment and a summary of current professional publications dealing with tattoos in the labour market. The second, methodological part, describes the selection of the sample and the course of qualitative research. In the third, empirical part, interviews with two groups of respondents are described and analysed - workers with visible tattoos and HR workers and managers who are present at interviews and have a great impact on the lives of workers. Subsequently, all findings are linked in the final part of the work, discussion.
Specifics of management of non-profit organizations: Aspects influencing the participation of volunteers and their satisfaction
Marešová, Žaneta ; Mudd, Dana (advisor) ; Buriánek, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with aspects that affect the participation and satisfaction of volunteers in non-profit organizations. Primarily the text deals with management practices that affect the participation and satisfaction of volunteers. The aim of the thesis is to summarize in the form of literature review what social and organizational aspects in the context of management affect the participation and satisfaction of volunteers and what aspects can stimulate the motivation of volunteers. Attention is also paid to self-determination theory, which deals with social conditions and their influence on the intrinsic motivation of volunteers. A literature review shows that management practices have an impact on the participation and satisfaction of volunteers when it is possible to increase the motivation of volunteers and their intention to remain in organizations thanks to certain practices. Participation and satisfaction can be influenced by aspects from social relations, training to identification with the values of the organization. Furthermore, the text shows that thanks to self-determination theory, it is possible to better understand the quality of volunteer motivation and it is therefore appropriate to apply it to understanding motivation across non-profit organizations and volunteering....
Organizational culture and its impact on organizational efficiency
Fehrens, Daniel ; Mudd, Dana (advisor) ; Buriánek, Jiří (referee)
This paper deals with the analysis of organizational culture in a pharmaceutical company. At the beginning the term culture is defined and the concept of organizational culture is introduced, which is the central theme of the whole thesis. Next, the elements of organizational culture that create its content and determine its strength are presented. Once the key concepts are properly understood, a study is presented to give a better idea, which is set in the context of examining organizational subcultures and their functioning in an organization. Subsequently, the paper explains how an organizational culture diagnosis can be done and what it entails. Attention is drawn to models based on the concepts of Cameron and Quinn. The different cultural profiles are introduced. The main part of the thesis concerns the self-diagnosis of organizational culture, combining both theoretical and practical aspects. Research has been conducted that focuses on specific departments of the organization. This implies that the thesis will reflect more on a particular subculture than the overall culture of the organization. Through the proven OCAI methodology, the cultural profiles and results of the entire research have been presented. The thesis concludes by discussing the results and evaluating the overall diagnosis...
Paradoxes in current civilization in the context of sociology of food
Vojtíšková, Lucie ; Duffková, Jana (advisor) ; Mudd, Dana (referee)
I deal with the relation between food and society in this work. I write about foodways influenced by society and culture, where are these foodways occured. I mention development of food since antique period till this time. I mention role, which played diet in the relation between nations, but even within one society. There are few sociologist, who are interested in food, but in spite of this, this work points out some of them, especially Norbert Elias. I place emphasis on actual themes associated with food and eating. These problems are hunger, obesity, thin cult, eating disorders. Then I point out eating trends like vegetarianism, bio food, genetically modified food, fast food and slow food. The tackled question is why is a lot of food on the one side of the Earth, but there are many people diing of malnutrition on the second side of the Earth. Why people are becoming fatter and fatter in western societies, when thin cult and desire for slim body is very popular. The consequence of this is eating disorders. I draw attention on the new trends in nourishment, there are emphasized healthy diet, however fast food restaurants are still very popular. People start to prefer natural food, nevertheless scientists manipulate with genes and produce genetically modified food. When we look on these paradoxies...
The imperative of feminine beauty
Myslivcová, Klára ; Duffková, Jana (advisor) ; Mudd, Dana (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with one of the most viable ideas within the Euro-American territory that accentuates the distinction between men and women and therefore maintains the "mystic demarcation line" that Virginia Woolf talked about. It is the idea that only women are obliged to "be beautiful". The primary objective of this work is to lift this conviction from the common (biologically-essentialist), trouble-free understanding and to uncover it in the light of social constructivism as a mere myth; to show that the myth of beauty - as it is called in this thesis - is originally our human work, not the work of nature (or God), and that its hidden ambition is nothing less than preserving the social - patriarchal - status quo. It is a purely intentional myth aimed at the disadvantage of women, which is, however, again and again reproduced unrecognised within the process of socialisation: first of all by the family, school, (mass) media and the industry of (feminine) beauty - these factors are called the guardians of the myth of beauty for the purpose of the thesis.

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