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Public space in housing estates: the case of Southwest City in Prague
Jílek, Tomáš ; Špačková, Petra (advisor) ; Brabec, Tomáš (referee)
Public space is an important part of the urban environment and plays an important role in everyday leisure. High quality public space helps to improve the image of urban areas, attracts visitors, and can create attractive conditions for the concentration of services. Southwest City was built as one of the last housing estates in Prague. New residential projects are still being built on its territory, which together with the original historical buildings and housing estates form a unique urban unit. This bachelor thesis aims to develop its own method to evaluate the public space. The method consists of six aspects - physical condition, visual condition, concept of locality, locality cleanliness, maintenance of green space and social climate. The other part of the thesis is also to determine if there is a relationship between the quality of the public space and the type of housing development and how the different aspects evaluating the quality of the public space relate to each other. The results of the thesis suggest that there are qualitative and spatial differences in the design of public space in the Southwest City area. Also, the relationship between the type of housing development and the quality of public space was found. The physical condition and cleanliness of the public space locality can...
Wireless communication link analyzer
Dostálek, Jakub ; Burian, František (referee) ; Jílek, Tomáš (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to design and implement a wireless communication analyzer in mobile robotics, using IPv4 protocol and Ethernet interface and to create correctly selected and expressed characteristics from the measured data, according to which the wireless communication channel can be further optimized for the best data transmission. To meet these requirements, a brief search of existing solutions was performed, their applicability was discussed and important parameters of the wireless transmission channel were defined, which will form the given characteristics. Furthermore, the actual design and implementation of a wireless communication link analyzer for previously specified required parameters, verification of its functionality on the transmission link with known parameters and automation of measurement and data evaluation was performed.
An kinematic analysis of skid-steer wheeled mobile robot
Šafránek, Petr ; Jílek, Tomáš (referee) ; Burian, František (advisor)
In this thesis deals with an kinematic analysis of skid-steer wheeled mobile robot. In chapter we will focuse on theore about kinematice. In chapter two there is forward and inverse kinematice which will be implemented in the parametric simulator in chapter 3. Results of simulation are sumarized in chapter 4. The simulator is located in an attachment A and m-file with resullts processing is in attachment B.
Cybernetic applications against COVID-19
Hyhlík, Pavel ; Jílek, Tomáš (referee) ; Chromý, Adam (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with possible solutions of the COVID-19 crisis, with the help of knowledge in the field of cybernetics. It describes problems that cause spread of the disease, precautions that have been made and possibilities for improvement of their efficiency using this specialization, or also new solutions. The advantages and disadvantages of particular solutions and their effect on spread will be analysed as well. A system for spacing monitoring is chosen and constructed from them.
Position measurement of moving objects using a robotic total station
Horeličan, Tomáš ; Žalud, Luděk (referee) ; Jílek, Tomáš (advisor)
Práca sa zaoberá objavujúcim sa nekonvenčným využitím moderných teodolitov, tiež známych ako Robotické Totálne Stanice (RTS), ako sledovací a navádzací systém, určením presnej pozície dynamicky sa pohybujúceho objektu. To sa týka najmä situácií, kde nie je možné využiť konvenčné polohovacie systémy akým je napríklad GNSS. Kinematicky určená poloha objektu kontinuálne sledujúcou RTS môže byť následne v reálnom čase využitá pre autonómnu navigáciu malých bezpilotných leteckých prostriedkov (UAV) poskytnutím referenčného súradnicového systému a okamžitej polohy v ňom. Podstatná časť práce je venovaná návrhu a realizácii vhodných experimentov, ktoré overia spoľahlivosť určovania presnej polohy objektu v presnom časovom okamžiku. Boli preverené stanice série S7 a S9 od spoločnosti Trimble a stanica S9 HP, ktorá disponuje frekvenciou kontinuálneho merania až do 10 Hz bola napokon využitá pre experimenty. Lokálny čas ovládacieho panelu TSC7, ktorý zabezpečuje komunikáciu so stanicou bol pomocou protokolu PTP synchronizovaný s lokálnym časom mini-počítača Raspberry Pi, ktorý následne poskytoval referenčné meranie skutočnej polohy objektu v čase. V závere sú zhrnuté výsledky experimentov.
Public Transportation Lines classification by GNSS data
Pizur, Jaroslav ; Lázna, Tomáš (referee) ; Jílek, Tomáš (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is digitalization of bus transportation. The input is represented by a sequence of GNSS data which are transformed to the OpenStreetMap format. Doing so, it is enriched by the information OpenStreetMap format provides and it gains its positional advantages as well. Then this thesis deals with ways by which one can detect bus lines from this general sequence of GNSS coordinates. A bus line is recognized as a repeating trajectory, which satisfies criteria derived from its expectable or defined characteristics. A few clustering solutions are proposed and tested for their performance. On the basis of this testing, there is one solution chosen as the best performing one, to be the proposed solution of this thesis. The overall output will therefore be formed by automatic mapping of bus lines with no theoretical area limit and with minimum manual intervention needed. It lays the foundations for various intelligent real-time processes to be implemented as well as allowing for infrastructure to be processed for the statistics purposes or urban planning.
The Development of Autonomous Unmanned Aircraft
Hamáček, Vojtěch ; Ligocki, Adam (referee) ; Jílek, Tomáš (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to modify commercially produced drone DJI Matrice 100 and replace its original control unit by open source Pixhawk and its accessories. Subsequently, it deals with the selection of suitable open source firmware for Pixhawk and its configuration on the device. Another part is dedicated to the possibilities of using the Robotic Operating System (ROS) and its Mavros libraries on the onboard computer Raspberry Pi. By using Mavros, it examines the possibilities of drone flight control, both in the simulation environment and in the real environment.
Localization with Optical Markers in Mobile Robotics
Vítek, Filip ; Jílek, Tomáš (referee) ; Gábrlík, Petr (advisor)
The problems of mobile robotics includes, for example, method of navigation or positioning of mobile robot. This thesis deals with one of the many posibilities, which is the use of optical markers. The first part of this thesis is recherche about implementation of optical markers and the result is slection of the ArUco library. Under the open source license is available program library for the detection of these markers, which was used for measurement. The second part of thesis is concerning with making and adjusting program equipment and preparation or construction others necessary utilities. Then the mesurement was made, which was mainly focused on accuracy and success of detection. The results may be viewed in graphs and summarized in coclusion.
Measurement of GNSS receiver parameters
Beneš, Jiří ; Lázna, Tomáš (referee) ; Jílek, Tomáš (advisor)
Goal of this thesis is to propose and realize a viable method to determine static a dynamic parameters of GNSS receivers. Thesis begins with research of GNSS, foremostly determining position and associated uncertainties of measurement. Following chapter contains research of GNSS receivers, data flow and methods of evaluating parameters of such measurements. Summary of obtained information is then used to schedule measurements, assemble experiment and create evaluating metrics. Main selected evaluating metric is weighted histogram of deviations with extended information. Aplication of proposed metrics onto measurements of GNSS receivers augments available information of GNSS receiver accuracy for whole range of values. This metrics also supplies additional statistical information about course of measurement.
Control of a robotic lawn mower
Škapa, Antonín ; Gábrlík, Petr (referee) ; Jílek, Tomáš (advisor)
This master‘s thesis deals with development and realisation of robotic lawn mower with satelite navigation. It begins with preparation of a platform for outdoor mobile robot navigation and it’s control HW and SW. There are discussed different options of navigation both commercial and experimental. Further on I have chosen the right GNSS receiver based on market research and user experience. The GNSS receiver’s parameters are measured with different antennas. Following with the choice of suitable open-source control unit and it’s software implementation. Furthermore control from a companion computer is described and physical realisation is done. In the end of the thesis activation of the whole mower is performed and described. Lastly there are discussed possible ways of future development.

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