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A Comparison Particle Filter for Searching a Radiation Source in Real and Simulated World
Cihlar, Milos ; Lazna, Tomas ; Zalud, Ludek
In this paper, we are focusing on comparing solutionsfor localizing an unknown radiation source in both aGazebo simulator and the real world. A proper simulation ofthe environment, sensors, and radiation source can significantlyreduce the development time of robotic algorithms. We proposeda simple sampling importance resampling (SIR) particle filter.To verify its effectiveness and similarities, we first tested thealgorithm’s performance in the real world and then in the Gazebosimulator. In experiment, we used a 2-inch NaI(Tl) radiationdetector and radiation source Cesium 137 with an activity of 330Mbq. We compared the algorithm process using the evolution ofinformation entropy, variance, and Kullback-Leibler divergence.The proposed metrics demonstrated the similarity between thesimulator and the real world, providing valuable insights toimprove and facilitate further development of radiation searchand mapping algorithms.
Simulation of Autonomous Mobile Robots
Janoušek, Radim ; Burian, František (referee) ; Lázna, Tomáš (advisor)
The goal of this work is to implement robotic algorithms for autonomous tasks. The thesis starts with an introduction to the ROS 2 framework, where the basic features of this framework are introduced. This is followed by a comparison of the most popular robotic simulators, including a more detailed description of the Gazebo simulator and the lesser known Webots simulator. The next chapter focuses on the reasons for choosing the Webots simulator for creating the simulated world and describes the process of creating the interior based on the template. The penultimate chapter discusses the creation of robotic platforms in the Webots simulator and the sensors used, including the simulated lidar. In this simulation, the lidar is created with a mock-up of the real device. In the last chapter, the drivers for controlling the robotic platforms are implemented and a package for ROS 2 is created.
An simulation of the robot in webots and ROS
Musílek, Miloš ; Lázna, Tomáš (referee) ; Burian, František (advisor)
This work deals with the creation of a simulated manipulator with six degrees of freedom. The thesis describes simulation tools webots and Gazebo and the ROS system. The practical part deals with the creation of a simulation with a robot model and a simple environment. Subsequently, the simulated robot is coupled with the ROS system to create a controller that mimics real manipulators. The result is shown by moving an object using a set of instructions.
The use of electromyography and gamification in medical rehabilitation
Hatala, Branislav ; Lázna, Tomáš (referee) ; Chromý, Adam (advisor)
The possibility of using EMG signal measurement and gamification for the purpose of rehabilitation is a field that is being researched for several years, yet there are some questions that were not answered satisfyingly. This work is focused on creating a low-cost system, that can be used for research in this field, also this device uses VCOM interface to send raw data so it can be plotted in real-time and recorded. The device is made of FRDM-KL27Z development board and olimex-EMG-shield, the pivotal part of this work is the software of the device and overview of signal processing used in EMG. Creation of games purposed for use with this device for rehabilitation is also part of this work. The system developed in this work was then tested on volunteers that suffers from sarcopenia, and effects of device usage were evaluated.
Path planning for multi-agent robotic systems
Macák, Libor ; Ligocki, Adam (referee) ; Lázna, Tomáš (advisor)
This work concentrates on developing a Robot Operating System 2 package that enables multiagent path planning and puts main emphasis on non-collision traffic between more agents at the same time. Next it explains some basic concepts about Robot Operating System 2. This work also approaches multiagent path planning problem with listing some basic theoretical concepts and it specifies some used algorithms.
Automated speaker for orienteering races
Šabata, Milan ; Lázna, Tomáš (referee) ; Chromý, Adam (advisor)
This work describes an automatic commentator application for a sport called orienteering. This is an autonomous commentary on the ongoing race. The reason is to increase the attractiveness for the average viewer.Communication with humans is guaranteed using the text to speech function. The application uses inputs directly from the plant premises with the help of RACOM, where it then decides and selects interesting moments using an algorithm and a mathematical formula.
Simulation of Robotic Search of Lost Radiation Sources
Cihlář, Miloš ; Lázna, Tomáš (referee) ; Žalud, Luděk (advisor)
Simulátory, společnostmi zabývající se robotikou hodně využívané, hrají důležitou roli při výzkumu robotů. Zrychlují, zjednodušují, zlevňují a usnadňují vývoj softwaru a algoritmů. Magisterská práce se proto zabývá návrhem systému, založeného na ROS2 a Gazebo simulátoru, umožňující simulaci pozemních robotů ve vnějším prostředí s možností hledat ztracené radiační zdroje. Práce navrhuje několik metod vytváření prostředí v Gazebo simulátoru včetně návrhu prostředí z mračna bodů a je vytvořen model čtyřkolového, smykově řízeného mobilního pozemního robota. Chování robota v simulátoru bylo ověřeno a upraveno pomocí teoretického dynamického popisu robota. Před simulací algoritmů pro hledání ztracených radiačních zdrojů je navržena metoda sledování referenční trajektorie pomocí proporcionálně integračního (PI) a lineárně kvadratického (LQ) regulátoru a navrhuje metodu k simulaci zdroje radiace a jeho měření. Hledání radiačního zdroje jsou použity dvě typově odlišné metody, kdy jedna je založena na prozkoumání celé oblasti a vytváří mapu radiace, a druhá metoda založená na částicovém filtru aktivně hledá ztracený zdroj záření.
Implementing the checkers game using a robotic manipulator
Lichosyt, David ; Ligocki, Adam (referee) ; Lázna, Tomáš (advisor)
The thesis starts with a field research about existing robotic systems with implemented checkers or similar desk games. In its next parts are described posibilities of controling robotic manipulator Fanuc LR Mate 200iD 4S using controller R-30iB Mate from platform ROS located on external hardware. In few next pages of the thesis there are mentioned designed and used physical models. Following chapters describe real time game situation detection, game logic implementation and human input with safety in mind. At the end of the thesis there are mentioned rule checking algorithms, system operation instructions and possible future upgrades of the system.
Simulation of Unmanned Aircrafts in a Virtual Environment
Lindtner, David ; Lázna, Tomáš (referee) ; Gábrlík, Petr (advisor)
The master thesis deals with the issue of simulation of unmanned aircraft missions in a virtual environment. The aim of the work is to demonstrate basic and more advanced autonomous aerial missions in the simulated environment Gazebo - ROS 2. The work emphasizes the stability of the software solution and the stability of the communication between critical components of the aerial mission.
Cybernetic applications against COVID-19
Hyhlík, Pavel ; Lázna, Tomáš (referee) ; Chromý, Adam (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with possible solutions of the COVID-19 crisis, with the help of knowledge in the field of cybernetics. It describes problems that cause spread of the disease, precautions that have been made and possibilities for improvement of their efficiency using this specialization, or also new solutions. The advantages and disadvantages of particular solutions and their effect on spread will be analysed as well. A system for spacing monitoring is chosen and constructed from them.

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