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Comparison of the effectivness of storytelling and hard-sell formats in digital performance campaigns in the META social networking enviroment on the example of the Czech brand Jíme zdravě
Kibrik, Igor ; Báča, Ladislav (advisor) ; Vranka, Marek (referee)
This thesis examines one segment of digital marketing and focuses on performance campaigns in the META social networking environment. These differ from other digital channels in their format, environment but also in their approach and communication to target audiences. Very important is their comprehensiveness, which is one of its main strengths and competitive advantages. In general, it can be divided into 2 levels - organic, unpaid communication and performance, paid communication. This thesis focuses on the performance part of META's digital social media marketing, which consists of many elements, starting with the typology of advertising by objective - Conversion, Brand, Reach, Application, etc., through the possibility of targeting individual audiences - By age, gender, activity on Facebook or Instagram, activity on the advertiser's page or similarity to other users of these networks, to the form of the ad itself, which has 2 basic parts - Graphic and Text. For capacity reasons, it is not possible to cover all the marketing possibilities offered by the META platform in one thesis, and therefore this thesis will focus on the examination of the type of performance ads in order to make a comparison between the storytelling format, where the ad aims to sell the product through the identification...
The trend of virtual influencers in brand communications
Bubeníček, Michal ; Báča, Ladislav (advisor) ; Hejlová, Denisa (referee)
The trend of virtual influencers in brand marketing strategy and its adaptation in Czech Republic Author: Bc. Michal Bubeníček Study: Strategic communication Supervisor: Ing. Ladislav Báča Year: 2022 Abstract: This diploma thesis is devoted to the trend of virtual influencers and their possible use in the Czech Republic within the framework of brand communication. The thesis aims to investigate the role of these tools in marketing communication from the point of view of Czech experts. The introduction of the work focuses on the intermingling of reality and the digital world, followed by clarification of the term virtual influencer and examples of these projects from around the world. The practical part of the work is based on the qualitative method of structured expert interviews. The data analysis provides insight into the perception of virtual influencers from the point of view of Czech experts and clarifies the expectations of this technology, its pros and cons, and the possibilities of its use.
Marketing communication of Citibank focused on outdoor and event promotion in 2008-2009
Špina, Adam ; Báča, Ladislav (advisor) ; Köppl, Daniel (referee)
Diploma thesis "Marketing communication of Citibank focused on outdoor and event promotion in 2008-9" deals with the marketing communication of the bank Citi and it's brand on the Czech market during specified period. The aim is to describe and compare starting points, goals, media and visuals used in the communication campaigns; special attention is paid to the correlation between messages and brand identity which is discussed in-depth in the opening chapter. The evaluation is also confirmed by a research to further investigate brand awareness and few important aspects of particular advertisements.
Marketing communication of the Gambrinus brand focused on consumer competitions between 2009-2010
Hrabáková, Alexandra ; Báča, Ladislav (advisor) ; Köppl, Daniel (referee)
This bachelors thesis concerns the marketing communication of the Gambrinus brand and is focused especially on consumer competitions between 2009-2010. With the help of the descriptive method this thesis is trying to show the look of the advertising campaigns of this brand, which has for a long time been holding first place in popularity and consumption in the Czech beer market. The introductory part shows the historical developments that contributed to building strong foundations of the brand, built on solid values and a progressive development of marketing activities. It introduces Gambrinus in terms of the portfolio of Plzeňský Prazdroj and shows its definition compared with the other brands, especially compared to the targeted groups. The core of this thesis introduces the consumer competitions, which took place during those 2 years. It shows their principles, gains and media campaigns that accompanied them. Lightly outlined the strengths and weaknesses of these competitions and it points out the fact that in principle all the competitions are the same. The conclusion of my thesis evaluates individual competitions and outlines which route Gambrinus should take, especially what could possibly be done to improve the competitions. It highlights the biggest mistake which is the communication on the...
Communication strategies of musicals played in the Divadlo Broadway stressed on the example of the musical Kleopatra
Lichtenbergová, Anna-Marie ; Orban, Karol (advisor) ; Báča, Ladislav (referee)
1 Abstract This bachelor thesis entitled Communication strategies of musicals played in Theatre Brodaway showed in the example of the musical Cleopatra discusses the characteristics of communication strategies employed by private musical theatres in the Czech Republic. This discourse focuses primarily on the musical Cleopatra, which has become an integral member of the theatrical canon of the Czech Republic. It is produced by Cleopatra musical, s. r. o. and it is played at the Theatre Broadway in Prague. Furthermore, the thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. On the one hand, a brief primer on the theoretical aspects theatre will help familiarize the reader with not only the technical definitions of terms such as "theatre" or "musical" but also on the theoretical backing of communication strategies and promotional mix. On the other hand, the "practical" portion of this essay will provide concreteness via a characterization of Cleopatra musical, s. r. o. and the Theatre Broadway as well as a review of the developments in the types of communication strategies used for this musical from 2001 until 2014. This thesis will conclude with a general evaluation of the communication including all tools of the promotional mix. This will be followed by recommendations for more efficient...
Marketing communication of Film Tourism in the Czech Republic on the Example of Kroměříž
Sílešová, Adéla ; Bezouška, Martin (advisor) ; Báča, Ladislav (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on introduction to marketing communication of film tourism in the Czech Republic and presents the city of Kroměříž as a destination whose tourism is significantly influenced by film tourism. The thesis is divided into three main chapters. The first chapter describes terms as tourism, marketing communication, marketing communication mix, film tourism and also discusses current trends in film tourism. Second chapter defines film tourism in the Czech Republic and introduces two important agencies - CzechTourism and Czech Film Commisions. The crucial chapter presents the city of Kroměříž, its history, tourism and film-induced tourism. SWOT analyses is finally used to analyse marketing communication of film tourism in Kroměříž. The thesis aims to describe principal terms and to present the marketing communication of the city of Kroměříž.
Marketing analysis of selected articles from adidas Originals and the impact of marketing communications on its sales
Masařík, Vojtěch ; Koudelková, Petra (advisor) ; Báča, Ladislav (referee)
Bakalářská práce se zabývá komunikační strategií značky adidas, konktrétně komunikací značky komunikaci o těchto modelech a porovna marketingu na vnímání a prodej modelů. Zároveň se práce soustředí na sekundární t Teoretická část práce se věnuje konceptů značky adidas, respektive značky adidas Originals. Tato část obsahuje také informace o značce: její stručnou historii, produkty a d Praktická část zkoumá komunikaci na jednotlivých úrovních distribučního řetězce a prodejní data jaké množství výrobků si obchody předobjednaly, případně doobjednaly, a jak se produktům dařilo na maloobchodní úrovni. Zkoumány jsou také ceny a objemy prodaných modelů na sekundárním trhu a prostřednictvím dotazníkového šetření je vyhodnoceno povědomí veřejnosti.
Marketing Communication within the Czech eSports Scene
Pokorný, Ladislav ; Klabíková Rábová, Tereza (advisor) ; Báča, Ladislav (referee)
The thesis deals with the phenomenon of electronic sports in the Czech Republic and examines how the participants of the Czech esports scene use marketing and communication tools. The theoreticalpartdefinesthe term computergame,esportsand explainsthe principle of an esports scene on the example of a specific game. The subsequent chapter then describes the theoretical foundations of marketing, which are studied further in the thesis. The practical part first introduces the local esports scene, its history, and participants, and then describes the communication activities used by these participants. Based on the interviews and analysis, it was found that the marketing communication of the participants of the local scene is on a professional level and corresponds to international standards.

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