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Steel structure of an industrial building
Kopecký, Ladislav ; Pilgr, Milan (referee) ; Sýkora, Karel (advisor)
Industrial hall with storage outbuilding. The length of the hall is 72 meters and width of 30 meters. The main hall has a span 24 meters and the outbuilding has a span 6m. The distance between primary steel frame is 6 meters. The height of the main hall is 10.7 meters and a height of outbuilding is 13.0 metres. The roof is flat with roof slope of 3.5% the main hall and 8.75% outbuilding. The structural system of the hall's bar structure. Primary steel frame is designed as a steel frame rafter with eaves haunch. In the roof structure are designed purlins. The stability of the structure is secured by roof braces and longitudinal braces. The hall is pin-supported on the foundation pad. The hall is clad wall and roof panels PUR. Main hall is equipped with a bridge crane with capacity of 8 tons.
Load bearing structure of a sports hall
Kopecký, Ladislav ; Straka, Bohumil (referee) ; Sýkora, Karel (advisor)
This work describe the design of a multifunctional sport hall. Ground plan dimension of the hall is 55,4 x 58,16 m. Height of the hall is 16,065 m. This sports hall is designed for the free time activity and sports like badminton, basketball, futsal, football, handball, wheeled, tennis, volleyball and more. Construction of the hall is designed on the basis of the city Brnos background. A structure of the hall is ached and made of glued laminated timber.The hall is formed by cross-binding- double joint arc- shaped to ellipse. The distance between each cross-binding is 5m. Arches are connected by purlins. The stability of the structure is composed by three fields bracing.
Multifunctional building Brno, Gajdošova street, Civil technical project
Kopecký, Ladislav ; Rychtecký, Martin (referee) ; Kovářová, Barbora (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the building-technology construction preparation of the Multifunctional House Brno Gajdošova. The paper contains the technical report concerning this building; coordination of building situation; time and financial plan of the construction; study of the main technological stages; equipment project; design of major building machinery and mechanisms; schedule of the main construction building; technological regulations for making of the monolithic panel and the green flat roof; inspection and test plans in accordance with these regulations. Furthermore, two technologies referring to the execution of the monolithic roof panel are compared including the comparison of the test plan as well as the budget for the main building. The specialisation is in the field of construction of buildings with special focus on the layouts and the rust of the main building.
Jawa - history of the brand
Minařík, Miloš ; Kopecký, Ladislav (advisor) ; Halada, Jan (referee)
The Bachelor's thesis monitors the conception, history and operation of the most successful domestic motorcycle manufacturer - trademark Jawa. The thesis generally deals with the functioning of the company in different political-economical systems that has gone through during 83 years of operation and describes the changes of position and perception of brand value in time. The thesis is focusing on the extraordinary personal and professional career of founder of Jawa Company Ing. Dr. h.c. František Janeček. As well as on the enterpreneurial philosophy of his company and style the company worked the way up to become a leader of the domestic motorcycle market, which enabled the company to gain good position in the most successful era of postwar epoch. The great amount of attention is focused on the years of 30th, when Jawa starts its work and the process of brand building. This process is presented in the complex framework that explains and comments, but also monitors the entire system of branding methods, which supported the production strategies of Jawa and led to the successful building of a brand value. In this sense, the thesis takes particular notice of organizational processes in the company, changes in its portfolio and promotion of company products. The communication and activities of the...
Baťa brand in commercials 1920-1925
Peprníková, Tereza ; Kopecký, Ladislav (advisor) ; Köppl, Daniel (referee)
My Bachelor thesis "Bata brand in commercials in 1920-1925" deals with marketing communications of Zlin company in the referenced years. First part of the thesis describes brief history of Bata company. Next chapter describes relation of factory founder Tomas Bata to advertisement, which was very positive. Main part of my thesis describes commercials in newspapers Narodní listy via description by time axis. In the other parts of bachelor thesis film advertisement is described. Among other forms of marketing communications of Bata company, which was used between years 1920-1925, belong posters, leaflets, shop windows, company signs, logo, commercial in services, Bata's price, prospectuses. Bachelor thesis deals with them also. My thesis also proposes to find out the methods, when was they communicated, what and how communicated. Thesis gives the communication in the times coherence of the events in Czechoslovakia. In the resume the thesis summaries the way, how firm build the brand Bata.
Relaunch of established brand shown on an example of Benzina in the year 2008
Ročková, Daniela ; Köppl, Daniel (advisor) ; Kopecký, Ladislav (referee)
The bachelor thesis called "Relaunch of established brand shown on an example of Benzina plus in the year 2008" is focused on the relaunching process of a Czech traditional brand Benzina and its decrease of commercial potential and reputation that threatened its position on the market in 2006. Benzina decided to start a process of fundamental strategic change that represents the core of my thesis. Beginning with the description of the brand's meaning and its characteristics I stress their importance for all companies in being successful following by short analysis of the Czech petrol station market and introduction of the company itself. Benzina as a company that serves its customers for over 50 years was not perceived as a loyal company with positive associations and image, good services neither. The core part of my thesis introduces particular steps in the whole process of restructing the identity into becoming a new brand called Benzina plus. I also focus on the representation of the new brand describing its new image, equity and also customer focus group. Further I describe the communication tools and media mix. The last part of my work analyses the campaign "Měníme se v čase" ("We are changing in time") that launched this new brand publicly throughout media in 2008. Properly I define creative...

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