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Spotřebitelské chování na trhu s mlékem a jeho rostlinnými alternativami
Zemanová, Eliška
The thesis is focused on the characterization of segment of final consumers of cow's milk and plant-based milk alternatives in the Czech Republic. The aim of the thesis is to analyze the consumer behaviour of people interested in the consumption of the mentioned products. The literature review was followed by a description of the market for milk and plant-based milk alternatives. The research was carried out in the form of a questionnaire survey, in which 383 respondents was originally participated, but 6 respondents were subsequently removed from the research due to incorrect completion of the questionnaire. The established hypotheses were evaluated by the Pearson Chi-Square Test. The research found out that more respondents consume cow's milk than plant-based milk alternatives, that consumers are willing to pay more for higher quality products, and in the area of plant-based milk alternatives, according to a minority of respondents, there is a demand for a larger assortment. In conclusion, recommendations for business entities operating in the market were proposed.
Public administration bodies in the capital city of Prague
Zemanová, Eliška ; Vedral, Josef (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
Public administration bodies in the capital city of Prague Abstract The thesis deals with the organization of public administration in the capital city of Prague. Its aim was to give a comprehensive overview of a not very often treated issue and to touch upon the unclear position and legal nature of the city district. The intention is to highlight some controversial issues. After the necessary introduction to the issues of the public administration bodies, the thesis deals with the historical context of the public administration bodies in the capital city of Prague. The following chapter deals with the legal regulation of the public administration bodies in Prague, and the fourth chapter deals with public administration bodies in a narrower sense. The thesis describes the position of the individual bodies of the capital city of Prague and the bodies of the city districts and analyses the performance of local self-government and state administration in the environment of the capital city of Prague. A sub-objective is to open a controversy regarding the legal nature of the City of Prague. The question of whether a municipal district is a sui generis public law corporation is controversial. The analysis has shown that the opinion on the legal nature of the municipal district is hardly anchored at all. Thus,...
Transformation of the usage of new media and their role in romantic relationships
Zemanová, Eliška ; Turková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Hrbáčková, Anna (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the transformation of the usage of new media in romantic relationships of Generation Z. The thesis aims to find out what is the role of social media in romantic relationships, what functions they perform, and how they interfere with them. The first part of the thesis defines new media and social networking sites and then the specifics of presentation and online communication on social media in romantic relationships are explained. The practical part is based on qualitative research. Respondents are members of Generation Z who are users of social networking sites, maintain long-term relationships, and do not share a household with their partner. The data obtained from the conducted semi-structured interviews were analysed by the method of grounded theory. The key topics were those which dealt with the social networking sites impingement to the time shared together, the insistence on privacy, the communication inside relationships, the communication with other sex and motivation for presenting a romantic relationship on social networking sites.
History of the Union of Interpreters and Translators (JTP)
Zemanová, Eliška ; Svoboda, Tomáš (advisor) ; Mračková Vavroušová, Petra (referee)
(in English): This thesis aims to document the development of the Union of Interpreters and Translators from its foundation until today. The thesis deals with the situation before 1989 and associations of translators and interpreters during the Communist era and it also describes the circumstances of the establishment of the Union of Interpreters and Translators and its subsequent history. It deals with the specific activities of the organization such as competitions, trips and educational and publishing activities. Such a systematic review has not been published in Czech so far. The chosen research method is oral history, which was implemented through interviews with the four founders of the organization. The acquired data was then verified and put into the context of the records in the magazines ToP: Interpreting-translation, letters addressed to the members of the Union and documents from the meetings of the organization.
Cottages or hermitage? Specific leisure time habits of Czech society
This thesis is focused on potential reason, that could lead to the interest of the Czech society about cottage phenomen. The theoretical parth od this thesis define concept of "Second housing", which is important in comprehending current situation this subject. The main part of the work chapter Importance of cottage for free time - describes activites that are connected with cottages. This parth also includes motivation and reasons used in the literature. Practical part contains eigth interviews with cottagers. Data colleted from those interviews serves as base for determining the conclusions, that may be the actual reasons behind this phenomen of Czech people.
Impact of preserved traditions on children members of folklore groups
This thesis deals with preserves of traditions of ethnographic region Doudlebsko in children's folklore groups. The first part is focused on general concepts such as children's folklore, his genres and meaning of children's folklore in conjuction with education. Further is attention dedicated to meaning of folklore groups in conjuction with education in free time. In that context are described activities, which are with actions of folklore groups associated. Next part of this thesis is focused on ethnographic area Doudlebsko. Doudlebsko is defined against other ethnographic area of South Bohemia, which are Blata, Kozácko and Prácheňsko. Next I pay attention on describing traditional folk culture habits, dialects, folk costumes, and even folk songs and dances. Last part is dedicated on children's folklore groups in Doudlebsko. It contains description of folklore groups Bárováček, Doudlebánek, Jitřenka, Malý Furiant, Borovanský Malý furiant, Radost a Úsviťáček. I mention brief characterization to every folklore group with emphasis on distinction from other folklore groups.

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