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Empathy, Self-Compassion and Burnout in junior doctors during preparation for a postgraduate specialty
Tobiášová, Kateřina ; Loneková, Katarína (advisor) ; Zernerová, Lucie (referee)
Air Bank / interní Abstract Background.The ability to empathize and interact empathetically is considered a key skill for doctors. There is an assumption that helping professions possess a strong capacity for empathy, and junior doctors, in particular, can easily empathize with others. However, recent opinions suggest that, under the pressure of time constraints and administrative burdens, junior doctors are becoming mechanized, devoid of empathy. Empathy involves the ability to understand the inner world of others, and in this context, we are also interested in junior doctors' relationship with themselves. In recent years, the concept of self-compassion has emerged, encompassing how individuals respond to their emotional distress, suffering, or failures, how they cognitively understand them, and the attention they give to these aspects. Self-compassion may represent a healthy form of self-relating, and this study aims to investigate its presence among junior doctors. In the medical work environment, references to burnout are common, suggesting an individual's inability to function fully. This difficulty significantly disrupts the quality of life for junior doctors, resulting in decreased work performance and a decline in the quality of patient care. Given the high pressure for perfectionism and the...
Anxiety in adolescents related to the use of social networks
Varmužová, Klára ; Loneková, Katarína (advisor) ; Štětovská, Iva (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the topic of anxiety in adolescents in relation to their use of social networks sites. The topic of anxiety, its origin, functioning and bridging into anxiety disorder is discussed. Furthermore, the devoted part of adolescence is emphasized with the developmental tasks of this period, as developmental tasks can provide an explanation of why adolescents and young adults are the most frequent users of social networks sites. Much of the work is also devoted to the Internet and social networks sites, especially the findings of research that focused on mental health issues in connection with the use of the Internet and social networks sites. As such, the four most common areas examined were sleep disturbance, depression, Internet addiction and its subtypes, and anxiety. The empirical part presents a questionnaire survey, which was conducted on high school students. The questionnaire battery included an Internet Addiction Test (IAT), a Social Media Disorder Scale (SMDS), and an Revised Child's Manifest Anxiety Scale (RCMAS-2). Keywords Anxiety, adolescence, social networks sites, internet addiction
Suicidality in young adults with homosexual orientation
Slezáková, Karolína ; Loneková, Katarína (advisor) ; Kaplan, Cyril (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of suicidality in emerging adulthood of same-sex-oriented individuals. In addition to the definition of basic concepts, the theoretical part of the thesis focuses on suicidal behavior in the context of same-sex-oriented young adults. Attention is also focused on general risk factors as well as specific factors for the homosexual subpopulation. Furthermore, there are also mentioned general protective factors and preventive measures of suicidality, as well as factors and measures specific to the same-sex-oriented subpopulation. The empirical part of the diploma thesis describes the realization of research project the main aim of which was to verify whether same-sex-oriented young adults show a significantly higher suicidal risk compared to their opposite-sex-oriented peers. The SBQ-R, MSPSS and MSS methods were used to obtain the necessary data and due to the pandemic situation of COVID-19 in the Czech Republic, the data collection was administrated online. The sample consisted of 194 participants, aged 19 to 29 years. Hypotheses were tested using Welch's t-test or correlation analysis. Based on the obtained data, it was found that the same-sex-oriented young adults have a significantly higher suicidal risk compared to their opposite-sex-oriented peers. The...
Relation locus of control on prevalence of depresivity by infertil person
Blašková, Ivana ; Loneková, Katarína (advisor) ; Hrachovinová, Tamara (referee)
This master thesis deals with infertility and its treatment. Both in the theoretical and empirical part, it focuses on the female aspects of the issue. The theoretical part summarizes an overview of key information important to understand the presented problems. We define the terms, describe the psychological and physiological causes of infertility, the process of treatment of infertility and aspects thereof. We focus on the depression rate related to infertility and its treatment, furthermore, we deal with type locus of control related to the experienced rate of depression. Our aim in the empirical part is to describe the depression rate, type of locus of control within the two samples of women acquired by us and capture the possible connections. The sample is made of 58 women who are currently undergoing a treatment for infertility and of the control group, which is made of 58 healthy women. To collect the data, we used the Beck Depression Inventory BDI-II, the Rotter's Internal- External Scale and the anamnestic questionnaire. Based on acquired data, we found out some specifity in depression rate and type of locus of control within our samples of women.
Space Responses in the Rorschach. Their Meaning and Correspondence with Personality Manifestation of Adolescent Students
Simon, Vratislav ; Šípek, Jiří (advisor) ; Loneková, Katarína (referee)
The thesis deals with space responses in the Rorschach which are usually given into relation with oppositionality. The theoretical part focuses on the oppositionality phenomenon at a level of perception and personality and analyzes a variety of probable diagnostic meanings of space responses. The aim of empirical part is to verify the validity of space responses on a group of adolescent students. Results suggest that strong tendency to give space responses is not significantly related to the manifestation of oppositionality which was assessed by students' teachers. Discussion implies the need to interpret space responses in a context of an individual. Significantly higher occurrence of space responses was found in adolescent students compared to adult norms. The finding can point to a specific developmental need of independence which is typical for adolescents. Keywords: Rorschach test, Perception, Personality, Oppositionality, Adolescence
A comparison of two developmental methods and their impact on behaviour
Štěpánová, Irena ; Loneková, Katarína (advisor) ; Rymeš, Milan (referee)
The goal of my thesis is to compare the impact of two developmental methods (role playing and discussion about a video specially recorded for the developmental activity). In theoretical part I introduce employee development area from a psychological point of view and I describe psychological concepts in the background of concrete skills as leadership, self-management, communication and influencing. I strive for deeper understanding of ways we use to absorb these skills and understanding of possibilities to be used to enhance employees' development whether we mean the concrete developmental methods or training and development process management as a whole. This knowledge is applicable in training and development, which is an area, where my research is conducted. In empirical part I made two researches. In qualitative research I was identifying target group developmental needs to be able to set relevant developmental goals and chose developmental methods corresponding with actual needs of employees which is an important premise of influencing behaviour. In the main research part I conducted quasi-experiment where I compare the target group score before and after the developmental intervention. I compared statistically significant differences between scores in experimental groups and in control group....
Mindfulness and couching
Běrská, Kristina ; Loneková, Katarína (advisor) ; Zernerová, Lucie (referee)
This thesis focuses on mindfulness and ways to develop it - both standardized (MBCT-L) and non-standardized (non-mindfulness based individual coaching). The thesis focuses primarily on the general, non-clinical population. In the theoretical part, it describes the concept of mindfulness using definitions and individual components. It also lists various positive benefits of mindfulness, including potential benefits for coaches. In the empirical part, it was quantitatively investigated whether coaching increases mindfulness in clients and how it compares to the standardized mindfulness development method MBCT-L. Participants in both MBCT-L and individual coaching showed significantly higher mindfulness after the interventions. The MBCT-L intervention had a very large effect on mindfulness (d = 2.01), and the coaching intervention had a large effect (d = 0.95). Coaching significantly increased mindfulness across all scales of the FFMQ except the Non-judgmental scale, with the most support for the Observing scale (d = 0. 88). The result of the analysis of variance (ANOVA) showed that MBCT-L was significantly better than coaching in increasing mindfulness (F1,33 = 4.34, p = 0.045, ηšp = 0.116) at the α = 0.05 level of significance. Although MBCT-L increased mindfulness more, coaching also had a positive...
The meaning of life in the context of internet addiciton
Blažková, Nikola ; Loneková, Katarína (advisor) ; Kuchař, Jakub (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is to investigate the relationship between life meaningfulness and internet addiction. In the theoretical part the thesis deals with the psychological view of the meaning of life, presents important theories, selected correlates and methods of its measurement. It defines the concept of addiction and also the view of substance and non- substance addictions. It provides the current view of Internet addiction, the possibilities of diagnosis, prevalence, risk factors and also treatment. The conclusion of the theoretical part presents studies that deal with the meaning of life in the context of Internet addiction, where the meaning of life can be a tool for treatment, but also a protective factor against the emergence of addiction. The objective of the empirical part of the work is to find out whether there is a correlation between Internet addiction and meaning in life, while socio-demographic data were also analyzed. On a sample of 196 adult respondents, socio-demographic data, level of meaning in life and level of internet addiction were determined using an online questionnaire. Based on the performed analyses, a significant correlation was found between the level of meaning in life and the level of Internet addiction (rSp = - .368, p < .001). Furthermore, a negative...
Self-compassion and Nonattachment to Self in Patients with Eating Disorder
Micková, Augustina ; Loneková, Katarína (advisor) ; Pikola, Julie (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the concepts of self-compassion and non-attachment to the self in the context of eating disorders, particularly anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. The literature review section begins with introduction of eating disorders and forms of maladaptive emotional experience in eating disordered patients, which according to international studies occur in the context of self-compassion. Then it describes theoretical background of the concepts of self-compassion and non-attachment to the self, as well as current scientific findings on the eating disorder connection. The empirical part of the bachelor thesis presents a research proposal, which aims to verify, whether the level of self-compassion is lower in patients with eating disorders in comparison to the general population. Furthermore, the aim is to determine what level of non-attachment to self these patients have compared to the general population. Data collection will be conducted by questionnaire survey using the Nonattachment to Self Scale (NTS; Whitehead et al., 2018; czech version Benda, 2020b).), the Sussex-Oxford Self-Compassion Scales (SOCS- S; Gu et al., 2019; czech version Benda, 2019c) and Eating Disorder Inventory (EDI; Garner, Olmstead, & Polivy, 1983; czech version Papežová, 2010). Research could provide...
Self-compassion in crisis intervention: Relationship between self-compassion, burnout and compassion fatigue among crisis intervention workers
Malíková, Gabriela ; Loneková, Katarína (advisor) ; Štětovská, Iva (referee)
The topic of this thesis is the relationship between self-compassion, burnout and compassion fatigue in crisis intervention workers. In the theoretical part, the crisis intervention service and the requirements for crisis interventions are presented. The concepts of self-compassion, burnout, and compassion fatigue are also introduced. Subsequently, findings to date on the connections between these concepts and their impact on the mental health of workers and the quality of the service provided are summarized. In the empirical part of this work, a realized research project is described. The aim of which was to verify whether self-compassion correlates negatively with compassion fatigue and burnout syndrome; whether burnout is positively correlated with compassion fatigue; whether self-compassion appears as a moderator of the relationship between workload and job burnout or compassion fatigue. Data collection took place online electronically using CFI, SOCS-CZ and CFI. The research group consisted of 101 respondents working in telephone, chat and face-to-face crisis intervention services. Statistical processing was carried out through correlation analysis using one-sided hypotheses. A significant low negative correlation was found between burnout and self-compassion, a moderate negative correlation...

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