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Kinship of Sorrow or Kafka in the (inter)textual folds of Winfried Georg Sebald's Vertigo
Prouzová, Mariana ; Činátlová, Blanka (advisor) ; Vojvodík, Josef (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to to analyse the way W. G. Sebald operates with intertextuality and literary legacy of selected writers. specificaly with regard to presce of Franz Kafka's life and work in Sebald's first prose novel Vertigo. The thesis focuses on a detailed analysis of the novel with regard to the theory of intertextuality (J. Kristeva, R. Lachmann, R. Barthes, etc. ), on the other hand, it intends to examine Sebald's specific literary style in the context of his own work (The Apartment in the Country House, Kafka Studies), and compares it with selected novels of twentieth-century world literature (P. Demetz: 1909: Aeroplanes over Brescia, J. Barnes: Flaubert's Parrot)
The Medium of Artist's Book
Chaloupecká, Aneta ; Šebek, Josef (advisor) ; Činátlová, Blanka (referee)
(in English): The present diploma thesis aims to introduce the phenomenon of artist's book to comparative literature studies. It consists of a theoretical part and a literary analysis. The theoretical part begins by outlining the potential of the artist's book as an object of study of comparative literature, which stems mainly from its nature as a heterogeneous artistic genre straddling several artistic disciplines at once. The difficulty of classifying the author's book as part of art categories and the difficulty of applying traditional aesthetic schemes to its diverse forms are discussed. Furthermore, the characteristics of the author's book are presented, with emphasis on its hybridity, sequentiality, processuality and the internal interconnectedness of its meaning-carrying parts (text, image, material, space of the book). After a brief reflection on the socio-political and other contexts relevant to artist's book studies (curatorial, pedagogical, sociological), an assessment of the disposition of literary studies for research in the field of the artist's book follows, suggesting an initial position at the intersection of comparative literature, intermedia studies, and contemporary discussion about the artist's book. The last part of the present work attempts to apply the concepts discussed in...
Analysis of the online presentation of Czech literary canon museums and expositions
Garbová, Denisa ; Vachková, Iva (advisor) ; Činátlová, Blanka (referee)
This thesis deals with the presentation of the literary canon on the websites of literary museums. First of all, it was necessary to determine the canon of authors for this thesis -as a method we chose to analyse school reading lists for the Czech language and literature graduation exam from Prague public gymnasiums. We then investigated whether there is a museum dedicated to the author in question and, if so, whether this museum has its own website. In this way, we identified 16 literary museums for subsequent analysis. The websites were analyzed according to four criteria: website layout, communication with the visitor, visual style and educational programs, and educational potential. This last criterion was crucial for the next part of the research in this thesis. It was followed by two questionnaire surveys, one with respondents from among teachers of Czech language and literature in Prague gymnasiums, the other with respondents from among representatives of literary museums. Seven museums and seven teachers were involved in this part of the research. The questionnaire for museums complemented the findings from the previous analysis of museum websites and showed that school groups are an important visitor group for museums. The aim of the questionnaire survey with teachers as respondents was to...
The Theme of Metamorphosis in Daniela Hodrová's Poetics
Melichová, Michaela ; Činátlová, Blanka (advisor) ; Bílek, Petr (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the poetics of the Czech novelist and literary theorist Daniela Hodrová, with a special focus on her last three published novels Vyvolávání (Malvern, 2010), Točité věty (Malvern, 2015) and Ta blízkost (Malvern, 2019). The unifying moment of these novels is sensed and subsequently sought in the actualization of the myth of the descent into the underworld. This is already manifested in earlier prose, and is most prominently thematized in Theta (Československý spisovatel, 1992) as a descent into Dante's Inferno, by which Hodrová means the City of Torment. The author's most recent novels further develop this motif in relation to the Sumerian myth of Innana's descent into the underworld and the Orphic myth of Ovid. The focus of the thesis is an intended narratological analysis of these myths and their meaning in the context of the author's work. Keywords: narratological analysis, literary interpretation, Daniela Hodrová, novel, transfiguration, descent, Ovid, myth, city, underworld, hell, Dante, Vyvolávání, Točité věty, Ta blízkost, Inanna, initiation, death
Aspects of the landscape issue in Czech and Polish spiritual oriented literature of the twentieth century.
Matuszkiewicz, Iwona ; Hrdlička, Josef (advisor) ; Činátlová, Blanka (referee) ; Czajkowska, Agnieszka Maria (referee)
The dissertation Aspects of Landscape in Polish and Czech Literature of 20th Century: Stanisław Vincenz as a Middle European Writer and Czech Interwar Literature concerns landscape and spacial issues in the Hutsul tetralogy of Stanisław Vincenz (1888-1971) entitled On the High Uplands. The dissertation presents philosophical bases of landscape (Plato, Nietzsche, Cassirer, Jung, Bachelard, Heidegger) implicitly present in Vincenz's literary work. Wide theoretical spectrum was used to describe different aspects of Vincenz's universalism (Vincenz's Cosmos) founded on a real landscape of Eastern Carpathians. Those aspects concern mainly semiotic (the idea of World Scripture), mythical (Hutsul Odyssey, Slavonic Atlantis,) and philosophical (Poetics of Dwelling) meanings of landscape. Concepts of regionalism and closer homeland were used as starting points for reflecting spacial affinity between Vincenz's tetralogy and Czech interwar literature (Ivan Olbracht, Jaroslav Durych, Jiří Langer, Josef Váchal) in a wide Middle European context.
The issue of the city in literature as an exclusively female space
Hajdíková, Karolína ; Činátlová, Blanka (advisor) ; Šebek, Josef (referee)
(in English): This thesis deals with the question of the female equivalent of the flâneur, the flâneuse. The analysis of texts from the flaneur's 19th century and a few decades later, in which the female protagonist walks through the streets of the city, points out that women naturally occurred and occur in cities. For this purpose, I use five literary works, namely Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert, Thérèse Raquin by Émile Zola, Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, Good Morning, Midnight by Jean Rhys and The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. In these books, I describe the role of women in the urban environment and I also draw attention to the difficulties with which, unlike the flâneur, they had to deal with and which to some extent coincide with the majority of analysed flâneuses. In the first three mentioned books, I compare the female and male space, which reveals certain inequalities in the position of women and men on the streets of the city. In the case of the other two books, it is not possible to implement this comparison due to the homodiegetic narration, and thus the insufficient possibility to map the male space in them as well. The last part of the work is devoted to the visual representation of female flânerie through photography. The aim of the work is therefore to expand the boundaries of the...
Inflow and Influence: Literature in Times of Bookstagram and Book Influencers
Černá, Klára ; Bílek, Petr (advisor) ; Činátlová, Blanka (referee)
The thesis mostly focuses on Czech Instagram culture of book influencers. It is formed by characteristics of Instagram as a medium and by analysis of the currect situation on the book market. Instagram is shaping a space for bookstagram, bookstagram therefore has to be shaped by Instagram. The text surveys, how bookstagram influences literature, how it affects current reader, where does it come from and what is the nature of its influence. The text also overlaps in the field of book market crisis, erudition and fast reading, book as a photographed object and the aesthetics of reading. Further the thesis is focused on specific profiles of book influencers, it characterizes their rhetoric and aesthetics and how they treat literature. The main aiming of the thesis is created by a question after the influence of mentioned phenomena, what changes happen in literature thank to or because of them and what does the influencer represent for literature and reading culture. The thesis is based mainly on historical overviews of history of reading. In the conclusion a few other related themes are outlined, one of them is, if and how it is possible to do the popularization of literature well.
Motive of the city in the prose of Ladislav Fuks
Marková, Tereza ; Činátlová, Blanka (advisor) ; Hrdlička, Josef (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the motive of the city in three prose works by Ladislav Fuks, which are Pan Theodor Mundstock, Spalovač mrtvol and Variace pro temnou strunu. The aim of the work is to investigate how the space of the city appears in these works and what characteristic features it has. The work is methodologically based mainly on literary- topological studies of Czech authors and the monograph Citlivé město by Daniela Hodrová. Formally, the work consists of three parts. In the first, the literary space is discussed and the possibilities by which it and its concrete realization, the city, can be approached, are outlined. In the second part, the space of the city in Fuks's prose is approached and then viewed from the point of view of literary topology and semiotics. The third part focuses on the (mostly) common features of the city within individual works.
From firewater to liquid bread: Alcohol in contemporary Czech prose
Kuželová, Marie ; Činátlová, Blanka (advisor) ; Králíková, Andrea (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the narratological analysis of five contemporary Czech prose works of short to medium length that significantly involve the motif of alcohol. The thesis focuses on texts, or texts from the collections: Prázdniny (Jan Balabán), O rodičích a dětech (Emil Hakl), Jako pes (Filip Topol), Pálenka (Matěj Hořava), and Tisíce plošin (Sylva Fischerová). In terms of the studied categories, it is inspired by Boris Eichenbaum's theory of skaz narrative, which is briefly characterized in it. The thesis considers the linguistic aspect with regard to the proximity of spoken language and describes the function of the alcohol motif in terms of the narrator, chronotope and characters.
Silence in Comics
Klabanová, Tereza ; Činátlová, Blanka (advisor) ; Bílek, Petr (referee)
(in English): This study focuses on displaying silence in narrative comics. It attempts to affirm or disprove the question if wordless panels always signify silence in the story. Wordless panels are understood as those, which do not include a text bubble with character or narrator speech. Due to this, the study is largely devoted to wordless/silent comics and their usage of sound within the story. The text is divided into two parts. The first is a theoretical-methodological portion and it summarises the most up to date knowledge regarding the mediality of comics, wordless comics and methods of comic narration with a focus on time in the story and types of closure. The second part analyses specific examples of displaying silence in three comic works: Sojčák (2016), Řeka (2015) and the series Usagi Yojimbo. The analysis uses two approaches. The first is Semiotic analysis described by Michal Uhl and the second is a neoformalist approach of Kristin Thompson taken from film studies.

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