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Narrating life. Ethical value of the narrative process in the context of totalitarianism
Šilhán, Petr ; Šebek, Josef (advisor) ; Králíková, Andrea (referee)
This bachelor's thesis will analyse selected novels published in the 1970s (Life is Elsewhere, The Ascension of Lojzek Lapáček from Silesian Ostrava and The Questionnaire or A Prayer for a Town and a Friend) using the methodology of narrative hermeneutics. Specifically, it will address the question of how the life story of an individual whose horizon of possibilities is narrowly limited by the political situation can be meaningfully retold and what ethical value such a complex narrative can have in a society dominated by totalitarian narratives. The theoretical section will describe the framework of narrative hermeneutics and the narrative ethics that emerges from it. The interpretive part will examine how individual authors reflect on the ethical potential of storytelling in their works. Key words: narrative hermeneutice, ethical potential of storytelling, narration of life, totalitarian regimes, narrative
Jakuba Katalpa and Characterization of Selected Prose Works
Hrabánková, Zuzana ; Králíková, Andrea (advisor) ; Bílek, Petr (referee)
This bachelor thesis is dedicated to the author's personality of contemporary Czech writer Jakuba Katalpa. It presents her personality and characterization of her selected prose works. This bachelor focuses on the analysis and above all the interpretation of the author's novels. Specifically, the works Němci (2012), Doupě (2017) and Zuzanin dech (2020). I chose these novels because I was intrigued by their themes and interested in how the various literary theoretical categories function in them. The analysis focuses on narrators, characters, space, time, language, composition and narrative style. Based on the analysis of these novels, a summary comparison of all these aspects is made.
By the Paths Through the Text: Didactic Interpretation and Interpretive Tasks in Secondary School Literature Teaching
Vojtíšek, Ondřej ; Králíková, Andrea (advisor) ; Koten, Jiří (referee) ; Vojtěch, Daniel (referee)
Literary work as a landscape - interpretation of text as setting a path in it - a didactic interpretation as providing a map. This (largely familiar and well-established) metaphor is at the heart of the work entitled By the Paths Through the Text: Didactic Interpretation and Interpretive Tasks in Secondary School Literature Teaching. Even with the help of that image (but mainly underpinned by reception and semiotic literary theories), the text in its first chapters establishes and elaborates such a conception of interpretation (the formulation of meaning in relation to a particular reader) and its didactic attribute (its own potential to teach interpretation), which seems to be advantageous for thinking about interpretation- oriented teaching (and interpretation taking place in dialogue more generally) and about the possibilities to assess (especially with closed tasks) the degree of students' acquisition of the process of interpretation, in the last chapters. To this end, it puts the theoretical concept of 'interpretation skills' - the possibility of segmenting the act of the journey towards interpretation into potential steps that can be intelligibly named, taught and (relatively separately) tested - at the centre, and even attempts a tentative enumeration of these. This list, then, is not meant...
The imagine of the Author in the Educational Context
Černovská, Tereza ; Králíková, Andrea (advisor) ; Bílek, Petr (referee)
(in English): The thesis deals with the phenomenon of the image of the author, specifically the thesis is focused on the image of the poet Jiří Wolker in the secondary school literature education. The theoretical definition of concept of the author's image reflects on previous interpretations. The construction of Jiří Wolker's image is realized on the basis of high school textbooks, manuals and reading books. The aim of this thesis was to find out how the constants of Jiří Wolker's image changes from the 1950s to the 1920s and what aspects contribute to the image of this author, as well as to analyze the interpretations of the works and the constants of the author's life. The thesis first deals with the definition of the aspects affecting Wolker's image, then moves on to the individual constants, namely the author's life and the interpretation of his works before and after year 1989. The changes in the interpretation of the author's position and work for the purpose of teaching literature are compared. The thesis serves to investigate this didactic problem and thus contributes to previous similar research work by its focus on the image of another writer. The findings of the thesis are then primarily theoretical in nature, generating an image of Jiří Wolker in teaching and its transformations.
Ladislav Grosman's Short Stories
Hradecká, Andrea ; Holý, Jiří (advisor) ; Králíková, Andrea (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of Ladislav Grosman's prose, set in the period of the Slovak Holocaust. The analysis focuses on Jewish characters, narrative techniques, language and style in Grosman's selected prose works. Additional chapters introduce the author's literary work, his membership in the Jewish minority and its influence on the work as a whole. Another possibility is to compare Grosman's images of Jews with the story Sedliak by the non-Jewish writer František Švantner. The conclusion summarizes the findings so far and offers further possible explorations Key Words Ladislav Grosman, Nevěsta (The Bride), short stories, Jewish characters, Holocaust, Spisy Ladislava Grosmana, Jews, narrative practices, language, style
Love in Jan Němec's novel
Kříženecká, Michaela ; Vojvodík, Josef (advisor) ; Králíková, Andrea (referee)
This thesis aims to analyse the manifestation of the love phenomenon in Jan Ne0mec's autofictional novel The Possibilities of the Romance Novel. The experience of love - defying scientific knowledge - has consistently served as a source of inspiration, emotional hurt, and individual growth. This dynamic is also at play within the novel's narrator, who acts as both the author and one of the characters. Attempting to comprehend his current circumstances, the narrator turns back to his past. However, as memories are revisited, a question arises, whether the present is not just an inevitable outcome and development of something that could be observed earlier. Literature, in its essence, provides an individual, who is communicating through text, a platform to resurrect, scrutinize, and integrate the past, simultaneously assigning it a sense of lasting validity by weaving it into a network of other texts. The focus of this thesis will not only be on the theory of autofiction but will also extend to the distinct techniques inherent to the text. We will base our consideration of intertextuality on Renate Lachmann's concept of memory and recollection, in the field of phenomenology of love we will start from the ideas of Niklas Luhmann, Gilles Deleuze or Denis de Rougemont.
Testing Literature: On the Form and Development of the Czech Language and Literature Graduation Test
Rayová, Roxana ; Králíková, Andrea (advisor) ; Brož, František (referee)
This diploma thesis aims to map the changes in the literature component of the graduation test in the context of school legislation and curriculum documents. The focus of the thesis is a content analysis of literary-scientific questions and source texts from the graduation didactic tests from 2010 to 2020. The thesis proceeds from the introduction of the development of thinking about possible forms of teaching literature, which culminated in the creation of the framework educational programmes for grammar schools and secondary schools, through the comparison of the content of these programmes with the text of the examination requirements catalogue of the common part of the final examination, to the actual quantitative and qualitative analysis of the literature- oriented questions of the didactic tests. This analysis shows how the literature component of the tests evolved between 2010 and 2020, how individual literature knowledge and skills are tested in the test, and to what extent the tests are related to the requirements set out in the aforementioned requirements catalogue. Keywords literature testing, didactics of literature, graduation exam, Czech language and literature, requirements catalogue, curriculum documents
From firewater to liquid bread: Alcohol in contemporary Czech prose
Kuželová, Marie ; Činátlová, Blanka (advisor) ; Králíková, Andrea (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the narratological analysis of five contemporary Czech prose works of short to medium length that significantly involve the motif of alcohol. The thesis focuses on texts, or texts from the collections: Prázdniny (Jan Balabán), O rodičích a dětech (Emil Hakl), Jako pes (Filip Topol), Pálenka (Matěj Hořava), and Tisíce plošin (Sylva Fischerová). In terms of the studied categories, it is inspired by Boris Eichenbaum's theory of skaz narrative, which is briefly characterized in it. The thesis considers the linguistic aspect with regard to the proximity of spoken language and describes the function of the alcohol motif in terms of the narrator, chronotope and characters.
Possibilities of poetry in school on the example of the poetry by Jan Skácel
Marušák, Vít ; Králíková, Andrea (advisor) ; Heczková, Libuše (referee)
The thesis deals with didactic-methodical grasp of Jan Skácel's poetic work. The author of the thesis selects collections and poems so that they can functionally withstand the educational process as examples of the specifics of Skácel's poetic world. The thesis brings interpretations of selected poems and proposals for their didactic and methodical grasp. In this way a variety of methods and procedures are created that can be applied to work with lyric poetry in general. The thesis first elaborates both literary theoretical and branch didactic starting points which consider primarily from the point of view of usability and functionality in the educational process. Then it brings four didactic probes which apply these starting points to specific lyrical material. The author uses the theoretical concepts of lyric poetry by Jonathan Culler and Miroslav Červenka. These create a basic theoretical framework which is applied and thought at the didactic level. The didactic inspiration is the basic works from the didactics of literary education by Ladislava Lederbuchová, Zdeněk Kožmín, Vladimír Nezkusil and Ondřej Hník. These starting points will make it possible to think about the position and possibilities of lyrical poetry in school and to propose ways of grasping it. At the level of the interpretation...
Narratological category of the narrator and its use in the didactic context
Přidalová, Nikola ; Králíková, Andrea (advisor) ; Bílek, Petr (referee)
The key focus of this master thesis is to transform the problem of narrator into school environment along with other categories related to various modes of narratives. The first chapter analyzes coursebooks of literary theory used in high schools that have been published since late 1980s up to present where the definition of narrator takes place. The goal is to stress out the narrator approach in didactic texts and its major differences in interpretations of another thesis from the field of narratology. The second chapter includes the key objectives of the thesis and represents didactical transformation of mentioned terms, which is based on the critical reflection of the coursebooks. The conclusion is composed of practical handouts consisted of foreign and native text extracts and includes related questions concerning particular narrative term.

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