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Brand Development of the selected Company
Horák, Jan ; Fait, Petr (referee) ; Chlebovský, Vít (advisor)
This master’s thesis analyses a brand of selected company Engineering Test Institute, public enterprise (SZU), which offers services of testing, inspection and certification. Theoretical part of the thesis is focused on literature research of marketing and branding theories. The key part is the analytical part, which contains a detailed analysis of the current state of the brand "Engineering Testing Institute". The thesis also contains a questionnaire survey focused on both the internal environment of the company and its customers. The research is followed by a final part with possible suggestions on how to further develop the brand.
Documentation of the historical buildings for hops processing: thematic survey of hop dryers
Podroužek, Kamil ; Eismann, Šimon ; Horák, Jan ; Kaláb, Jiří ; Papoušek, Miroslav ; Kuprová, Renata ; Radová, Lucie ; Skalický, David ; Švec, Roman
The main focus of this project NAKI DG16P02B021 Documentation of the historical buildings for hops processing was to perform a basic documentation of the historical buildings for hops processing. These buildings are part of architectual assets bound to the specific natural conditions occuring only in some regions. These conditions constitute an important part of the urbanism of towns and cultural countriside. There has not been given any scientific attention to the development, function, constructions or the technological equipment used on these buildings. In addition, these buildings (except several) are not historically protected. With respect to size, these buildings are of a great financial burden to their owners and have lately been subject to a large scale of demolition. Out of more than 5500 of these buildings listed in the beginning of the 20th century in Zatec hops region itself only hundreds have been preserved. Hence, the documentation is the last possibility of recording these buildings for the future. As part of the basic documentation of the buildings, undoubtful identification, photo-documentation, the documentation of the specific contruction solutions, technological equipment and technological state of proving the hops processing, the land surveying, the construction measurements and sample collection for dendro-chronical dating of selected buildings was performed. The archive research was part of the study as well. Based on this evidence a special map and IISPP/GIS NPÚ based database was created. A highly easy-to-use system was created using sophisticated technology - phones with cameras and GPS modules, tablet PCs, remote network access to the external scanned document storage and remotely accessible GIS and MIS map databases. This system enables operational field documentation and based on this experience a methodology was created that describes the use of this widlely available technology in basic field architectural documentation.
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Sepsis and Sepsis-associated Acute Kidney Injury: Molecular Mechanism and Lovel Aspects of Treatment
Horák, Jan ; Matějovič, Martin (advisor) ; Šrámek, Vladimír (referee) ; Balík, Martin (referee)
Sepsis is the most common cause of death in the intensive care units worldwide. Despite the undeniable progress in pre- and clinical research, the effective causal therapeutic strategy still does not exist. Given to extremely complex and heterogenic host response to presence of infection, the paradigm "one disease, one drug" is obviously flawed and combination of multiple targets that involves early immunomodulation and cellular protection are needed. Cellular therapy using mesenchymal stem cells represents strategy that brought positive results in experiments with rodent septic models. Part of this thesis is dedicated to evaluation of safety and efficacy of stem cells intravenous administration to well-established large animal model of progressive peritoneal sepsis. Affecting of the neuroinflammatory reflex through the vagus nerve stimulation showed potential to attenuate sepsis in rodents. Rest of the text is dedicated to evaluation of vagus nerve stimulation effectivity in our model. KEYWORDS Sepsis, sepsis-associated acute kidney injury, mesenchymal stem cells, vagus nerve stimulation
Web Editor and Simulator of Logic Gate Networks
Horák, Jan ; Kruliš, Martin (advisor) ; Bulej, Lubomír (referee)
One of the topics taught in computer science is the principles of logic gates. An application that allows students to experiment with logic gates and gate networks can be used as a tool to provide better understanding of the topic. However, in order for the application to be usable, it should be available inde- pendently of the software on the user's computer. As a part of this thesis, we were able to implement such application. It provides users with the function- ality of constructing circuits from logic gates interconnected with wires. The application is able to simulate the network and display logic values on each of the wire. Additional functionality has been provided to make the application more enjoyable - unlimited canvas for circuit construction, a simple tutorial introducing new users to the basics of the application, import and export func- tionality and a library of logic circuits that can be imported onto the editing canvas in the form of gate networks or as single components. The application is easily expandable and the source code is available under an open-source license. 1
Post-activation potentiation (PAP) phenomenon - review and experimental verification
Horák, Jan ; Hojka, Vladimír (advisor) ; Červinka, Pavel (referee)
Title: Post-activation potentiation (PAP) phenomenon - review and experimental verification Objectives: Firstly, to compile the systematic review of up-to-date literature. Secondly, to develop method using force platform that will be applicable for PAP measurment during the counter-movement jump. Thirdly, to verify PAP by using the developed method in small group of volunteers. Methods: Review part of the thesis was complied according to analysis of up-to-date literature accessible from Charles University electronic system. The data from the analysis were used to develop method for measurment of PAP by using the force platform (Kistler) and activation of PAP phenomenon by series of squats with specific weight. The peak force and rate of force developement were the monitored parameters. This method was applied on a group of volunteers. Results: Results of experimental part of the thesis showed significant changes in monitored parameters and this change is consistent with current literature. Keywords: post-activation potentiation, peak force, rate of force developement, force platform
The solution of bankruptcy in the form of reorganization
Horák, Jan ; Smolík, Petr (advisor) ; Winterová, Alena (referee)
Title of the Master's thesis: The solution of bankruptcy in the form of reorganization Summary The main objective of this diploma thesis is to provide a sufficient description and analysis of the solution of bankruptcy in the form of reorganization which is regulated by the Act. No. 182/2006 Sb. The complex issue of reorganization is essentially a method for non-liquidation solution of bankruptcy usable only in the case when a debtor is an entrepreneur. It uses various methods of restructuring debtor's business in order to satisfy the creditors to a greater extent than in the case of liquidation solution of bankruptcy. The thesis is divided into fifteen chapters that are further divided into subchapters. Chapter one briefly describes the history of bankruptcy law. The second chapter is an explanation of nature of insolvency law focusing also on the economic aspect of insolvency. The following chapter defines bankruptcy within the meaning of applicable legislation. The existence of bankruptcy is essential for insolvency proceedings at all. The most important subjects of insolvency proceedings are parties to the proceedings. Their position is described in detail in the fourth chapter. Chapters five to thirteen then provide detail analysis of the institute of reorganization. There is provided a definition of...
Myocardial regeneration after intracoronary injection of autologous bone marrow-derived mononuclear cells in patients with large anterior acute myocardial infarction and late reperfusion
Skalická, Hana ; Horák, Jan (advisor) ; Vojáček, Jan (referee) ; Málek, Ivan (referee)
Myocardial regeneration after intracoronary injection of autologous bone marrow-derived mononuclear cells in patients with large anterior acute myocardial infarction and late reperfusion Objective and background: Despite the use of reperfusion therapies, outcomes in patients with large ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI), late reperfusion and left ventricular (LV) dysfunction is poor. We investigated longterm safety and efficacy of intracoronary injections of autologous bone marrow-derived mononuclear cells (BMNCs). Methods: 27 patients with anterior STEMI (age 59 ± 12 yrs, mean baseline LV ejection fraction (LVEF) 39±5%), who underwent percutaneous coronary intervention 4-24 hours after the onset of symptoms, were randomly assigned either to intracoronary BMNCs injection (n = 17, BMNCs group, out of which 14 underwent longterm follow-up), or to standard therapy (n = 10, Control group). The LVEF, the LV end-diastolic and end-systolic volumes (LVEDV, LVESV) and diastolic function (transmitral flow, pulmonary vein flow) were assessed by echocardiography at discharge, month 4 and 24. Myocardial perfusion was assessed using SPECT at baseline and month 4. Results: At 24-month, there was no difference in rates of serious clinical events (36% vs. 50%, p=0,54). At Month 4 LVEF improved to similar extent in...
Mapping, dating and documentation of historcal landscape structures in the landscape of the Lower Doubrava region
Horák, Jan ; Lipský, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Šefrna, Luděk (referee)
This diploma theses is focused on a topic of mediaeval landscape and it's recognition and it's development. The studied area is in the lower Doubrava River and Klejnárka river region, eastwards of Kutná Hora. The work is based on an analysis of historical, archaeological and geographical data and on a fieldwork research of the selected historical landscape features (of natural and also artificial origin). The dam of pond "Svatoanenský rybník" (Nové Dvory u Kutné Hory cadastral area) was chosen for the fieldwork research and for the dating analysis. There were made five dug sampling sites through the dam and alluvial sediments beneath. The profiles were described and analyzed. There were taken samples for these analyses: radiocarbon dating, optically stimulated luminescence dating (OSL) and heavy metal content assessment. The pond's origin is historically dated 1501 - 1552 AD. The dam was archeologically dated 15th century post quem (on the basis of pottery and glass sherds analysis). There was taken only one sample for 14 C dating from alluvial sediments. The result of dating by AMS method is 2070 +- 30 BP, but stratigraphically these sediments came from Middle Ages. This difference is cleared up by resedimentation of sampled wood. The analysis of OSL is still not finished. Most interesting results...
Archaeological research of backyard of house N. 40 in Filištínská street in Chrudim
Horák, Jan ; Sláma, Jiří (referee) ; Klápště, Jan (advisor)
Práce se zaměřuje na zpracování středověkých nálezů z výzkumu v č.p. 40/I (sondy E a F výzkumu z let 1996 - 1998) a na vypracování metodiky, která zjednoduší třídění keramických nálezů coby hlavního pramene za předpokladu zachování důležitých (tj. dále využitelných) informací. Hlavními výstupy z práce by mělo být zhodnocení konkrétního stavu hmotné kultury a jejího vývoje a rovněž zhodnocení funkčnosti metodiky a její porovnání s jinými přístupy.
The Analysis of Individual Playing Performance in Football
Horák, Jan ; Buzek, Mario (advisor) ; Oponent B, (referee)
NÁZEV: Analýza individuálního herního výkonu ve fotbalu NÁZEV V ANGLIČTINĚ : The Analysis o(individual playing performance in [ootball PODTITUL: Hledání vývojových trendů v pohledu na vybranou herní dovednost - soubojové činnosti. Srovnávací studie způsobilosti předních evropských družstev a hráčů 1. české ligy v této herní činnosti. CÍLE PRÁCE: Analyzování četnosti, úspěšnosti a způsobu konstruktivního odebrání míče (KOM) v návaznosti na vedení útočného a zakončení rychlého protiútoku (RP) u mužstev elitní výkonnosti, účastníků ME 2004 a hráčů Sparty Praha (pomocí kvantitativní a kvalitativní analýzy) a aplikování výsledků do tréninkové praxe. METODA: Výzkum byl proveden metodou nepřímého pozorování z videozáznamu přímých přenosů, které vysílala Česká televize z ME 2004 a Ligy mistrů a televize Nova, která vysílala přenosy z naší ligy. Byly analyzovány čtyři přední evropské mužstva (z ME 2004) a tým Sparty Praha v domácí soutěži a Lize mistrů. U každého družstva byla provedena analýza ze dvou utkání. K výzkumu byla použita kvantitativní a kvalitativní analýza. VÝSLEDKY: KOM a následný přechod do RP má nezastupitelné místo proti dobře organizovaným obranám v současném moderním fotbale. KLÍČOVÁ SLOVA: Fotbal - Konstruktivní odebrání míče -Rychlý protiútok- Kvantitativní a kvalitativní analýza.

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