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Agency employment
MUSIL, Tomáš
The bachelor thesis deals with agency employment. It describes the principle of how this form of employment works within the framework of domestic legislation. The problems that are being solved in connection with this issue are also being touched upon in thesis. Recent court decisions have also provided a significant source of information. The individual hypotheses of the thesis and the overall goal of the thesis are solved by a questionnaire survey, together with other obtained data on the topic.
Homeworking in the chosen company
This bachelor thesis focuses on the homeworking, its advantages and disadvantages, benefits and difficulties for the employer and also for the employees. It contains definitions of the basic terms that are related to homeworking or legal regulation of working from home in the Czech legal system. The main part of the thesis illustrates using of homeworking in UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, Ltd. It describes a method of introduction and utilization of technological resources and application. It also indicates situations in which homeworking is primarily used and a method of protection against hackers and other threats. Results are evaluated and interpreted on the basis of information collected from sent questionnaire survey and face-to-face interview with Ing. Miroslav Zach, the manager of the SME Corporate Client Centre. In conclusion, some suggestions for an improvement are recommended.
Human resources management in a chosen organization
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to characterize decisive forms of human resources management in the selected company, to analyze them and assess the situation of human resources management and propose appropriate changes and potential measures for improving the stated situation. The theoretical part mainly deals with the human resources issue and describes particular personal activities of employees in the given organization. The analytical part is focused on a research of human resources efficiency in the selected enterprise. Information is obtained, from observation, through an interview with the human resources manager and through questionnaires referning to the employees' satisfaction. Based on the results possible changes are suggested for improving human resource management.
Tax and Accounting Aspects of Employee Benefits of a Cooperative
A properly set up remuneration system with the help of a wide range of offered employee benefits is a consequence of gaining and especially retaining employees at their workplaces. The aim of this diploma thesis is to analyze the system of employee benefits in the accounting and tax area of the selected cooperative and to propose tax optimization of the benefits structure from the perspective of the cooperative. In the practical part are used the following methods: controlled interview, methods of analysis and comparison, questionnaire survey, statistical method the Pearson's chi-square test and synthesis. The conclusion of the thesis includes recommendations for the proposal of changes to the benefits system leading to tax optimization of the current state of provided benefits.
Analysis of the state of vocational training of employees in a selected non-state non-profit organization focused on the field of charity
The aim of the bachelor thesis is an analysis and investigation of current staff training in a non-profit non-governmental organization focused on charity. For this purpose was selected the non-profit organization Regional Charity Pelhřimov. This organization provides services for people in distress and in social need. The theoretical part explains the concepts and methods of professional education of employees. In the practical part a research was conducted using a questionnaire survey. This questionnaire was submitted to employees and the manager in order to determine the state of the vocational training of employees with the regard to institutional requirements. The results of the research were compared and in the conclusion there were suggested possibilities how to make the education more effective in the future.
System of Non-Wage Remuneration in Company
This bachelor thesis entitled "System of non-wage remuneration in the company" deals with the providing of employee benefits. The first part of the thesis explains the basic concepts related to remuneration system. These terms include wage, motivation, employee benefits and cafeteria system. In the second part of the thesis, the selected company is presented. The main attention was paid to employee benefits provided in this company. In this part, a questionnaire method was used to find out how employees evaluate remuneration system. The conclusion of the thesis is an evaluation of results of questionnaire survey.
Odměňování a motivace zaměstnanců
The diploma thesis is focused on the remuneration and motivation of employees in a selected company. The theoretical part deals with motivational systems, theories and defines motivation. The practical part emphasizes the evaluation of the company, its remuneration system and employee motivation. With the help of a questionnaire survey, the satisfaction and knowledge of the employees of these systems and the possibilities of remuneration will be evaluated. The aim of the work will be to develop a proposal to improve the motivation system in the selected company.
Human Resource Management in Selected Secondary Schools
This bachelor thesis deals with the human resource management in two secondary schools. The aim of the work is to evaluate systems of human resource management in schools and suggest changes which can improve current situation. The thesis uses questionnaire method for employees and interviews with directors.
Remuneration of Employees and Infulence on their Motivation in a Company
This thesis deals with the evaluation of the remuneration system and the effect on the motivation of employees in the selected enterprise, as well as recommendation for certain changes to improve the situation. The theoretical part processes methods of remuneration in the Czech Republic, motivation theories and so-called nine motivational rules. The practical part is focused on a particular entrprise where methods of analysis, comparison and synthesis were used. The questionnaires in printed form served as a source of data.
Employee remuneration system in the selected organisation
The main objective of this thesis is to analyze the remuneration system in the selected organization and to suggest possible changes to improve this system. A secondary objective is to describe the role of employee motivation in the successful development of a modern company. The main problem of employee remuneration is the problem of creating an adequate, fair and motivating remuneration system. The thesis is divided into a theoretical part, which describes the main theories of motivation and reward, and a practical part, which describes the reward and motivation system of the selected organization. The practical part also includes a questionnaire filled in by the employees of the selected organisation and its subsequent evaluation. The last part of the paper describes the ways to improve the motivation and reward system of the employees of the organization and their satisfaction.

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