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Danish journalists in Central and Eastern Europe: Work, motivation and role perception
Varming, Johanna Maj ; Němcová Tejkalová, Alice (advisor) ; Géla, František (referee)
Foreign correspondents act as gatekeepers to our world and their output can be influential. This study examines the motivations, work and role perceptions of Danish journalists who report on Central and Eastern Europe. For this study 10 semi-structured interviews with different types of correspondents were conducted in March 2023. Bourdieu's field theory was applied to understand the practice of journalism: how these journalists interact in the field and what they perceive as the "rules" of the game. This study shows that personal and idealistic motives drive the journalists. The journalists experience a high degree of autonomy, which according to Bourdieu equals power and is considered the ultimate endgame for journalists. This study finds that the journalists see their role as "curators" or "observers" that report as objectively as possible events in Central and Eastern Europe. Thus, they ascribe to very traditional values of journalism and role perceptions. In a prestigious field like foreign correspondence, one could assume that the struggle for power is intense. However, this study finds that even though the journalists possess very different positions in the field, they ascribe to similar ideals of journalism and do not challenge the field.
Protective function of labour law in the case law orf Czech courts
Vopelka, Adam ; Pichrt, Jan (advisor) ; Tomšej, Jakub (referee)
The title of the thesis: Protective function of labour law in the case law of Czech courts Abstract: This thesis focuses on the protective function of labour law in the case law of Czech courts. The protective function of labour law is one of its essential functions and has a close relation to employee protection as the weaker party of employment relationships. Courts as public authorities and decisions-making bodies significantly affect the final form of the protective function, while providing protection to the rights of employees. Considering the fact that the protective function is immanent to labour law and the case law of Czech courts further develops, in my opinion, this thesis deals with a topical and evolving issue. The content of this thesis is divided into four chapters. The first chapter describes the meaning of protective function in labour law, its role as a fundamental principle of employment relationships, and legal consequences related to it. Its part is also the brief explanation of the concept of "flexicurity". The second, third and fourth chapter deal with three fields of labour law, in which the protective function is significantly reflected. These fields are remuneration, employee protection against dismissal and working conditions including OSH. In each of these chapters...
Proposal for Changes of Human Resource Management in a Company
Andrsová, Zuzana ; Pfeifer, Marcel Rolf (referee) ; Konečná, Zdeňka (advisor)
This thesis deals with the management of human resources in a selected organization. The main goal of the work is to propose measures to improve the functionality of the human resources management system, and thus also to improve the prosperity of the organization, based on the data found. In its first half, the work is devoted to theoretical starting points and findings from already conducted studies. The second part of the work already deals with the analysis of the selected company, identification of problems and subsequent proposals and recommendations for improving the current situation.
Female Journalists' Labor Law Conditions and Its Impact on Parenthood Planning
Zanga, Clara ; Vochocová, Lenka (advisor) ; Macková, Veronika (referee)
This masters' thesis focuses on the labour law conditions of female journalists in the context of the deteriorating quality of the media labour market and how these conditions have affected or are affecting women journalists' motherhood planning. The interviews with ten respondents working in Prague's national newsrooms were analysed using the grounded theory method. The resulting theory, which emerged from a three-stage analysis, describes the factors that influence the maternity planning of women journalists in the context of working conditions. The interpretation of the data also answers questions about respondents' experiences of atypical contracts, how working conditions affect their experiences, or what strategies journalists are using to combine work and care, or what strategies they are considering for the future.
Risks in the emergency department in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic
The thesis focuses on the risks in the emergency department that may occur in newly emerging major epidemics, similar to the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim of the thesis was mainly to assess the risks of care and to identify the characteristic features of patients with COVID-19. The intention was to find out how positive (infectious) patients are identified. The final chosen aim was to develop recommendations containing measures for the management of patients with COVID-19 disease and minimizing risks in the emergency department. The method of research investigation to achieve the set objectives was by retrospective observational study and participating observation. The research was conducted in adult patients with a focus on positive patients in a low threshold emergency department. The data obtained from the prospective observational study were processed using the computer program STATISTICA 12. According to the results of the study, more positive patients were referred to the outpatient department from the waiting room, while significantly more positive patients were referred to the standard ward, ICU, CCU or ED from the observation hall. In both cases, more than 80 % of positive patients from the observation ward were admitted to the ICU and standard units. According to the average number of patients, 8 % more patients visited the low threshold emergency department on a weekday than on a weekend. From the observational cohort, the identification of positive patients in 112 (56.85 %) cases was done using Rapid Ag test, The results of the data analysis will be beneficial in terms of risk to make recommendations to the low threshold emergency department for the treatment of patient with COVID-19 and to minimize the risks both for patients and for healthcare professionals.
Agency employment
MUSIL, Tomáš
The bachelor thesis deals with agency employment. It describes the principle of how this form of employment works within the framework of domestic legislation. The problems that are being solved in connection with this issue are also being touched upon in thesis. Recent court decisions have also provided a significant source of information. The individual hypotheses of the thesis and the overall goal of the thesis are solved by a questionnaire survey, together with other obtained data on the topic.
The role of a management in the care of nurses health in the hospices.
The aim of the research was focussed on general nurses in hospices assessing their mental and physical health, stressful situations, coping strategies, working conditions and the participation of management in the care of their mental and physical health.
Working Conditions of the Social Workers in the Organizations
This diploma thesis is a part of the project called Selected Aspects of the Social Work Management (registration number GAJU 052/2019/S). The aim of my diploma thesis was to find out how the social workers are satisfied with the working conditions in the organizations. The partial aim was to determined how the adaptation process of the new social workers looks like. The thesis is divided into two parts, a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part is concentrated on describing conception of a social work, the social services, a profession of the social worker and the working conditions in the organizations. For the practical part a mixed research strategy using a schema QUAN-qual (The QUAN-Qual Model) was chosen. The hypotheses were tested by using Chi-square test - X2 a and signs scheme with significance level 0,05, 0,01 a 0,001. In a qualitative part there was used a technique of an interview according to the instructions and the data were processed with the usage of open, selective and axial coding. The qualitative research completes the quantitative part with knowledges of managers of chosen organizations providing social services. The qualitative part was realised through a self-designed questionnaire which was send to the managers and the social workers of the organizations providing social services in six randomly selected regions in the Czech Republic. In the research participated 396 managers and 331 social workers of the organizations providing social services (there was made a choice of the organizations from the register of the providers of the social services, 1245 organizations providing social services were addressed). In the context of the aims of the diploma thesis were determined two hypotheses. The general hypothesis (hypothesis 1) determining the dependence of the length of practice and education of the social workers on the satisfaction of the social workers with selected working conditions and hypothesis 2 which deals with length of the training of the new social worker according to the target group of the organization. Within the general hypothesis was confirmed statistically significant relation between education and satisfaction with the team. In other cases statistically significant relations between variables were not confirmed. In the hypothesis 2 statistically significant relation between the target group of the organization and the length of the training of the new social worker does not exist. According to the research question which focused on finding out what the working conditions of the social workers are from the point of view of their managers came up with five categories of working conditions (working background, salary, working benefits, team, relationship between superior versus inferior) and 2 categories related to dissatisfaction of the social workers (dissatisfaction of the social workers and solutions of the dissatisfaction). Moreover 3 categories related to the adaptation process (steps of the adaptation process, length of the adaptation process and introduction of working conditions). The interviews were realized with 24 informants. The results of my thesis are a part of the complex results of the project GAJU called Selected Aspects of the Social Work Management (registration number GAJU 052/2019/S). The obtained data will be used for further extension research or they can be used to make a proposal which can improve management of organizations providing social services.
Working in Austria as a Czech subject. Official requirements to be met when applying for a job in Austria.
KUNCOVÁ, Martina
This bachelor{\crq}s thesis is focusing on analysis of possibilities of Czech citizens who want to get a job in Austria. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part analyses the contemporary health care system, social security system, tax system and the job market in Austria. Further on the thesis deals with conditions which have to be met when applying for a job in Austria. The practical part is devoted to job seeking process in Austria for two people in cooperation with many job agencies and Austrian AMS. Communication with the foreign agencies has been done by electronic mail. The thesis analyses the entire procedure of job seeking and its results. Approach of Austrian agencies to foreign applicants is evaluated as well. In conclusion the thesis provides comparison of theoretical part with personal experience gained in the process of job seeking and findings implying the comparisons.
Proposal to change the System of Motivation and Remuneration of Employees in a selected Company
Kuzníková, Petra ; Koráb, Vojtěch (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
The masterś thesis is focused on the system of work motivation and employee satisfaction in a selected company. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts of motivation, remuneration and employee satisfaction. The analytical part evaluates the current system of motivation and remuneration of the company's employees, employee satisfaction in the field of remuneration, working conditions and interpersonal relationships in the workplace and the effects of internal and external influences on the system. Based on the performed analyzes, changes to the current system are proposed in order to increase employee satisfaction.

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