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Design of hydrogen jet engine to 1kN thrust
Mikulenka, Karel ; Šnajdárek, Ladislav (referee) ; Škorpík, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis includes a brief history of jet engines using hydrogen as fuel. Calculation of thermodynamics of small engine with thrust up to 1 kN which is in modern day used in practice drones or ballistic missiles will be conducted. Given initial parameters compressor selected is of radial type. Calculation of radial compressor and its verification in EES software. Issue of combustion chambers is presented and calculation of chamber balance is carried out. Computation of turbine and blading layout. Proposal of jet for expansion into atmosphere and engine thrust. Comparison of contemporary projects researching hydrogen propulsion in aerospace with their conventional counterparts and assessing their feasibility compared to other types of renewable fuels.
Analysis of the condition of the K 220-44 steam turbine drainage pipeline and proposal of corrective measures
Horký, Jiljí ; Milčák, Pavel (referee) ; Šnajdárek, Ladislav (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the analysis of the drainage pipeline of the Škoda K 220-44 steam turbine. This turbine is operated in Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant. One part of this work is proposal of corrective measures. The aims of this work include the creation of a search for drainage, steam, erosion corrosion and mapping of defects in long-term operated drainage system. Work also includes the evaluation of measured values of the pipe wall thickness measured by ultrasonic analyzer. In addition, the work contains images created from 3D model, on which the location of defects and measurements are displayed.
Characteristic properties of axial stages of working machines
Hejduk, Michal ; Šnajdárek, Ladislav (referee) ; Škorpík, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor work is dealing with conclusion of basic characteristic of axial stages working machines. First part of this thesis presents the characteristics of principle behind every turbomachinery therefore not only the working machine but turbine as well. In the end of the first part the basic equations, which may be needed in the construction of such machines. Second part focuses on characteristic features, which are the same or very similar throughout axial turbomachinery. The last part of this thesis works with usage of different work machines in the industry. It is also mentioned here why are the axial turbomachinery work machines used instead of radial or tangential work machines
Technologies for use hydrogen from Energiepark Mainz
Florian, Tibor ; Šnajdárek, Ladislav (referee) ; Škorpík, Jiří (advisor)
The goal of this bachelor’s thesis is the description of hydrogen, its production methods, subsequent use and comparison by selected criteria. In the beginning of the thesis, hydrogen is described as an element. The following chapter briefly deals with its history in energy industry and the most commonly used production technologies. The emphasis is on a Power-to-Gas facility, Energiepark Mainz. In the end, hydrogen is compared as a fuel in the automotive industry.
Impactor for fine particle collection
Paulíková, Kateřina ; Šnajdárek, Ladislav (referee) ; Pospíšil, Jiří (advisor)
This master thesis provides an overview of fine particles contained in the air and possibilities for their analysis, measurement and capture. In the beginning, the fine particle's size and origin is described. Then, the influence of fine particles on human health is stated. Next, methods of air analysis and fine particle's measurement are presented. Legislation for emissions and immissions in the Czech Republic is summarized. Finally the selected types of impactors are introduced. The practical part consists of three chapters. First chapter contains the fundamental calculation procedure and its subsequent refinement. In the following part the comparison of the calculation procedure with the parameters of the commercial impactor is provided. Lastly, the design of the impactor is created for the specified parameters using the developed calculation procedure.
Use of additive technologies (3d print) for the production of turbine components
Vaculka, Alexander ; Chýlek, Radomír (referee) ; Šnajdárek, Ladislav (advisor)
In the first part of my bachelor thesis I deal with types of additive manufacturing technologies. Describing principle, technological solutions, bring up some advantages and disadvantages and typical area of their usage. Following part describes chosen turbine components and their mechanical property, shapes, and manufacturing aspects. Last part compares mechanical properties of additive manufactured components with components produced in conventional ways.
Design of aeroderivative for use in compression stations
Dominik, Dávid ; Šnajdárek, Ladislav (referee) ; Škorpík, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis is concerned with the calculation of the power turbine. This turbine should be used in the automatic drive of the compressor used for compression of natural gas in compressor stations. Flight engine aeroderivate from the Rolls-Roye company, type RB211-22B, was used as gas generator. The main aim of the thesis is to summarize of the base atributes of the combustion turbines and aeroderivates. They are used for automatic engine, application a thermodynamic calculation of the power turbine, for reaction stage and basic strength calculations.
Construction of small steam engine for the use of solar energy
Strava, Jan ; Šnajdárek, Ladislav (referee) ; Škorpík, Jiří (advisor)
Possible modern application of piston steam engine is electricity production using steam made by solar energy. This diploma thesis focuses on designing such piston steam engine Described solution would be effective as an off grid electricity generator, because alternative source of steam could be added for occasions, when sunlight is not powerfull enough for steam production.
Martinek, Jan ; Šnajdárek, Ladislav (referee) ; Fortelný, Zdeněk (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is intended to handle the issue of cogeneration. There is presented the principle of cogeneration and its benefits. Cogeneration is compared to the separate production of power and heat. This work deals with the storage of electric energy and heat and also deals with used batteries. The next chapter discusses the impact of cogeneration to environment and at the end there are mentioned the main Brno’s cogeneration units and central heat distribution in Brno.
Nuclear power plants
Musil, Jiří ; Šnajdárek, Ladislav (referee) ; Pospíšil, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with history and future of nuclear reactors, it describes nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic and provides a list of promising possibilities of using nuclear energy, that are currently in research. Description of the secondary circuit based on Czech nuclear power plants is also included in this thesis. In the beginning, some elementary knowledge about nuclear energetics is gathered, to provide readers with basics of this topic.

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