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Volkova, Zoya ; Kudělka, Vladimír (referee) ; Vaněk, Vojtěch (advisor)
The "Mist" is a visual narrative project on the border between 2D digital games and interactive animation. The virtual space here thematically take place between key words such as dream, sleep, limbo, phase of sadness, phase of dying. Subsequently, a form of metaphor is elaborated with the help of a non-existent landscape with specific elements (trees, plants, and others). Road through the countryside, road through the mist. Part of the movement of virtual space is a survey of linear processing over time.
Identity Background
Kleinerová, Zuzana ; Kleinerová, Klára (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
Diploma thesis Background identity is a series of events through which I am trying to find a harmony between the magic of art and life. I decided to initiate the situation, "performance" mediating an authentic, strong feelings. I tend to performance associated with life in the self-reflective approach. Based in my own performative practice in which the strength and authenticity is reflected primarily in the exchange of energy between the audience and the performer. I started to define an ideal conditions for performance to achieve this exchange, authentic experience and mutual perception of the situation within the relationship between "performer" and "spectator". In November 2015 I planned "authentic performances " series . The mutual forming of "performing" act I have anchored in the concept of identity, which is infinitely formed in relationships and the never-ending negotiation process. In the name of authenticity I am exposing myself within the anonymity of public space and waiting for the moment of identification. Waiting for concrete spectator who is already a part of me within a certain social role. Unexpected intervention into the everyday life of concrete person make the opportunity of authentic experience. Experience which is a part of his everyday life completes the action, giving the context. During the realization I got the opportunity to exhibit in the Palais de Tokyo. Aware of the significance of this opportunity for the development of my own artistic career I have decided to accepted it as a challenge. Although the terms of institution are utter contradiction of those conditions I had defined previously for authentic experience. In the name of authenticity and my principles I decided to be present in the role of spectator. To be invisible to this prestigious gallery. Be invisible to the artistic group Delta Total through which I had the opportunity to exhibit. To be inside and outside in the same time. The starting point of the last part is a necessity with the goal to get a master's degree. The necessity of outcome for jury can also betray my ideals of living authentic event. I should mediate all the experience of past events (to date 20th of April- thirty-three events) which happened in so many different places in the space of "Malá Amerika" in Brno...
Serebrianska, Daria ; Záhora, Zdeněk (referee) ; Vaněk, Vojtěch (advisor)
The topic of the diploma thesis is the creation of a computer game of the platform genre called "Nav". The work examines the stages of game creation and the position of games in contemporary art. The purpose of this work is to create a game based on Slavic, especially Ukrainian, mythology.
The Use of Stories in the Language Teaching at the Primary School
Benešová, Marie ; Doležalová, Eliška (advisor) ; Hájková, Eva (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on the use of stories in language teaching in primary school, especially the Czech language. The theoretical part contains basic information about the method of telling stories, storytelling, its possible use in the Czech language and experience with this method in teaching the English language. To work with stories in Czech language classes, the storytelling method is included in the Framework Educational Program for basic education, both in terms of student outcomes and competencies that could be developed in classes using storytelling. The work is devoted to the process of selecting and creating a story, its placement in children's literature and the criteria that should be met for the story to be accepted by pupils. The space is dedicated to the application itself in the teaching unit and to the offer of specific methods and exercises enabling the inclusion of storytelling in teaching. The work deals with the very process of creating a story based on the listed words for the 4th grade, describing the progress of the teaching unit as well as the reaction of the pupils in the lesson, and the preparation of the control test and evaluation. Due to the limited resources regarding the use of storytelling in the teaching of the Czech language, this work could in the...
Depiction of the Normalization Period from the Perspective of Child Protagonists
Semrádová, Adéla ; Kubíček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Smrčka, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of the depiction of the normalisation period from the perspective of child protagonists in the works of Czech literature of the 1990s. The thesis is concerned with the novels B. Proudew by Irena Dousková and Bliss was it in Bohemia by Michal Viewegh, and it first analyses them from the point of view of the narrator, the chronotope, the configuration of the characters and the techniques of their characterisation and the narrative audience. The thesis then employs the comparative method to ascertain which narrative techniques involved in constructing the narrative worlds are significant for an idyllic image of the normalisation reality in Czechoslovakia without disparaging the seriousness of the historical period. The result of the thesis is that a vital device for depicting childhood in the normalisation period as idyllic is the orientation towards the everydayness and ordinariness of the main characters and their family environment. Moreover, another significant narrative technique used in the selected texts is the characterisation method of the main characters through their utterance, which reflects in a humorous effect. Nevertheless, owing to the comparative method, the type of the narrator proved to be unimportant as the selected works employ a different...
A Split Character in Literature and Film
This bachelor's work investigates the concept of dichotomous characters in both literature and film adaptations. The focus lies on specific portrayals of character dichotomy within narratives, examining how the presence of such characters impacts the perception of the fictional world they inhabit. Additionally, the work delves into the broader issue of the distinctions between the language used in literature and film, exploring the scope and limitations of narrative translation between these two mediums. A central aspect of this exploration will be the function and split nature of characters within literary and cinematic narratives, demonstrating how these elements can significantly influence the interpretation of a given work.
The effect of narration and graphic notation method in learning piano works.
Tosun, Cemre Deniz ; Agopian, Vartan (advisor) ; Saláková, Magdalena (referee)
In piano instruction, new methods and strategies are intended to improve performance and accelerate up the learning process. The observation that there are some challenges in learning an instrument, given the polyphonic structure of the piano instrument, the simultaneous vocalization of both hands, and the reading of two different keys, is what led to the development of these approaches and methodologies. The aim of the thesis investigates the effect of graphic and narrative methods on students while learning piano works. In this study, rather than perceiving music auditorily, the questions of how we can transfer it to students in order to provide multiple perception with a visual and story-based study are investigated. In addition, this study is important for future experimental research. KEY WORDS Piano methods, teaching piano, graphic, narrative, musical reading, analysis of piano notes.
To Be Continued: Fictional Worlds of TV Series
This thesis entitled "To Be Continued: Fictional Worlds of TV Series" is focused on television series from the perspective of narratology and the theory of fictional worlds. The thesis deals with the concept of the series and its components, with which its creators work. An important part of the thesis is the concept of the fictional world and its construction. The connection of individual episodes of the series differs. It depends on the type of seriality that is used for the series. The text works with many television series of the past and present, with which the individual types of seriality are defined. Like any narrative, the serial consists of individual narrative components, such as a story, individual events, a narrator or characters. What is the difference in series as opposed to the film is shown in examples of various specific fiction series. TV series work with the story to continue in various forms. The thesis deals with series of various genres, lengths and origins. We will also read how the events of the series can be influenced by the viewer himself. This thesis also reflects the changes in seriality today's online world. It mentions the various advantages and disadvantages that we may encounter in today's Internet.
Middle-earth versus Westeros
This work deals with two fictional universes that have left a significant mark in the canon of fantasy literature. The first is Tolkien's Middle-earth, and the second is Martin's Westeros. The work draws primarily on their novels so that we can better compare their narratological practices. For Tolkien, it is also for the reason that all the books from Middle-earth, apart from the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit, were published after his death, and therefore we can only speculate about the final form he would give them. From Martin's writing is fundamental for this thesis the saga A Song of Ice and Fire. As the theoretical basis of this work serves primarily the work of Seymour Chatman, Shlomith Rimmon-Kenan and Lubomír Doležel. Through their theories is taken look at both fictional worlds and gradually are shown their differences which we can notice while reading them. Especially at the level of storyteller and character type. The difference of fictional universes is also shown to us in the modal limitations to which they are subjected. We can notice the biggest differences especially in the distinction between good and evil, which is subjected to axiological limitation, and then in the deontic limitation, which presents us with the norms and rules of fictional worlds. The last part of the work is dedicated to adaptations of our novels, to the film trilogies The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, directed by Peter Jackson, and the TV series Game of Thrones produced by HBO and the creative duo David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. Thanks to a change of medium, we came across some undescribed parts of stories that we would not otherwise notice in the literature. And we also got a glimpse of what happens to the story when we change the media. Every literary story has to go through the changes that are forced by the conversion into an audio-visual message. At the end of the thesis is raised the idea that the incomparable was compared. This is because if we were to follow the set parameters, we would necessarily have to conclude that the stories written by Tolkien are actually fairy tales for children and are communicated accordingly. In contrast, A Song of Ice and Fire is a very complicated piece that requires a more experienced reader and certainly cannot be considered as children's literature.
Working with a story in preschool children
Macháčková, Natálie ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Neumann, Lukáš (referee)
The aim of the presented bachelor's thesis is to describe the story as an important phenomenon and a means to develop reading preliteracy in preschool children, with a focus on the age group of five to six year olds. The theoretical part is based on the study of the literature and focuses on the definition of reading preliteracy, its importance and its development in kindergarten with regard to the developmental specifics of children aged 5-6 years, which it details. It also presents the functions of literature, characterises literature for children and the story, and introduces genres suitable for this age group (with a more detailed focus on the fairy tale). It looks at how reading preliteracy is anchored in the Framework Preschool Education Programme and how the development of reading preliteracy is conceptualised in contemporary preschool education. It focuses on appropriate methods and forms of story work and the role of stories and books in the educational process, and finally it talks about children's perception of stories and the ability to tell a story. The practical part is based on action research in a specific kindergarten and aims first to determine the current level of children in some expected outcomes related to reading preliteracy in relation to the topic of the thesis, then to...

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