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Around Everything I've Got
Moštěk, Richard ; Chomová, Juliána (referee) ; Vaněk, Vojtěch (advisor)
The central motif of my bachelor's thesis is the expansion of a fictitious universe with the help of displacement the boundary of the perception of the object as an image when entering the space. I'm trying to find an edge the perception of the image as a documentation of fictional stories on canvas, versus an artefact in spite identical use of material and technical process. I am exploring the limits of the canvas stretched on the frame and approaches to "multispectality" through which the work can track. The stylization of the painting is influenced by the aesthetics of the first digital feature films animated films and video games from the 1990s and 2000s. The default connecting point for the individual works are a relationship between a wooden frame, cotton canvas and oil paint. Imaginary point zero. The timeless narrative mirrors the significant features and patterns of human action society, including my inevitably subjective point of view. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to create a set of oil paintings with exaggeration reflecting civilization's reluctance to mature to the long term sustainability. The final output of my project is an installation of paintings/creating objects the scene for the viewer himself – the third person.
Detached house with a workshop Frank
Kubečková, Klára ; Vaněk, Vojtěch (referee) ; Jelínek, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the design of a new family house with an attached "massage studio" in the town of Frenštát pod Radhoštěm. The house, designed for a family of four, has two aboveground floors and a garage space. The entrance to the house is located on the northeast side, while the massage studio has access from the back. The residential rooms are oriented to the south for optimal sunlight. The building is insulated with the ETICS contact system and constructed from Ytong aerated concrete and Silka sand-lime masonry elements. The roof is pitched with anthracitecolored ceramic roofing tiles and a vegetated flat roof above the garage and studio. The facade will be finished with white silicone plaster
Family house
Kukulová, Magdalena ; Vaněk, Vojtěch (referee) ; Berková, Petra (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor´s thesis is to design family house, which is located in Červený Kostelec in the quiet area. It is a two-storey building with attached garage, which has one-storey. Both the building and the garage have a flat extensive roof. The main entrances of the house and the garage are situated to south. On the first floor there is a social zone of the house, consisting of living room connected to kitchen, guest room, toilet, storage, garage and utility room. On the second floor is a private area, consisting of master bedroom, two children‘s rooms, walk-in wardrobe, bathroom and toilet. The building is based on reinforced concrete foundation strips. The load-bearing walls are masonry designed from ceramic blocks with insulation inside. Horizontal load-bearing structures are made from ceramics and concrete. The heating and ventilation systems are designed to ensure the proper operation of the building. The house will be heated by underfloor heating, using an air-to-water heat pump. Air exchange in the building will be provided by a forced ventilation, mediating both the supply and exhaust of fresh air into the living spaces. Rainwater will be collected in an accumulation tank and subsequently utilized for garden irrigation. Excess water will be infiltrated into the ground on the property. The project also includes an energy performance certificate developed within the framework of the Energetika program. The building falls into the "A - exceptionally energy-efficient" category.
2D Visual Effects in Media: analysis and application
Kubánková, Adéla ; Ryška, Pavel (referee) ; Vaněk, Vojtěch (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the use of 2D animation for the visualization of special effects. This thesis focuses on the issue of animation of visual effects in the media, such as explosions and their influence on human perception, with a focus on influencing human emotions.
The Elf's Cookbook
Trčková, Štěpánka ; Šrámek, Jan (referee) ; Vaněk, Vojtěch (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with creating a comprehensive set of original illustrations complemented by text. The illustrations are intended to convey information from the gastronomy domain of a fictional world of elves providing a detailed insight into a specific segment of that world. While there are many works in audiovisual media and literature focusing on the world of elves there is a lack of in-depth analysis of the gastronomy theme in this world. This thesis aims to fill that gap by presenting my own interpretation. It consists of a set of illustrations conveying how according to my vision elf cuisine might appear. Furthermore the thesis also focuses on the technical aspects of illustration and printing which are integral parts of the coherence of the work.
Detached house with a workshop CABAS
Novák, Jakub ; Vaněk, Vojtěch (referee) ; Jelínek, Petr (advisor)
The main topic of this bachelor’s thesis is the development of a construction project at the level of construction documentation for a family house in accordance with applicable legislation. The objective of the thesis is to design and describe the proposed layout of the building, appropriately choose the construction system and materials, address the site's integration into the terrain considering the current state of the plot, and respect the surrounding development. The basis for the work was the municipality’s zoning plan, the real estate cadastre, and a geological map. The new building will be located on a flat plot in a quiet and new part of the village of Městec Králové. The proposed family house is a two-story structure without a basement, designed for the living needs of four people. The project focuses on creating a functional home with optimal use of space and separation of different zones. The construction system is wall-based. The exterior walls are made of ceramic blocks with external contact insulation. The roof of the second floor is designed as a flat green roof with an attic. On the first floor, there is a communication and social zone, which includes the living room, dining area, kitchen corner, and a business area featuring a pedicure salon. The second floor comprises a separate quiet zone with children's rooms and a bedroom, along with a storage room and a study. Both floors have a bathroom with a toilet, with the bedroom having an en-suite bathroom with a toilet.
Family House
Hrušovský, Jonáš ; Vaněk, Vojtěch (referee) ; Pěnčík, Jan (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor's thesis is the development of construction project documentation at the implementation stage and the preparation of necessary attachments in text form. The wooden family house is located in the eastern Krkonoše, specifically in the town of Mladé Buky. It is a detached building with its own land. The building has a partial basement and two above-ground floors. The basement area includes a spacious gym, a storage room, and a sauna with its own facilities. The main entrance is located on the northwest side, leading to a functional kitchen connected to a dining and living room, a separate room serving as an office, a toilet, and a utility room. The ski storage and garage area have separate entrances. The remaining floors are accessible from this floor via wooden, self-supporting, double-flight stairs. The residential attic includes two separate rooms, a bathroom, a walk-in closet, and the master bedroom with its own bathroom. From the bedroom, there is access to an outdoor terrace located on the roof of the garage. The foundation structures are designed from plain concrete as stepped foundation strips. The vertical load-bearing structures in the basement are made of concrete formwork blocks, while in the above-ground floors, they are made of load-bearing wooden KVH profiles measuring 60x120 mm. For the ceiling structure above the basement, a reinforced concrete slab with a thickness of 200 mm was used, and above the first floor, a beam ceiling with load-bearing wooden beams measuring 60x240 mm was used. The building is covered with a pitched roof with sheet metal roofing
Detached house Lepolis
Chaloupka, Lukáš ; Vaněk, Vojtěch (referee) ; Jelínek, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor thesis entitled "Lepolis Family House" focuses on the project documentation for the construction. The house is located in the village of Luková nad Cidlinou in the Hradec Králové Region on a flat square plot. It is a two-storey house with a garage, where the vertical load-bearing structures are made of ceramic blocks. The foundation strips of lost formwork form the basic support, while the horizontal structures are reinforced concrete monolithic. The roof over the residential part is a gable roof, while the roof over the garage and the residential part is a single flat roof, which is divided into a pitched and a vegetated part.
Cendelínová, Kateřina ; Gašparovičová, Lucia (referee) ; Vaněk, Vojtěch (advisor)
The master's thesis deals with the methods of creation and innovation in the field of original jewellery. This includes the process of creating my own brand, including the creation of a corporate identity, branding strategy and communication with the target audience. An important part of the project is the presentation of a collection of my own designer rings.
Vertical level design
Mrkus, Matyáš ; Záhora, Zdeněk (referee) ; Vaněk, Vojtěch (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis focuses on the development of a game space for a group studio project, the output of which is a playable prototype of the game route. It deals with design from the point of view of verticality connected with maximum use of minimum space. With its approach, it tries to refute characteristics such as linearity and flatness, and further identify and define the principles of guiding the player in relation to an impressive gaming experience. Its goal is to find a method for consistently effective design and routing of the game space for the single-player FPS game genre and apply it to a playable prototype of the studio project. To identify the principles, an analysis of a case study of the game title "Dark Souls" (FromSoftware, 2011) was used, the findings of which are subsequently listed in a clear list applicable to any game project.

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