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Creation and Use of Didactic Games in Czech Language Lessons for the 3rd Grade of Elementary School
Hrubá, Anna ; Hájková, Eva (advisor) ; Doležalová, Eliška (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the creation and use of didactic games in the teaching of Czech language for the 3rd year of primary school. The main aim was to find out what attitudes 3rd grade primary school teachers have towards didactic games in Czech language classes through a selected set of didactic games. Another aim was to find out how 3rd grade primary school students perceive the use of didactic games in Czech language classes. Furthermore, I also focused on resources from which teachers can draw inspiration for their teaching. The specific task was to create a set of didactic games, which is referred to in the main aim of the thesis. The theoretical part is divided into three chapters in which I discuss play, didactic play and the creation and use of didactic play. In the practical part, I created a set of didactic games from which the research unfolded. For the research investigation, I chose qualitative research, using semi-structured interviews with teachers and a questionnaire with 3rd grade primary school pupils as data collection methods. The analyzed data allowed me to answer the predetermined research questions and meet the objectives of the thesis. The research investigation showed that teachers have a positive attitude towards didactic play and realize its value. The pupils of...
Selected Administrative Style Genres in Teaching Czech to Native Speakers of Russian at Secondary Schools
Kovářová, Jana ; Hájková, Eva (advisor) ; Höflerová, Eva (referee) ; Šindelářová, Jaromíra (referee)
The dissertation focuses on teaching of so called advanced writing (in Czech) to secondary- school pupils who are native Russian speakers. We investigate the topic in the framework of a specific curriculum topic, i.e. administrative style genres. The aim of the dissertation is a) to identify the approach of teachers and that of Russian-speaking pupils towards this particular part of the curriculum, b) to assess the differences between texts of the chosen genres written by Czech pupils and pupils with Russian mother tongue, and, finally, c) to propose didactic solution for teaching the given administrative style genres to Russian-speaking pupils. We approach the topic with qualitative research methods. The practical part of the thesis consists of four parts. In the first one, on the basis of interviews, we analyse the teachers' approach, collect the evidence of critical places as well as examples of good practice. The second part looks closely at the Russian-speaking pupils' view. It has been discovered the pupils often cannot evaluate their language competences objectively, and generally, they lack metacognitive skills. The third part of the thesis compares - from the point of view of functional stylistics - 180 texts by Czech and native Russian pupils. The comparison shows the native Russian...
Czech Textbooks Published Between 1918-1938 and Their Impact on Contemporary Czech Language Teaching
Valová, Anna ; Hájková, Eva (advisor) ; Šmejkalová, Martina (referee)
The presented theses analyse four textbook series of Czech for second grade of the elementary school published up to 1938. The theses the overall structure, layout, parts of the textbooks and describes contents of the curriculum. Didactical analysis of the curriculum follows together with analysis of processes and methods then used. Using the teacher's books the didactical approach, on which the methods were built, is examined. The scope of this work is to find didactical methods, that are not used in contemporary textbooks, and which are worth to be used in present day Czech language teaching. The analysis starts with mutual comparison of the First republic textbooks, that is followed by comparison of those textbooks with contemporary Czech language textbook representing output of present-day publishing houses. The theses sum up, that the approaches used in historical textbooks are much more diverse, compared to present-day textbooks unified conception. Contemporary textbooks are more deliberately treated from visual point of view, there are differences in the scope of grammar tuition. Didactical methods are copied from the historical textbooks and contrary to above mentioned layout and scopes of grammar, they remain rigid, they are not adequately evolving. The same learning approaches and similar...
Schooling for Students Speaking Different Native Language in Regular or Online Lessons When Teaching Czech Language at Primary School
Jamnická, Nikola ; Hájková, Eva (advisor) ; Doležalová, Eliška (referee)
The thesis examines the education of pupils with a distinctive native language in face-to-face and distance education in primary school. The theoretical part of the thesis clarifies the forms of education in primary school, both traditional face-to-face education and various forms of distance education. It also covers the concepts of "Czech as a second language", "Czech as a foreign language", "pupil with a different native language", and "a foreigner pupil". The theoretical part of the thesis provides an overview of various support possibilities for pupils with different native languages. The overview includes support directly at primary schools or support through organizations dedicated to the teaching of Czech to pupils with different native languages. The practical part consists of six educational materials on the topic of school. The teaching materials were created for pupils recently arriving from Ukraine with an A0 level in the Czech language. The purpose of these materials is to make it easier to find their way around the Czech school environment. The teaching materials were created and evaluated with pupils with different native languages. The evaluation was done in two variants: face-to-face teaching and distance teaching. Each material includes methodological instructions. The materials...
Teaching of Specified Words for Primary School
Kroutilová, Jitka ; Hájková, Eva (advisor) ; Doležalová, Eliška (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the system of teaching the listed words at the 1st stage of the elementary, specifically in the 3rd grade. The work is divided into a theoretical part, which focuses on the current approaches to teaching the listed words, and a practical part, which describes working with students using the method of word- formation nests. The aim of the theoretical part is to describe the concept of listed words in the current pedagogical practice, from the point of view of language, didactics and from the point of view of teachers. The work focuses on the use of coherent meaningful texts in instruction. The goal of the practical part is to verify whether students' work with coherent meaningful texts will lead to a smaller error rate in the spelling of the listed words and whether this work is sufficiently interesting for students. In the theoretical part, the main method is the study of available materials, analysis of didactic materials, textbooks and other publications and interviews with individual teachers. In the practical part, the method used is qualitative research, which is based on working with the listed words staring with P in a group of eight students using the method of word-formation nests. The results of this work are verified by comparing the success rate of group of...
Critical spelling areas in the 2nd level of elementary school
Choutková, Simona ; Hájková, Eva (advisor) ; Doležalová, Eliška (referee)
This master thesis deals with critical spelling areas in the 2nd level of elementary school. The aim of the thesis is to get an overview of the spelling skills of pupils in one particular elementary school and to find out what spelling areas are the most difficult for pupils on the basis of comparison between different grades. Dictation, gap fill exercises and creative writing are used to investigate pupils' spelling skills. The different forms were chosen because we assume that pupils do not make the same mistakes in all types of spelling exercises. In the theoretical part, spelling is described both from a linguistic and didactic point of view. In the practical part, the research methodology is first presented and assumptions are made, which are evaluated in the conclusion of the paper. The description of the methodology is followed by the research results themselves, which are divided by year and by spelling areas for clarity. The results of the creative writing are commented on separately. The research also investigated how Czech language teachers feel about teaching spelling, how spelling is acquired and whether pupils consider spelling skills important. Our main assumption that pupils in grade 9 would show significantly better spelling skills than pupils in grade 6 was fulfilled in most...
Linguistic analysis of weather forecasts as an informative text. Action research
Zítka, Martin ; Hájková, Eva (advisor) ; Janovec, Ladislav (referee)
1 ABSTRACT This thesis is named Linguistic Analysis of weather forecasts and is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. In the first part of this thesis readers can find general knowledge of field of media: the term media communication is defined, specifics are described, it is talked about a media product, content and meaning. After that we mention media audience with respect to the pupil as a special type of recipient. The following is a characteristic of television weather forecasts within the media communication and analysis of its typical means of expression. The last part of this section is the description of the school curriculum, especially the media education, because the research was made in the schools and the main goals of this thesis were based on requirements of curricula of the Czech Republic. The second part presents the motivation of investigation and the method of the action research that was chosen. The largest part of this section is the part containing the whole evaluation and interpretation of the results of particular activities, both propaedeutic and proactive with the media product. The main goals of this thesis are the development and subsequent application of an action plan with projected activities for the Czech language teachers at primary school, especially in the...
Czech Language in the Crimea
Wildová, Zuzana ; Janovec, Ladislav (advisor) ; Hájková, Eva (referee)
The text deals with the current state of the language of the Czech minority in Crimea. Based on field research, it describes phenomena and changes that occurred in the language of Crimean Czechs that were caused by the influences of the foreign language and culture environment. Main focus of the text is phonetics, i.e. the way how speakers are affected by the Russian pronunciation standards. The text contains historical and cultural context relevant to the departure of Czechs to Crimea and the shape of the Czech minority nowadays. Individual chapters are dedicated to specific phenomena: deviations in the pronunciation of vocals in first syllables of words, changes in the pronunciation of the consonant [j], labialization in pronunciation of consonant [v], changes in the pronunciation of loanwords, pronunciation of consonants [ ] and [ ] in Czech words, pronunciation of toponyms, prosthesis and elimination of speech sounds from the beginning of words, deviations in the pronunciation of speech sounds from the middle of words, vocalization of prepositions and influences of Russian language standards on the use of their vocalized form.
Reading comprehension of the Czech texts among foreign pupils - Level A1
Ružbacká, Jana ; Hájková, Eva (advisor) ; Janovec, Ladislav (referee)
This master theses deals with certain aspects of Czech as foreign language. It comprises of 2 parts. The first one is theoretical background and explains key concepts as e.g. migration, foreign pupil in czech school, teaching of foreign pupils, reading comprehension, characteristic of level A1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It introduces European language portfolio and vocabulary for level A1. The second part is focused on field research that was realised at primary school in Prague. For this qualitative research were chosen 10 pupils from Slavic and Non-Slavic countries. The aim of this research was gaining of compact information about chosen pupils by analysing their individual educational plan, interviews with pupils, teachers and headmaster, analysing their tests and observation. The reseach was concentrated on reading comprehension. 3 different texts were made. One from them was made according to vocabulary for level A1. The other texts were text from textbook and it's simplified version. Each text had a few questions that pupils had to answer. The results of two texts were compared and commented. We cannot say that if pupil is longer time in Czech environment, he or she has better command of Czech language. Comparison of two types of texts did not bring...

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