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Respondents of the Aktionsart category "saturation" (contrastive corpus analysis)
This bachelor's thesis is called Respondents of the Aktionsart category "saturation" (contrastive corpus analysis) and its aim is to compare the categories of verbal aspect, lexical aspect (Aktionsart) and saturation in the Czech and Spanish language. It is comprised of two parts - a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part focuses on the comparison of the categories, their definitions and coherence in both languages. Moreover, it examines the means of their realization in the verb, again in both languages. The basis of the practical part is the work with the newest version of the parallel corpus InterCorp, which is used to perform a contrastive analysis of the translation counterparts of saturation in Czech and Spanish.
Verbal Aspect in Spanish and Czech
Bělehrádková, Kateřina ; Čermák, Petr (advisor) ; Kratochvílová, Dana (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to compare the verbal aspect in Spanish and Czech. The thesis has two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part focuses on defining the category of verbal aspect in both languages and on comparison of this category in these two aspectual systems. Furthemore, we pay attention to the relation of verbal aspect to the category aspecto and to the lexical aspect (Aktionsart). The practical part consists of a corpus case study carried out using the newest version of the Czech parallel corpus InterCorp. In the case study, we analyse aspectual differences between original texts in Czech and their Spanish translations. Key words: verbal aspect - verb - Spanish - Czech - parallel corpora
Linguistic and Literary Analysis of Old Bohemian Composition Tristram and Izalda
This diploma thesis deals with an analysis of Old Czech poem Tristram and Izalda. The source of the analysed text is the Strahov manuscript dated to 1449, in edition by Zdeňka Tichá. The thesis includes a brief description of the history and origin of the analysed piece in both European and especially Czech literary context. The main focus of this text is the linguistic analysis of selected language phenomena. That comprises of phonological and morphological evolution of most grammar categories of nouns, adjectives and verbs in Czech language. With nouns and adjectives, the thesis focuses on the declination paradigm, specifically on the system of grammatical cases and the animacy of the masculine gender. With verbs, the attention is given to the analysis of the tenses, with emphasis on the simple past tenses. First and foremost, the thesis focuses on the analysis of the aorist and imperfect tense with emphasis on verbal aspect affiliation, from which these tenses are often created. A part of the work is dedicated to the preterite, the compound past tense. Where individual verbal forms are analysed, the main focus is given to the nt- and s- participles, their suffix system and also the connection to the category of verbal aspect. Many distinct examples from the analysed text are provided throughout the thesis, as well as detailed statistic data on the occurrence frequency of selected phenomena
The Progression of the Verbal Aspect into the Bohemian Language System
The topic of this dissertation concerns with the analysis of baroque period's grammatical aspect in Czech language. In the first part I focus on the modernheoretical literature about the grammatical aspect and related verbal categories. Subsequently I interpret the classification, meanings and assumed usage of the grammatical aspect presented by authors of baroque grammar books. On the grounds of this study I create a methodological basis for practical research, define the main concepts as well as terms and I set hypotheses about the baroque aspect system. Thereafter I try to verify the hypothesis using the verbal material excerpted from the original texts. The cornerstone of my research is the grammatical aspect recorded in the literary texts of the baroque epoch. The grammatical aspects in these texts are assessed from the view of verbal system, their semantic meaning and formal realization. Moreover, I explore some important grammatical phenomena closely associated with the grammatical aspect, such as tenses, lexical aspects and transgressive constructions. The presented dissertation sets a goal to describe the state of baroque grammatical aspects and their application in contemporary literature as thorough as possible. Besides it aims to specify the trend resulting in a full integration of grammatical aspects into the Czech verbal system.
Perfective and imperfective verbs derived from -nést, -nášet, -nosit in combination with prefixes vy- and v- (based on the The Czech National Corpus data analysis)
Solovej, Natalie ; Starý Kořánová, Ilona (advisor) ; Hudousková, Andrea (referee)
The subject of this thesis are the verbs of motion with the roots -nést, -nášet, -nosit in conjunction with the prefixes vy- and v-. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and analytical part. The theoretical part focuses on determinate and indeterminate verbs of motion, their specificity and their use in metaphorical expressions. Furthermore, the theoretical part focuses on the verbal aspect, prefixes and the issues with valence. The analytical part of the work contains a separate analysis of the verbs and is based on the Czech national corpus SYN2010. Selected verbs are categorized according to their structure of valences and analysed from their semantic and syntactic points of view. The aim of this thesis is to compare the results with those that are found in Czech language dictionaries, specifically in the dictionaries of Czech valences: Slovník slovesných, substantivních a adjektivních vazeb a spojení (2005), Slovník spisovného jazyka českého (1989) and Valenční slovník českých sloves VALLEX (2008). Keywords: determinate - indeterminate verbs, verbal aspect, iterativity - noniterativity, verbal prefixes vy- and v-, verbal valence
The verb in selected Italian grammars from the 15th to the 19th century
Soukupová, Tereza ; Štichauer, Pavel (advisor) ; Špaček, Jiří (referee)
This dissertation focuses on treatise of an Italian verb and its development from different points of view of various grammarians through comparison of eighteen Italian grammars from 15th until 19th century. It is looking at the verb from three standpoints: morphological, syntactical, and the aspect. Morphological view - it is examining the way of its classification based on individual grammatical categories: occurrence, description, and its contents. Syntactical view - here the issue of choosing the auxiliary verb is observed in compound tenses, the issue of concord and verbal valency. Verbal aspect, as a separate grammatical category, is not being dealt with by Roman linguistics before 20th century. This dissertation studies if and how authors of older grammars perceive and describe effects that belong to this category, predominantly the expression of perfective and imperfective aspects. Keywords: verb, Italian grammar, morphology, syntax, verbal aspect
Demonstration of selected grammatical categories in the Czech language for foreigners tuition
Najbrtová, Barbora ; Hrdlička, Milan (advisor) ; Šebesta, Karel (referee)
The diploma thesis concerns about the presentation of gramatical verbal categories, mostly verbal aspect, mood and tense. First part follows the verbal aspect. Its presentation in grammar, text and activity books for foreigners is not neither sufficient nor comprehensive or systematic. The second section deals with verbal mood. The way of its explanation in lessons is not sufficient either, for example different explanation of imperative formation, the absence of description of using conditional in communication etc. The third chapter observes verbal tense as well in grammar, text and activity books for foreigners. Its description is also unsatisfactory. The questionnaire is addressed to teachers of Czech as a foreign language with different degree of experience and it conducts a survey of differences, difficulties of explanation, different point of view of educational materials and necessity to complete them. We formulate linguistic-didactic recommendation for explanation of those three grammatical verbal categories on the basis of found difficulties and contradictions. Those recommendations as well as with the questionnaire survey is the target of this thesis. Key words: Czech for foreigners, verbal aspect, verbal mood, verbal tense, grammar books, textbooks, activity books for foreigners,...
Verbal aspect and manner of verbal action in Czech and Ukrainian language
Žižková, Lenka ; Lendělová, Věra (advisor) ; Arkhanhelska, Alla (referee)
The dissertation deals with the question of verbal aspect and manner of verbal action in Czech and Ukrainian language. The aim is to describe prefixes, which are used as means of verbal derivation and formation of aspectual pairs. The present study is divided into chapters: Introduction, Resear of verbal aspekt and Aktionsart, Verbal aspect, Manner of verbal action (Aktionsart), Competition between prefixes in the meaning of aspectual pairs formation and derivation of verbs in Czech and Ukrainian langure, Summary. There are differences in the number of verbal prefixes, which have beside derivational function also grammatical function. Czech language has sixteen of these verbal prefixes, in Ukrainian there are only seven verbal prefixes, which are used in both of these processes. This is conspicuous difference, but the results of the analysis showed, that the possibilities of applying specific prefixes are in both compared languages remarkably consistent. Many verbs of various categories of verbal action manner are derived in West and East Slavic language by the same prefixes. Consensus is also in preference of identical prefixes, which are the most commonly used during pure perfectivization (especially Czech z- and Ukrainian з-/с-). Keywords verbal aspect manner of verbal action (Aktionsart) prefix

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