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The Compositions of Jan Nepomuk Vocet (1777-1843) in the Collection from the St. Nicolaus Cathedral in České Budějovice, a Study and Edition
A collection of music created mainly in the second half of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th century was found at the choir loft of the Cathedral of St Nicholas in Budweis. Jáchym Štěpánovský and J. N. Vocet were two local composers and choir administrators who primarily helped to create this music collection. Jan Nepomuk Vocet who used to work at the choir of St Nicholas Cathedral was a significant person. He belongs to a lesser - known group of composers at the turn of the period of Classicism and Romanticism and that's why I chose him as the main topic of my diploma theses. The aim of this work is to evaluate Vocet's influence in Budweis music scene, to give an idea of his church music, popularize the chosen pieces of his music in edition and analyse it in detail.
F. Nietzches and A. Schopenhauers Philosophy of Music
The thesis deals with the problem phenomenon of music in the philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer and Friedrich Nietzsche. What place does the music occupy in their philosophy, how they understood it and defined it? These are the main issues that are gradually discussed and answered. The thesis is divided into three parts. The first part of the thesis deals with Schopenhauer's concept of music, the second part is about Nietzsche's concept, and the third part is an assessment of the differences of their opinions of the issue of will as music. There is also a practical part in the thesis, namely the analysis of Nietzsche's early musical composition. I also refer to the personality of the composer Richard Wagner, who was influenced by both philosophers and vice versa. At the end of the thesis I evaluate and summarize whether the aim of the thesis was fulfilled and if it answered the aforesaid questions.
Brass music in the South of Bohemia focusing on the history and the present of brass bands and their outstanding artistic personalities
The bachelor thesis maps brass music in South Bohemia. The thesis describes developement of brass music from it's beginning to present brass music. The thesis is further focused to map history and developement of small brass bands. This includes description of their performing at various festivals, competitions all over Czech Republic. The thesis also follows up important members of described brass bands. The interviews with experts, conductors and performers and rehearsal of brass music by young musicians are included in the thesis.
Verbal aspect and manner of verbal action in Czech and Ukrainian language
Žižková, Lenka ; Lendělová, Věra (advisor) ; Arkhanhelska, Alla (referee)
The dissertation deals with the question of verbal aspect and manner of verbal action in Czech and Ukrainian language. The aim is to describe prefixes, which are used as means of verbal derivation and formation of aspectual pairs. The present study is divided into chapters: Introduction, Resear of verbal aspekt and Aktionsart, Verbal aspect, Manner of verbal action (Aktionsart), Competition between prefixes in the meaning of aspectual pairs formation and derivation of verbs in Czech and Ukrainian langure, Summary. There are differences in the number of verbal prefixes, which have beside derivational function also grammatical function. Czech language has sixteen of these verbal prefixes, in Ukrainian there are only seven verbal prefixes, which are used in both of these processes. This is conspicuous difference, but the results of the analysis showed, that the possibilities of applying specific prefixes are in both compared languages remarkably consistent. Many verbs of various categories of verbal action manner are derived in West and East Slavic language by the same prefixes. Consensus is also in preference of identical prefixes, which are the most commonly used during pure perfectivization (especially Czech z- and Ukrainian з-/с-). Keywords verbal aspect manner of verbal action (Aktionsart) prefix

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