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The Progression of the Verbal Aspect into the Bohemian Language System
The topic of this dissertation concerns with the analysis of baroque period's grammatical aspect in Czech language. In the first part I focus on the modernheoretical literature about the grammatical aspect and related verbal categories. Subsequently I interpret the classification, meanings and assumed usage of the grammatical aspect presented by authors of baroque grammar books. On the grounds of this study I create a methodological basis for practical research, define the main concepts as well as terms and I set hypotheses about the baroque aspect system. Thereafter I try to verify the hypothesis using the verbal material excerpted from the original texts. The cornerstone of my research is the grammatical aspect recorded in the literary texts of the baroque epoch. The grammatical aspects in these texts are assessed from the view of verbal system, their semantic meaning and formal realization. Moreover, I explore some important grammatical phenomena closely associated with the grammatical aspect, such as tenses, lexical aspects and transgressive constructions. The presented dissertation sets a goal to describe the state of baroque grammatical aspects and their application in contemporary literature as thorough as possible. Besides it aims to specify the trend resulting in a full integration of grammatical aspects into the Czech verbal system.
The Transgressive Constructions in the Baroque Texts
The topic of this diploma thesis is an analysis of the baroque period's transgressives. Both the contemporary norm relative to the transgressives and its theoretical reflexion are observed on the base of five grammar writings from the given historic age. An obtained knowledge is then compared with a material excerpted from the writings corresponding to their date of origin during the period in baroque. The oldest of these scholarly writings is "Mappa katolická" by Jiří Plachý, followed by "Kronika klattovská" written by Jan Florián Hammerschmid and a late baroque polemic "Obzvláštné pravdy náboženství katholického" by Jan Hubálek. In this thesis, the transgressives are examined from both phonological and morphological point of view, but the greatest emphasis is placed on problematic facets, such as the gender congruence, the aspect of source verb and the transgressives' meaning derived from the primal participles. The diploma thesis sets its goal to describe the state of baroque transgressives and their using in contemporary literature as exactly as possible. Beside of these, it aims to specify the trend, on which end is the current wither of these grammatical forms.
A Linguistic Analysis of a Baroque Text
The topic of this bachelor thesis is an analysis of four baroque writings from the first quarter of the 18th century, with a special focus on verbs, their forms, meanings and usage. The analysed writings are Sláva kostela Vyšehradského by Jan Florián Hammerschmid, the sermons Čtrnácte pomocníků by Colmann Hendl and Kníže Pokoje by František Jan Svoboda and finally the symbolic interpretation of the Plzeň?s history Koráb Noëmový by Adam Kratochvile. The thesis is divided into the theoretical part containing the interpretation of the period language norm based on several grammar books and the practical part. The verbs of the mentioned baroque writing are analysed in the scope of phonetics, morfology, lexicology and syntax. The acquired results are compared with the period theoretical principles contained in grammars. The goal of the bachelor thesis is the general evaluation of verb forms? period usage.
Regulation of truck transport - hours of service
Kameník, Josef ; Šíma, Josef (advisor) ; Ždímal, Martin (referee)
Thesis is concerned with one of many regulations which affects cargo truck transport, so-called hours of service. It is restriction related to time of drivers' service. Truck transport means important part of economy as connection between companies or between company and final consumers. Aim of the work is compare regulations in European Union, Canada and USA together with their historical evolution. Differences in regulation are then explained in model transport relations. There are also analyzed individual interested groups which are influenced by these regulations. In final part of the work is looked about pro and con of existing restriction and what are the consequences of observance of the rules or even tightening up the rules.
Rekvalifikace jako forma investice do lidského kapitálu
Kameník, Josef ; Brožová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Hlaváč, Petr (referee)
V bakalářské práci se zaměřím na rekvalifikace, jako jeden ze způsobů v boji proti nezaměstnanosti v České republice, který lidem usnadňuje návrat na pracovní trhy. Analyzuji vztah rekvalifikace a lidského kapitálu, pojem rekvalifikace, kdo se může rekvalifikačních kurzů zúčastnit, jaké jsou výhody pro zaměstnance a jaké jsou výhody pro zaměstnavatele. V druhé části zhodnotím úspěšnost rekvalifikačních kurzů u konkrétních okresů (okres Nový Jičín a okres Trutnov). Srovnám rozdíly v počtu rekvalifikací, úspěšnost rekvalifikačních kurzů, kdo převážně využívá rekvalifikačních kurzů jak z pohledu zaměstnanců, tak nezaměstnaných či z pohledu různých věkových skupin.

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