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Optative sentences in Portuguese and Italian in comparison to Czech. A comparative study on the basis of a parallel corpus.
Horák, Pavel ; Štichauer, Pavel (advisor) ; Obstová, Zora (referee)
(in English): This bachelor thesis is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is devoted to the definition of wish sentences in Italian and Portuguese and their modality. The main object of the thesis is to classify these sentences and to investigate their translation counterparts into Czech, based on the use of the parallel corpus InterCorp. The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to form an overview of wish sentences in Italian and Portuguese and to assign their translation counterparts in Czech.
Italian similes in the construction ADJ come ... and their Czech counterparts in the parallel corpus InterCorp
Šorsáková, Gabriela ; Štichauer, Pavel (advisor) ; Ebrová, Agáta (referee)
Title: Italian similes in the construction ADJ come ... and their Czech counterparts in the parallel corpus InterCorp. Objectives: Outline the possibility of translating specific types of Italian similes into Czech, evaluate translation options in terms of equivalence and construction, with an emphasis on potential changes in construction copared to the given "ADJ-come-N" structure, and determine the occurrence rates of Italian similes in the SYN corpus. Methods: Conduct a theoretical analysis of the "ADJ-come-N" simile structure and define the concepts of phraseology and idiomatice. Utilize the itWaC corpus to obtain samples of comparisons and subsequently select examples for detailed examination. Lastly, propose and select translations in the Dicitonary of Phraseology and Idiomatics (Volume Similes), simultaneously using the InterCorp (version 16). For defining Italian similes, employ Italian dictionaries such as Dizionario dei modi di dire della lingua italiana and Grande dizionario italiano. Results: Theoretical delineation of similes and their structure, including the definition of phraseology and idiomatice. Identification of simile samples for practical analysis and proposal of translations based on the analysis results using relevant sources. Conclusion: Evaluate the possibility of...
Italian and corsican verbal periphrases
Svojtková, Tereza ; Štichauer, Pavel (advisor) ; Špaček, Jiří (referee)
This thesis will shed light on the system of verbal periphrases in the Italian and Corsican languages. First, both the theoretical and actual functioning of verbal periphrases in an array of global languages will be delineated. Italian verbal periphrases will be the focus of the second movement of this thesis and the third part of our reasoning will underscore the linguisitic similarities of the Italián and Corsican verbal periphrases, concluding with the sociohistorical aspects of the Corsican language to culminate in the portrayal of current usage trends.
Participio assoluto in Italian and its Czech translation counterparts in the parallel corpus InterCorp
Breadonová, Kristina ; Štichauer, Pavel (advisor) ; Břenková, Barbora (referee)
(in English): This bachelor thesis is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. In its theoretical part, it deals mainly with the verb, more precisely with non-finite verb forms and their function in subordinate implicit clauses. The main topic of this thesis is then the absolute participle, which is analyzed in the practical part based on the parallel corpus InterCorp. The aim of this thesis is to present a comprehensive view of non-finite verb forms, especially the absolute participle and the typology of its Czech translation counterparts with sufficient precision.
Italian idioms containing the names of colors and their Czech equivalents
Žáková, Klára ; Obstová, Zora (advisor) ; Štichauer, Pavel (referee)
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to find and characterize Italian idioms containing names of colours and to determine the typology of their Czech counterparts. This work is intended to create a comprehensive, quantified view of idiom translations and phraseology in general. In the first chapter of the theoretical part, there are defined the concepts of phraseology and idiomatics, the difference between frazem and idiom with their functions, even from the point of view of Italian phraseology. The second chapter describes the issue of frazem translation and equivalency. Other chapters are devoted to colours, their physical characteristics, how they are divided and to their symbolism. In the practical section, the dictionaries and corpus used are briefly presented. The second chapter of the application section contains searched and classified colour idioms in dictionaries and their meanings. This is followed by an analysis of Czech respondents in the online Italian- Czech dictionary Lingea. The final chapter of the practical section contains the frequency of colour idioms in the InterCorp internet corpus. At the end, the agreements and differences between Italian and Czech idioms are summed up.
The evolution of reflexive verbs in Italian
Karabcová, Natálie ; Štichauer, Pavel (advisor) ; Obstová, Zora (referee)
(in English) This paper investigates the evolution of auxiliary verb selection in Italian reflexive verbs in the compound tenses based on data obtained from the CODIT diachronic corpus of Italian. In contrast to modern Italian, where only the auxiliary verb essere is obligatory with all types of reflexive verbs, in previous developmental phases, especially with indirect reflexive verbs, the auxiliary verb avere was possible. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the different types of reflexives, while the practical part deals with research on the choice of auxiliary verbs from the earliest times to the present.
The progressive periphrasis stare + gerund and its Czech counterparts in the parallel corpus InterCorp
Missoni, Giorgia ; Štichauer, Pavel (advisor) ; Břenková, Barbora (referee)
The thesis deals with the progressive periphrasis stare + gerund and its translation counterparts in Czech based on the parallel corpus of InterCorp. First, it describes the complete paradigm of these periphrases and their counterparts in Czech. The thesis arrives at a typology of Czech translation counterparts which shows how the progressive aspect is represented in Czech.
Selected Italian interjections and their Czech counterparts in the parallel corpus InterCorp
Zikmundová, Eliška ; Štichauer, Pavel (advisor) ; Obstová, Zora (referee)
The aim of the bachelorʼs thesis is to present and compare Czech and Italian approaches to interjections. The first part focuses on the description of Czech and Italian interjections according to various criteria and points of view, especially morphological, semantic and syntactic. The second part deals with characterization of six selected interjections such as no, ah, eh, beh, ahi and mah. The thesis concludes by focusing on the Czech counterparts of these interjections, which are analyzed on the basis of their previous description and material in the parallel corpus InterCorp.
The system of Italian verbs and its challenges from the perspective of Czech students of Italian Studies
Pranevská, Karolína ; Obstová, Zora (advisor) ; Štichauer, Pavel (referee)
The thesis focuses on the verb system of Italian language, specifically addressing areas that Czech students tend to find problematic. The theoretical section aims to provide a solid theoretical foundation in relation to L2 acquisition, error typologies, and an overview of the Italian verb system. This will enable a comprehensive analysis of student tests in the practical section. In the practical section, based on the disparities between the Italian and Czech verb systems and the peculiarities of the Italian system, hypotheses are formulated regarding the challenging nature of certain Italian verb phenomena for Czech students. Research questions are also posed to determine the areas of the language and types of test exercises where students make the most errors. The analysis results should also highlight error rates throughout students' the course and identify potential causes of these errors. Keywords: language learning/acquisition, system of verbs, verb tense, grammatical mood, L2 Italian, transfer, error.
Italian Idioms with Gastronomic Components and their Czech Equivalents
Vrecionová, Daniela ; Obstová, Zora (advisor) ; Štichauer, Pavel (referee)
The present thesis examines culinary and food-related phrasemes in Italian and Czech respectively. The first part of this paper sets the theoretical framework providing an insight into both the Czech and the Italian terminology and an overview of phraseology and figurative speech. Furthermore, the most important Czech and Italian current phraseography is looked into. The main objective of the second section of the thesis is to provide a clear categorization of the phrasemes firstly based on their semantic features and secondly based on their key cuisine-related component. The thesis also adopts a comparative method in order to explore any differences and similarities between the two languages. The results are compiled into a list of Italian phrasemes and their Czech equivalents attached to this thesis. Finally, the possible correlations between the examined phrasemes and the culinary culture of both countries are explored. KEYWORDS phraseology, phrasemes, gastronomy, metaphore, Czech, Italian

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