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Former State Prison in Uherské Hradiště?
Látalová, Barbora ; Boleslavská, Yvona (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
"We cannot teach people how to play tenis in a submarine!" In same way it is hard for people to change their attitude and behavior in the environment that is not similar to real life. How can we want the prisoners to act like a normal single person after years spent within the four walls? The aim of a new prison is a long preparation for the release of prisoners, the single life while reducing recidivism Czech Republic, attempts to refute prejudices, zoom in and understand the closed world of prisons and allow interaction with the world outside prison.
Specifics of Social Work in Prisons
The Czech Republic strruggles with a higher rate of recidivism than desirable. While the number of convicts in prisons is declining, so is the number of staff. Social work plays a vital role in supporting convicts towards resocialization and reintegration. This thesis on the topic of Specifics od Social Work in Prison focuses on the current situation in the context of the number of convicts and the state's criminal policy setting. Additionally, the thesis discusses factors that can influence delinquent and criminal behavior. Crime prevention is part focuses on the role od social work in prison, penitentiary and post-penitentiary care, and the use of treatment programs. Two goals were chosen for the practical part of this work: to find out how social work is implemented in prisons from the perspective of social workers and to find out in selected prisons what procedures, methods and techniques a social worker uses within treatment programs with assigned individuals. The research was carried out using a qualitative research stratégy, where open coding created codes that were further processed in the ATLAS.ti software program. This program was also used to schematically illustrate the results. The conducted interviews were analyzed, and through the interpretation of the collected data, it was discovered what are the specifics of providing support from social workers in relation to prisoners and what approaches, methods and techniques social worker use through individually set treatments programs. The results also highlight the challenges, limits and barriers associated with providing effective interventions. The contribution of this work is a deeper insight into social work in prisons from the perspective of social workers and also getting acquainted with the challenges, limits and barriers that may disrupt the provision of effective interventions.
Social worker as an employee and member of a (multidisciplinary) team
Kolářová, Barbora ; Novák, Petr (advisor) ; Drahoňovský, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with a social worker as an employee and a member of a multidisciplinary team in the field of prison system. The aim of the thesis was to find out the view on the social worker from the perspective of top management of the Czech prison service. The theoretical part is divided into three major chapters that interconnect with each other. The first chapter deals with the basic definition of social work and a multidisciplinary team, but also delves into the specific area of social work with the crime perpetrators. The second chapter deals with general management, management of social work and top management, which plays a major role in the research investigation. The third chapter focuses on the area of prison system, its brief history, structure, and for the purposes of adding some interesting information to the thesis, also touches upon the life behind prison bars. The empirical part used qualitative research, specifically semi-structured interview, to fulfill the research goal. The interviews were conducted with top management of the Czech prison service. All collected data was analyzed using method, inspired by grounded theory approach. During the preparation of this thesis, I found out that the view of top management on social workers is completely positive. According to...
God behind bars: series of interviews with prison chaplains
Kulasová, Magdalena ; Novotný, David Jan (advisor) ; Lovaš, Karol (referee)
The aim of the practical bachelor's thesis God behind Bars: A Series of Journalistic Interviews with Prison Chaplains is to provide insight into the historical development of spiritual service in the Czech prison system, and in particular to describe its current form and the ways and specifics of its functioning. The series of journalistic interviews documents six personal stories in which male and female chaplains describe the reasons and motivations that led them to the vocation of prison chaplains, and share their personal experiences with this profession that they have gained during their practice. Through the interviews, the respondents characterize the chaplaincy work, the principles of prison spiritual service, and offer various perspectives on the work of spiritual professionals in Czech prisons.
Unconditional imprisonment
Hrtko, Igor ; Tlapák Navrátilová, Jana (advisor) ; Vokoun, Rudolf (referee)
Unconditional imprisonment Abstract This diploma thesis deals with unconditional imprisonment, a topic that has been discussed in the field of criminal law for a long time. Unconditional imprisonment represents the most serious interference with human rights and freedoms that can be legally imposed in the Czech legal sphere. At the same time unconditional imprisonment has a subsidiary nature, which means it can only be imposed as a punishment of last resort. As it is shown in practice, unconditional imprisonment is imposed very often in the Czech Republic, therefore the goal of this thesis is to provide a comprehensive summary of the given issue, including the identification of its problems alongside with providing suggestions of possible solutions. The thesis is divided into five chapters, which gradually in complex fashion analyze the concept of unconditional imprisonment from both theoretical and practical point of view with the goal of providing a complete overview of the given issue. Theoretical basis of unconditional imprisonment is explained at the beginning of the thesis. That includes explanation of the term itself, its history, and the theories of punishment. Later in the thesis, the legislation regarding unconditional imprisonment is analyzed, which includes the domestic legislation as well as...
Possibilities and limits of the work of an addictologist in the Prison Servise of the Czech Republic
Čtveráčková, Jana ; Volfová, Anna (advisor) ; Fidesová, Hana (referee)
Background: Substance use among people commiting crime has been an important issue for a long time. Since 2016, the Czech Prison Service (VSČR) has established the position of an addictionologist to provide expert addiction care in prisons using the same interventions and procedures that are used in civilian facilities. The position is classified under health services, but is expected to work closely with correctional and detention services. The conditions of work depend on each prison specifics. Aims: The research describes actual situation of addictologists employed in the Prison Service of the Czech Republic. Using sub-objectives, the author tried to find out the characteristics of people working as addictologists in the Prison Service, to describe their activities in the Prison Service system and to find out the addictologist's view on the perceived possibilities and limits of this position. Methods: The base file was selected using the total selection method. All the 10 employees who were employed in the Prison Service at the time of the research as addictocologists were contacted. The research sample consisted of 8 workers who were interested in research participation. A qualitative method of semi-structured interviews was used in order to collect data via online communication tools or by...
Specific¨s work of leisure time teacher in prison.
This Bachelor thesis, named "Particularities of Work of Leisure Time Teacher and Educator in Prison ", deals with the basic terms of the prison system and a brief description of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic in the first theoretical part. In the next part, the thesis focuses on the work of a leisure time teacher and educator and also on the professions in these fields. The studying of reference books, organizing and drawing up of the work was used to finish the theoretical part. The aim of the practical part was to find out what the particularities of leisure time teachers and educators in prison are. Also, to determine the biggest differences between these professions and what they have in common. The questionnaire was used to find the answers to these questions. The research was implemented in the Detention Prison of České Budějovice. It was qualitative research with united questions. The questionnaire was printed and given to the respondents. The respondents were divided into two imaginary groups (R1, R2) according to their answers to the first question. Then the respondents were matched to the groups. Finally, the thesis describes and explains the confirmation or disproval of the assumptions.
Social work in imprisonment
The thesis starts with introducing the basic definition of social work, history, social worker and target groups of social work. The main part of the thesis focuses on the definition of terms related to crimes and especially their regulation and the current situation in the Czech Republic. Within the Czech Republic, the Prison Service and the context are also described. The work also includes the issue of social work in the prison environment.
Prostorová diferenciace podílu uvězněných osob ve světě
The bachelor thesis deals with the spatial differentiation of the distribution of imprisoned persons in the world at the level of individual states. Based on the statistics taken from the World Prison Brief database, it analyses the number of prisoners in the given countries of the world. The theoretical part of the work is focused on the definition and delineation of basic terms from the field of penology and social pathology, as well as theories that are closely related to prison systems. The analytical part examines the influence of individual groups of economic, social and other factors on the share of imprisoned persons. The quantitative method of evaluating the influence of selected factors is characterized by correlation analysis. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to clearly interpret the spatial differences in the observed phenomenon and to find the main determinants that encourage the occurrence of criminal behaviour and imprisonment itself. The synthetic part focuses on the distribution of the investigated phenomenon in a macro-regional concept in order to generalize and facilitate the determination of the main determinants and specifics of the distribution of the investigated phenomenon.
Actual problems of social work during parol
LIDOVÁ, Štěpánka
This bachelor thesis deals with current problems in social work during parole. It aims to describe the current situation of parole in the Czech Republic. At the same time, the thesis pays attention to the naming and description of current issues, including finding relevant opinions and attitudes of workers operating within this specific activity. Research work aims at formulating certain optimization recommendations for further activity of Probation and Mediation Services in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part describes current trends in prison system as well as individual activities of probation workers within parole. The research part consists of qualitative research using the method of open-questioned structured interviews that are then being used to analyse interviews with the workers of Probation and Mediation Services in South Bohemia, Prague, and Hradec Králové. Via research, it was found out that the workers of Probation and Mediation services understand the following things to be problematic: great amount of administrative work, no respect for certain recommendations meant for the courthouse, and employing prisoners. Simultaneously, it was found out that those on conditional release do not perceive any relevant problem when cooperating with Probation and Mediation Services. Based on these results, solutions and recommendations have been designed for the purposes of probation officers´ work in the future, the application of which should make some work easier for the officers. Further, some solutions have been designed to problems in employing individuals on conditional release. These solutions include simplifying administration, greater respect towards probation officers from the courthouse´s side as well as greater awareness of potential employers of individuals on conditional release.

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