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The comparison of Czech and German family policy enabling the harmonization of work and family life
Estočinová, Barbora ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Vlčková, Kamila (referee)
The subject of this thesis is the comparison of family policy in the Czech Republic and Federal Republic of Germany in terms of measures adjustment enabling the reconciliation of work and care about the preschool children. The issue of work-life balance is further presented in the context of traditional sociological concepts and welfare state model theories, followed by a description of trends and current order of women's employment on the labor market of both countries and accompanied by the description of demographic trends. Thesis is specifically focused on the description of the governmental family policy of both countries in the perspective of parental leave entitlement settings, facilities of children day care facilities like nursery schools and creche, and formal involvement of fathers in the childcare. The methodological part of thesis is focused on the description of the family policy measures of the respective country. Comparison of both countries in terms of enabling the reconciliation of work and childcare is made on the basis of analyse and comparison of both the secondary quantitative data and the qualitative data drawn from the discussions placed on the free available web sites. The conclusion of thesis tackles the question of possible applicability of the family policy measures in...
How do women experience the time of their maternity leave?
The diploma thesis, based on qualitative research conducted through unstructured individual interviews, describes the way mothers experience their time on maternity leave. The theoretical part contains a discussion of time and free time. The practical part is dedicated to important topics arising from the interviews, such as the father's position in the family, comparing the care of younger and older children, the mother's free time, household duties and child support.
The educational and selfdevelopment courses as a instrument for better use in the labor market for women in paternal leave
VÁŇA, Viktor
The aim of this work is to describe and analyze the situation of women on maternity and parental leave. The theoretical part deals with the state family policy and the position of women in the labor market. The negative effects on women in the social and economic field are presented. One of the options for assistance is educational and self-development courses for women caring for young children. The courses help women increase their self-confidence, remove social isolation and return to work after parental leave. The research part verifies the usefulness of Attavena courses for their graduates. Quantitative research is used as a research method by means of a questionnaire survey in which 106 women have participated.
Harmonization of Work and Family Roles - Mothers in the Czech Army and Mothers in the Civil Sector
Žáčková, Soňa ; Angelovská, Olga (advisor) ; Frič, Pavol (referee)
This thesis deals with the harmonization of the work and family role of the mother, and her position in both the civilian sector and the Czech Army. The theoretical part is an introduction to the issue of the position of women in the labor market. The practical part tries to meet the main goal, and thus is to find out which environment is more advantageous for the role of the mother, ie whether the environment in the Czech Army or in the civilian sector. In the practical part, therefore, a qualitative research survey is conducted, specifically semi- structured interviews with selected mothers working in both the Czech Army and the civilian sector, as well as with selected managers. The work aims to compare in which aspects the civilian environment is more suitable or less suitable for mothers, in comparison with the environment of the Czech Army.
Comparative analysis of the work- life balance policies in Austria and the Czech Republic
Jarošová, Nikola ; Pavlík, Petr (advisor) ; Kiczková, Zuzana (referee)
This thesis discusses two family policy models in the two selected Central European countries; the Czech Republic and Austria. The aim is to carry out a comparative analysis of these measures of family policy, which relates to aid reconciliation of family and professional life for families with children. Within this study of individual level measures of family policies in the selected countries, first the measures involving the formation of family and work roles in family life will be explored, followed by the possibility of interaction of the two family policies. The integral parts of the analysis will asses these measures from a gender perspective. The result of this work is a detailed comparison of the components of family policy, which affect the reconciliation of family and professional lives of families with child/children, including evaluation of the effectiveness of individual measures in the two selected countries. Key words: balancing work and family, family policy, comparative analysis, gender, family, maternity / parental leave, the labor market, institutional care for children
The situation of low-educated mothers on the labor market after the parental leave
Drtilová, Adéla ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Kotrusová, Miriam (referee)
This thesis focuses on the low employment of low-educated mothers after maternity leave, which accumulate disadvantages in the form of motherhood and lack of education. I assume that low-educated mothers face special challenges that other groups of mothers do not. These issues cause barriers to returning to the labor market and are the cause of high unemployment of these mothers. In this work I conducted qualitative research - interviews with mothers and street-level bureaucrats. I found that the main problem is that mothers work in the secondary labor market, which are often found working in shifts. Shift work does not allow them to balance work life with institutional childcare. These mothers have low human capital, resulting in difficult negotiations with employers - so often unable to enforce their claims and rights and become unemployed. In this thesis I have identified external and internal causes of unemployment among low-educated mothers and their impacts. I also found out that the labour office is providing quality services differently because of insufficient resources.
Parent Center operators as "nurseries"
Poláková, Šárka ; Hejzlarová, Eva (advisor) ; Klimešová, Magdalena (referee)
The parent center is currently the phenomenon, which is compared with the "State" schools or more today to discuss "the children's group" devoted less attention. And, in particular, in the section that deals with the care of children without parents. Although the parent centers help solve one of the social and political problems, the Czech Republic- the lack of places in nursery schools, in crèches, they lack support. Legislative support, support the child care area in MC without the participation of the parents. In the Czech Republic currently operates a total of 427 MC and in the Liberec region, on which I focused in the empirical part, has 21 maternity center. Of these 21 parent service center to care for children without parental involvement provides a total of 14 maternity center. And the MC feels the need to legislative support, which would be welcomed by, clearer rules for the operation of the parent center, especially in the environment of a child without the participation of the parents. This support is important in all activities that MC. Maternity Center is not just about "meeting", but also on the promotion of intergenerational cohabitation, create facilities for families with children, and last but not least, active participation to facilitate the return of women and men back into the...
Family policy in the Czech Republic and services of care about children in the pre-school age
Sláma, Vladimír ; Munková, Gabriela (advisor) ; Kotous, Jan (referee)
v anglickém jazyce Family policy in the Czech Republic and services of childcare for children of pre-school age This master's degree thesis deals with family policy, in particular with the institutional provisions of childcare services for children of pre-school age, their legislative framework and potential future development. The goal is to find out whether the current legislation of childcare services sufficiently reflects the needs of parents, given demographic developments and the existing socio-cultural and economic context. The first chapter characterizes the current context of family policy in the Czech Republic: We are experiencing rising fertility rates, while people realize parenthood at later stages of their lives. In addition, opinion polls show that 50% of families desire an egalitarian family model with an equal distribution of childcare responsibilities between both parents, thus allowing for the professional development of each. In reality, however, women usually lower their professional ambitions and stay at home taking care of the children. The second chapter suggests that the discrepancy between the desired and the actually practiced family model is a result of existing family policies in the Czech Republic, which prefer the model of the father as the breadwinner and the mother...
The conditions of university - educated mothers of little children re-entering the labour market in the Czech republic.
Bolinová, Petra ; Kotrusová, Miriam (advisor) ; Hejzlarová, Eva (referee)
Diploma thesis "The conditions of university - educated mothers of little children re- entering the labour market in the Czech republic" deals with reasons of long term interruption of qualified womens' career. The most frequently, they stay at home taking care of children three years, inspite of the fact, that they are motivated by their human capital and their need of self fulfillment to get back to their job as soon as possible. The thesis is based on the assumption that there is a substantial tension between work and family life of university - educated women. The thesis identifies which factors influence the period these women stay away the labour market. Besides a human capital, there is a frame of the family and institutional policy, a kind of household division of labour and culture context. The thesis focuses on tertiary - educated mothers' preference on their professional and household engagement. It also focuses on structural conditions in the labour market, institutional policy and the role of employer in reconciliation of work and family life. The thesis brings a contribution for its focus on university - educated women with their specific characteristics, and for its focus on employers' family - friendly activities.

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