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Once More on Voltaire’s “Work” in Bohemia, or Why Dobrovský Postponed Reading It
Madl, Claire
The definition of a work as an event is apt for characterising Voltaire’s writings. For not only do we record their impact on historical events, but we also consider Voltaire himself one of the first intellectuals to step out into the public arena to change the “state of affairs”. However, this topicality of his work is certainly a difficulty when examining its reception in the Czech Lands in the generations of his contemporaries, i.e. the actors of the “Czech Enlightenment” and the first Czech National Revival. A more thorough analysis of this matter (Minař, Kopal, Vodička 1964) not only observed the popularity of Voltaire’s plays and hints of “Voltairianism” as a critical or even ironic approach towards monasticism, superstition, clericalism and fatalism, but also noted that local authors only claimed allegiance to Voltaire in order to explicitly reject a figure that embodied theism and free-thinking. Dobrovsky’s often commented hesitation to read Voltaire’s work seems particularly enigmatic. Thanks to the now more accessible knowledge about book imports to the Czech Lands and using two conceptual approaches, we will try to contribute to this discussion and, subsequently, to the definition of a work and its impact on society. First, we will take into account the material nature of a work, whose dissemination depends on its physical characteristics. In the case of Voltaire, the language of dissemination of his writings and the nature of the book market in the second half of the 18th century seem to be crucial for the Czech Lands. Furthermore, the angle of viewing Voltaire’s work was strongly influenced by the social context of his reputation. Finally, censorship practices were an inevitable but ambiguous obstacle. This approach can situate the moments of reception of a work in the temporality of its never-finished construction, which, following Pierre-Michel Menger, we will conceive as a process of its “rarefaction, consolidation and growth”.
Readers of webtoons in Czech Republic
Víchová, Veronika ; Ježková, Tereza (advisor) ; Končelík, Jakub (referee)
The thesis examines webtoons and their consumers. Webtoons are comics suitable for publishing on the Internet. They are often published via social media and special platforms (for example webtoon. co mor, which are often free and can be displayed on the phone. This makes webtoons easily accessible for consumers. Because of absence a publishing house, authors have a lot of creative freedom, so webtoons can be very diverse. Webtoons can have various art style, different genres and plots, or they can contain sound or animation. This can make them appealing to a wide range of consumers. Author can even earn money from publishing webtoons on platforms with revenue program (for example have this type of program). Successfull authors sometimes publish books or some kind of merchendise. This thesis aims to examine whether the respondents know webtoons, whether they actively consume webtoons, what their opinions are or what preferences consumers have. Important is also to find out if the respondents share webtoons with their freinds. Respondents indicate their genre preferences, reading habits, favorite platforms or authors. Respondents appreciate practicality and accessibility of webtoon, because they can read thewebtoons even while traveling or waiting.
How to motivate children to read: action research in a kindergarten
Papayová, Vanda ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Novotná, Kateřina (referee)
This diploma thesis is dealing with the topic of motivation of children of preschool age to read and to improve their preliteracy. The aim of the thesis is to ensure the development of a positive attitude towards reading and also the motivation to read through the set of activities for pre- school children. The text is divided into a theoretical part and an empirical part. In the theoretical part, I am dealing with the explanation of basic concepts such as readership, reading preliteracy and literacy. I am also presenting further the important roles of readership and the readership development. The second chapter is devoted to the development of readership and the motivation to read. The last chapter of theoretical part is about the contemporary literature. The empirical part of the thesis is describing the implementation of the action research in a selected kindergarten. I have defined a problem statement during my action research and I have subsequently determined a proposal to support children's motivation to read. As part of the research investigation, I have compiled a questionnaire (pre-test and post- test) with the help of my supervisor that I have processed and I have evaluated the results. When summarizing and evaluating the obtained data, I concluded that the activities I implemented with...
Selected Works of Pavel Čech in Leisure Education for Reading
The bachelor thesis aims to introduce the work of Pavel Čech (an illustrator, a comics creator, and a book writer) and the use of selected work in leisure education indicated for reading. The dissertation is divided into two parts. The theoretical part introduces a bio, author's work, awards received, preferred literature genre, and selected methods chosen for particular work with text. The practical part focuses on the project O čertovi that develops the reading in kinder garden.
Graded Readers in Foreign Language Teaching
This diploma thesis focuses on literature and how to implement it in teaching a foreign language. The theoretical chapters discuss the teaching of Czech language and literature, reading literacy and also the teaching of a foreign languages in the Czech Republic. Moreover, they deal with the use of literary texts in teaching foreign languages, the advantages and disadvantages of authentic texts and simplified foreign language texts, as well as the possibilities of using these texts in practice. Last but not least, there is a chapter on Montessori pedagogy and its basic concepts and approaches, as well as the approach of this pedagogy to English language teaching. In the practical part, this thesis focuses on simplified foreign language literature. It deals with research of popular books in this category and their subsequent analysis, research among students, which focuses on what students like to read and how is a foreign language text in teaching perceived by an English teacher. The last point of the practical part is the processing of original story based on all information form the research.
Reading as Psychotherapy and the Role of Imagination in the Work of Catherine Storr
FIALOVÁ, Veronika
The aim of the bachelor thesis is a detailed analysis of Marianne Dreams by Catherine Storr focusing on the psychological meaning and therapeutic role of children's literature. The theoretical part of the thesis connects the issues of fantasy literature and psychology with respect to the role of psychotherapy, which is related to the escape from the reality, liberation through imagination, as well as the topics such as time travel and dreams travel. Particular attention is paid to the personal, literary and professional experience of the writer and psychologist Catherine Storr. The literary analysis of the novel, which links reality with fantasy, deals with the following issues: the portraits of the child and adult characters, the relationships between children, the role of particular motifs (bicycle, one-eyed stones, grid, etc.) and themes (illness, liberation, etc.). The conclusion sums up the representation of traumatic experience, recovery and renewal, and the moral meaning of the story. The thesis includes a questionnaire research dealing with the parents reading to their children, inspired by Catherine Storr's ideas and related to the importance of passing literature to children. This online questionnaire is processed through graphs.
Book illustrations for children and youth and their use in literary education in free time
The work deals with the use of book illustrations of works for children and youth in literary education in free time. The work is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts, such as illustration, illustrator, literature for children and youth. There is an overview of the selection of suitable illustrations from books for children and youth develop leisure competence. This part also includes an introduction to important personalities of Czech book illustration and the use of illustrations for various fields of education. The practical part of the work contains the creation of a literary project, which is based on the stated issue and is designed as a motivational element for the development of reading in free time.
Methods to early reading and writing at elementary schools in Brno
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of teaching reading and writing in the 1st year of elementary school at schools in the Brno region. The main goal is to find out which methods for teaching initial reading and writing are most used by teachers at primary schools in Brno and to further map which textbooks teachers in this region use for teaching. The theoretical part of the thesis outlines the history and present of teaching methods of elementary reading and writing, as well as an overview of current textbooks of elementary reading and writing from selected publishers. The research part finds out in the form of a questionnaire survey the use of individual methods in primary schools and further maps the frequency of textbooks used.
Vybrané výukové metody vhodné pro práci v zájmovém čtenářském kroužku při MK v Měčíně
ŠILHAVÁ, Václava
The bachelor thesis deals with the selected teaching methods which are applied in a readers club in MK Měčín. The theoretical part of the thesis introduces the essence of the readers club as an unit and selected teaching methods of work with literary text suitable for leisure activities for pre-school children. The practical part contains a set of methodological materials created for this purpose and their verification in practice. The conclusion of the thesis includes a comparison of selected methods, which proved to be the most suitable for work in the readers club.
Works of world literature comprised within reading of contemporary high-school graduates
TOMS, Tomáš
As the attitude of readers to literature is evolving in time, the form of state graduation exam and related compulsory reading is evolving as well. Current high-school graduates have the obligation to read at least 20 books from the lists that are prepared by their schools. The goal of the bachelor thesis Works of world literature comprised within reading of contemporary high-school graduates was to find out the pre-graduating students´ attitude to world literature. We confirmed that the quantity of pages of the work is important for graduates during their choice of compulsory reading, they appreciate books that are not so time consuming and they prefer prose to drama and poetry. The majority of respondents take into account a recommendation of more experienced reader, a teacher in our case. The research also showed that in spite of the obligation of graduation exam at high schools and the obligation of reading books from the limited recommended number of books, the graduates are not discouraged from reading other books and they read books of their own choice in their free time. In these publications, the genre of fantasy, sci-fi or detective novels, is dominating. Most of the current students are well informed about foreigner and Czech literature and they are able to match several representative authors and works to their countries.

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