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Proposal of Customer Satisfaction Measurement Programme
Macháčková, Radka ; Říhová, Lada (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
This master thesis is focused on the measurement of customer satisfaction and building up the relationship between the company and the customer. The aim of this thesis is to apply gained theoretical data to practical measurement of customer satisfaction in H & M Hennes & Mauritz CZ, s.r.o. The task of the practical side is the proposal of improvement in providing services, according to the result of measurement of the customer satisfaction analysis which was implemented.
On-line marketing communication
Mitidieri, Anna ; Kaňovská, Lucie (referee) ; Schüller, David (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on the on-line marketing communication of the fitness center BeFit in Brno. This center provides international Les Mills programs. The theoretical part contains important concepts that are used as a basis for other parts of the work. The analytical part of the work analyzes the macroenvironment, microenvironment, marketing mix and on-line marketing communication. The diploma thesis also includes marketing research, which consists of a qualitative and quantitative part, which are focused primarily on the website of the fitness center BeFit and the preferences of online communication channels. The last part of the work presents proposals that would help the fitness center BeFit to improve on-line marketing communication.
Marketing Research
Nakano, Andrea ; Zadražil, Vojtěch (referee) ; Chlebovský, Vít (advisor)
This masters´s thesis deals with the marketing research and customer satisfaction analysis, which have been focused specifically Albert supermarket, located in Masarykově Square in Jihlava. The first part of this work summarizes the theoretical knowledge, such as the processes of marketing research, purchasing behavior and how to measure customer satisfaction. The second part is the practical part of the study, which examines the assessment of information obtained through the research, as well as recommendations. These should enhance the satisfaction levels of the existing and future customers and further improve the competitiveness of this business operation in its market sector.
Business Plan - Establishment for Processing and Sale of Beef Meat
Uchytil, Jan ; Janíčková, Nikola (referee) ; Heralecký, Tomáš (advisor)
Abstract The master‘s thesis deals with the creating of business plan of the establishment for the processing and sale of beef. The thesis is divided into three main parts. The first part summarizes the theory, which contains the necessary theoretical background within which the analytical and solution proposal part is processed. The second main part is the analytical part, which summarizes the results of the questionnaire survey and strategic analysis. In the last solution proposal part, the business plan itself is created.
Business Plan - Starting a New Company
Pospíšil, Jakub ; Kovařík, Jaroslav (referee) ; Heralecký, Tomáš (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is the creation of a business plan for the construction of a ski resort using the methods of quantitative research and strategic analysis which will be implemented through a newly established company. These tools are a part of the analytical part of the thesis and at the same time they serve as a basis for the actual solution proposals. The proposal part introduces the business plan itself, which is analyzed primarily through the marketing mix and financial plan, which leads to the final recommendation whether to implement the project or not.
Analysis of social competencies of primary school teachers
Šuda, Petr ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the analysis of social competences among primary school teachers. The aim of the work is to compare the social competences of a selected group of respondents. The theoretical part is devoted to the topic of social competences in relation to the teaching profession, focusing on the general characteristics of the issue of social competences. Next, the very meaning and role of social competences. In brief, the research method used by us and the general characteristics of the teaching profession and teaching in terms of personality requirements are characterized. The practical part consists of the results of a standardized questionnaire survey using the Social Competence Inventory-ISK test. (Hoskovcová, Vašek, 2017) The aim of the research investigation is to determine, find and compare differences in the self-assessment of the level of social competences achieved by a selected group of respondents. The ISK items fill 17 primary scales, which can be combined into four main secondary scales. The secondary scales subsequently include: social orientation (SO), offensiveness (OF), self-control (SE), reflexivity (RE). Based on the research, conclusions and recommendations are formulated, usable in the practice of andragogy and education management. The research part itself is...
Rizikové chování u žáků na střední odborné škole
Matoušková, Lucie
Risk behaviour of pupils at high schools is not yet a widely researched topic in literature. The purpose of this bachelor thesis is therefore to identify, describe and interpret the degree of risk behaviour among pupils in high schools. Accordingly, the main research question is whether and to what extent risk behaviour occurs among high school pupils. First, the theoretical part of this study deals with the issue of risk behaviour, its types, the factors that influence it and the prevention. For the research part, a quantitative approach using a questionnaire was chosen. The respondents of the questionnaire were pupils in their first and second year of high school. In total three high schools were involved in the research investigation, namely the high school in Kuřim, the high school in Brno and the high school in Hustopeče.
Cirkulární ekonomika jako inovativní přístup v nábytkářském odvětví
Pejčochová, Pavlína
The thesis deals with the implementation of circular economy principles in the environment of the Czech Republic with a focus on the furniture industry. The theoretical part focuses on the current situation of the implementation of the circular economy as a response to the deteriorating state of the environment and the emergence of the European Green Deal. It also includes an overview of furniture leasing options in the Czech Republic and selected EU countries. The basis for the practical part was a questionnaire survey. The aim was to find out what the current approach to the circular economy is, how this concept is reflected in consumer purchasing behaviour as well as in the produ-ction and sales strategies of manufacturers. The research results were consulted with the literature. On the basis of these findings, the possibilities for further development in this area were analysed.
Support in the education of pupils with developmental language disorder in mainstream primary school
Šuterová, Anna ; Korandová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Klenková, Jiřina (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of developmental language disorder and the support of pupils with this disorder in the educational environment of a mainstream primary school. The thesis focuses on the characteristics of developmental language disorder, its etiology, symptomatology, diagnosis and therapy. It also addresses the specific speech, language and communication needs of school-age pupils and their development in the school environment. In the context of inclusive education, the principles of inclusive pedagogy and the possibilities of primary education for pupils with developmental language disorders are described, including support from school counselling centres and individual education plans. The main aim of the research work was to analyse the possibilities of supporting pupils with developmental language disorder in mainstream primary school. The research investigation was carried out using a quantitative questionnaire survey. The questionnaire was sent to 224 primary schools in the Zlín region. A total of 104 respondents completed it. Three predetermined hypotheses were tested concerning the level of teachers' knowledge about developmental language disorder, support measures for pupils with developmental language disorder and also teaching assistants or their importance in...
Case study of the center of moderrn and contemporary art Kunsthalle Praha
Melíšek, Matyáš ; Černá, Eliška (advisor) ; Vranka, Marek (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on a case study of the Center of Contemporary and Modern Art Kunsthalle Prague by analyzing the marketing mix and interpreting the data obtained through a questionnaire survey. The theoretical part of the thesis presents a brief history of the institution and analyses the 4P tools based on the theory defined by marketing theorist Edmund J. McCarthy. The analysis also defined the institution's competitors and added a subsection on online marketing. The practical part deals with the evaluation of data collected through a questionnaire survey in order to answer predefined hypotheses concerning the attendance of both Kunsthalle Prague and other cultural institutions. The survey was conducted among current and incoming university students and recent graduates. Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative research, data was collected that could be statistically interpreted to find causal relationships between them. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to present the history and communication mix of the aforementioned modern and contemporary art center, but above all to define the relationship between this institution and university students. Whether this institution represents an attractive place for them to visit and why.

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