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Psychological aspects of children in foster care
The topic addressed in this work is psychological aspects of the substitute family care. The aim of this work is to define the psychological aspects of children in foster care, the effects of adoption and foster care on children as well as on their foster parents. The work describes the basic differences between adoption and foster care. It deals with the motivation of applicants for the substitute family care and the difference in the positions of adopter and foster parent. The psychological needs of the child and the possible effects of mental distress, such as deprivation, are being described. Another aspect is the emotional attachment and its possible disorders and remedies. The work points out behavioral disorders, such as prominence in behavior, which those interested in NRP may encounter with in children, and the possibilities of working with these disorders. The work also points out the adaptation of the child in a foster family, which is influenced by the past experience. The work includes the topic of the child's past and the importance of working with it, as an important aspect for building the child's identity.
bude upřesněno
Nováková, Vendula ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
The aim of the thesis was to have informations about a contemporary system of foster care of children, who can't live in their biological families, and find defects of the contemporary and a upcoming system. The theoretical part of the thesis was focused on a biological and foster families, the history of the institutional care and it's also about all the kinds of the foster care. The thesis gave a list of child care options, but also a historical evolution of the care and the failings of the contemporary system. There are a lot of the failings, very important is a financial deficiency, an inflexibility of the system, no good care of a biological family and a deficiency of foster parents.
The work of a psychologist in facilities for children requiring immediate help
Patzeltová, Michaela ; Myšková, Lucie (advisor) ; Novotná, Hana (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to map the work of a psychologist in facilities for children requiring immediate help (FCRIH). The partial aim of the thesis is to compare the work of a psychologist in FCRIH with the work of a psychologist in school facilities of institutional and protective care. In the theoretical part the thesis deals with the system of alternative care for children and describes the various forms of care. After that the theoretical part focuses on FCRIH itself, especially the legislative framework of these facilities. The following chapter is focused on children in FCRIH and thus defines the work of a psychologist in these facilities in terms of the content of his work. The last chapter of the theoretical part focuses on psychological care in FCRIH and school facilities of institutional and protective care in order to compare them. The practical part was processed qualitatively through online questionnaires for directors and psychologist of FCRIH and subsequently semi-structured interviews with FCRIH psychologists were conducted. The research has mapped areas of psychologist qualifications, psychological work in facilities with an emphasis on psychologist collaboration with other employees, changes following the introduction of Quality Standards, and compares the work of a...
Psychological aspects of foster care
The thesis deals with the psychological aspects of foster care, which we can define in this context as the perspective of a foster relationship and its impact on the child and foster parent. This thesis describes the psychological needs of the child, there are also defined consequences of psychological deprivation, such as psychological deprivation. It also analyzes the emotional attachment, the manifestations of its disorder and possible treatment. In addition to the analysis of children placed in foster care, this thesis also focuses on a foster parent. From this aspect, the motivation for substitute parenthood, as well as the difference between expectations and reality, is evaluated. Thesis also points to the relationship between the foster parent and the child, with all the impacts, difficulties and mistakes that foster parents can make during their upbringing. At the end of this thesis are presented the practical principles for the successful and long-term functioning of the foster relationship.
Shared custody and its influence on family
Vovsová, Nikola ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Čampulková, Jitka (referee)
The hereby presented bachelor thesis "Shared custody and its influence on family" deals with the issue of shared custody and describes its setting in the Czech legal system. It deals with its theoretical framework and its comparison with practice. It focuses on the specific problems encountered by parents in connection with after-divorce child care, namely problems with courts or communication with a former partner. Methods of data collection used in this work are desk research and analysis of data gotten from semi-structured interviews. The aim is to analyze the configuration of this policy and to define the main problems related to its implementation. Further, this bachelor thesis presents the perception of shared custody through parents' view and focuses on its influence on families. Theories and concepts used in this work are the best interest of the child, psychological deprivation and implementation theory.
Integration kids with behavioral disturbances from constitutional environs to the wider society
The Bachelor thesis deals with the inclusion of children with behavioral disorders from the environment of institutional care into the wider society. The purpose of the thesis was especially to find out how these children are able to reintegrate into society. The thesis is divided into seven chapters. The first chpater explains basic terms such as family and child. The second chapter describes education in the family. The third chapter describes specific children's behavioral disorders. The fourth chapter outlines the structure of school facilities for protective and institutional care. The fifth chapter deals with the environment of facilities for institutional care. The sixth chapter discusses the personality development of a child in institutional care. The seventh chapter deals with the reintegration of children from institutional care into society.
Behavioral disorders as a secondary symptom of pupils with ADHD in the 2nd stage of primary school
Jánský, Miloš ; Šotolová, Eva (referee) ; Mottlová, Jana (referee)
Behavioral disorders as a secondary symptom of pupils with ADHD in the 2nd stage of primary school. Abstract: The rigorous thesis focuses on the issues surrounding behavioral disorders including their etiology, prognosis and prevalence and is based on the current situation in the Czech Republic. The main aim of this study was to determine an association between learned or socially conditioned disorders (environmental factors) and disorders we call specific disorders, which are based on biological causes (hyperkinetic disorder - ADD/ADHD). The author worked from the opinion, or "pedagogical ground", that teaching children with hyperkinetic syndrome is more demanding. Therefore the rigorous study deals with hyperkinetic syndrome (ADD/ADHD) in detail, especially in relation to associated secondary symptoms. The most significant disruptive symptoms perceived in the school environment are impulsiveness and aggressiveness, which are addressed in the theoretical part. The study consists of two main parts: The theoretical part, which, through processing and presentation of expert sources, describes and clarifies behavioral disorders, and the institutional care system, including the types of school institutions providing institutional and protective care. The study also mentions the legislation governing...
Coherence between social environment and conversion to Extremism
Mikšíková, Renata ; Žáčková, Hana (advisor) ; Krahulcová, Beáta (referee)
The Graduation work "Coherence between social environment and conversion to extremism" sets forth an insight into the issue of extremism and socially excluded locations.The aim of the work was to find relations between these two notions. The extremist scene in the Czech Republic was described in details as well as the crime connected to extremism, and psychological expert account of extremist crime perpetrators. Further, the situation of socially excluded locations was introduced, their increase within recent years, and especially problems of children growing up in these locations. Also were mentioned possible mental deprivations, which may occur at children from these location. In the practical part, 37 directed interviews were carried out with Czech extremist parties (both right and left - wing) members. Based on these interviews a conclusion was reached, whether life in socially excluded location may influence an individual's eventual conversion to extremism.
Risk factors of institutional education in relation to using illegal drugs - case studies
Votava, Tomáš ; Kalina, Kamil (advisor) ; Reichelová, Lenka (referee)
The objective and main task of this thesis is to ascertain, in the individual case studies of users of illicit addictive substances who underwent institutional care, what risk factors occurred in the examined persons, which of them were represented by the greatest number and what life event or events were associated with the beginning of drug abuse career of the examined persons. The theoretical part of the thesis first describes the institutional care with regard to its function, legislative and statutory regulations applicable in the Czech Republic and the reasons for placing children into institutional care. The thesis further deals with institutional care with regard to formation of human personality and describes the individual risk factors of institutional care in relation to development of personality which follow from the current theoretical knowledge of this phenomenon where the main attention is paid to psychological deprivation in childhood in connection with institutional care. This thesis is concerned with qualitative research in the form of case studies and the data for the purposes of this thesis were collected using the method of semi-structured interview. The results of this thesis indicate that the examined persons manifested, to a certain degree, all the described risk factors of...

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